Mass shootings give rise to bulletresistant backpacks

NEW YORK — Companies like Guard Dog Security, TuffyPacks and Bullet Blocker are peddling bullet-resistant backpacks for children in time for the back-to-school shopping season. But critics argue they are using tragedy as a marketing opportunity and exploiting parents’ worst fears.Skyline USA’s founder says he started offering bullet-resistant backpacks for children last year and sold out of them several times after the 2018 Parkland, Florida, school shooting. The founder of TuffyPacks says his backpacks could be the difference between suffering “lethal versus non lethal” injuries.But some say the companies are driven by profit while others question whether the backpacks will protect their children.Safety is high on the minds of many parents, especially after two back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio that left 31 people dead.Anne D’Innocenzio, The Associated Press read more

Defense anchoring Ohio State mens basketballs success

It didn’t take long for Deshaun Thomas to point out the reason behind the Ohio State men’s basketball team’s 71-45 victory against Minnesota. The junior forward, known for his prowess on offense, credited the Buckeyes’ tenacious effort on the defensive end of the court. “We played great defense,” Thomas said after Wednesday night’s game. “That’s what Ohio State basketball is all about.” “Great” might be a fair way to describe the Buckeyes’ defensive performance against the Gophers. In all, OSU held Minnesota to 29 percent shooting, as the Gophers limped to their second-lowest scoring output of the season. The Buckeyes’ energized defense looked completely different from the lethargic one that was annihilated by Wisconsin the game before. In OSU’s 71-49 loss to the Badgers on Feb. 17, the Buckeyes were picked apart on the defensive end, looking unprepared and even disinterested at times. “I think against Wisconsin we were just out there, we weren’t doing our job,” said sophomore guard Shannon Scott. “This game we came out with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and we were able to feed off that.” The phrase “defense wins championships” is an age-old idiom. Whether OSU is a championship-caliber squad has yet to be determined. But one thing seems to have become clear in recent weeks, and it was confirmed against Minnesota: giving a great effort on defense helps OSU stop opponents, but such an effort also affects the Buckeyes’ ability to score. Part of OSU’s need for strong defensive efforts can be attributed to its deficiencies on offense. Though the Buckeyes have Thomas, the Big Ten’s leading scorer averaging 20.1 points per game, no other player averages double figures. So when the Buckeyes are forced to execute their offense in the half court – where defenses are able to key in on Thomas – OSU sometimes produces fairly ugly results. “They are talented, but they don’t shoot the ball well,” said former Buckeye Jerry Lucas, who was honored as one of the top 75 players in NCAA Tournament history on Wednesday. “That seems to be the thing that lacks the most in this team, they just aren’t consistent shooters.” The Buckeyes might not have the most proficient shooters, but players like Scott and sophomore forward Sam Thompson appear to thrive in fast-paced games when they can race up and down the court. Fast break opportunities seldom happen when a team is taking the ball out of the net after their opponent scores. But when a defense can get stops and steals, then they will likely also receive a chance to run. OSU did just that against Minnesota, forcing 21 turnovers and scoring 20 points in transition. “I think when our defense is really rolling, it helps our offense get going,” said Scott, whose three steals proved to be a catalyst in OSU’s ability to turn defense into offense against the Gophers. “We knew we wanted to pressure them the whole game, but we didn’t want our defense to speak for itself,” he said. “If they turned the ball over, we were going to execute off of that.” The Buckeyes will now turn their attention to a bout with No. 4 Michigan State on Sunday at 4 p.m. The Spartans (22-5, 11-3 Big Ten) beat OSU by three points earlier in the year and are a game behind Indiana for the top spot in the Big Ten standings. No. 18 OSU (19-7, 9-5 Big Ten) is in fifth place, trailing Indiana by three games. The top four teams in the conference receive a bye in the Big Ten tournament, which tips off on March 14. Despite the gravity of the upcoming game against Michigan State, Scott said the team will treat it like any other. If the Buckeyes are to pull off the upset, they will likely need to treat the Spartans with the defensive effort seen against Minnesota. read more

Women dont want chips when they see a goodlooking man say scientists

first_img@thetimes Sod the salad, give me the chips! What silly women – define handsome? Pass me the tomato sauce whilst you’re at it…— Sarah (@sarahalex70) March 9, 2017 Many women have been left unimpressed by the results of a scientific study which claims women don’t want to eat chips when they see a good-looking man.Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark published their findings in the research Journal Food Quality and Preference, and said women prefer low-calorie foods when in front of someone they are attracted to.People have taken to social media to rubbish the claims, saying they fancy chips all the time and that they would rather have both fast food and the attentions of a good-looking fellow. Researchers tell a different story; they carried out five experiments to investigate “mate attraction” and found that while men splash out on expensive food and drinks to boost their status, women opt for salad leaves over a burger.Tobias Otterbring, who authored the study, said: “This research reveals how, why and when appearance-induced mate attraction leads to sex-specific consumption preferences for various food and beverages.”The most valued characteristics men seek in a female mate are beauty and health, whereas status and wealth are the top priorities for women.”He then made the unorthodox claim that fast food restaurants should hire good-looking men to encourage women to choose healthier alternatives. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. … who are these women? Chips > salad every time 🍟🥗— Cristina Criddle (@CristinaCriddle) March 9, 2017 hands up if you’re gonna order chips around men always so they get a complex— Elena Cresci (@elenacresci) March 9, 2017 women don’t fancy men when they see good-looking chips— Lex Croucher (@lexcanroar) March 9, 2017last_img read more

Gardeners hope to win over Britain in Bloom judges via their stomachs

Families have become involved in the initiative Credit:RHS Families have become involved in the initiative  Contestants in this year’s Britain in Bloom competition are hoping to win judges over with their stomachs, swapping flowers for tomatoes and kale.Judges for the largest horticultural competition in the UK, hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society, have noticed that a bulk of this year’s 71 finalists have opted to grow fruit and vegetables rather than ornamental blooms.The contest, now in its 55th year, features gardening communities from all over the country,from tiny Green Moor in Yorkshire with a population of just 90 to the high-rise business district of Canary Wharf in London’s docklands.The gardens hope to give back to the community, and locals have grown edible goods in public spaces for people to help themselves to, and for donations to food banks.Notable and impressive examples include the city of Bath’s tiered planters featuring tomatoes, chard and herbs mixed with flowers such as fuchsias and petunias, and the green-fingered contestants in Llandudno, who have recently planted an orchard for the public to help themselves to fresh fruit. Chair of the Britain in Bloom judging panel, Darren Share said: “Twenty years ago I was seeing swathes of geraniums but now many groups are swapping traditional formal bedding and floral hanging baskets for a mix of flowers and edibles in all sorts of unusual places. I’ve seen restaurants growing hanging baskets filled with herbs and tumbling tomatoes, allotments on roofs and potatoes being grown in containers made from tyres.”While taste is not a category for the judges to decide on, they do look forward to nibbling on the home-grown delights of the public town gardens.Mr Share added: : “Plants often look as good as they taste, from colourful Swiss chard to purple-flowered chives and blossom on apple trees, and growing them with ornamental flowers has other benefits.  Not only does it attract pollinators, vital for fertilising many types of crop, but it can help ward off certain pests, under-planting tomatoes with French marigolds for example to prevent aphid attacks.   “In the case of Britain in Bloom judging the proof of the pudding isn’t in the tasting – it’s all about the skill and dedication to the task – but we’re often lucky enough to sample some of the communities’ home-grown delights.”BBC Two’s Britain in Bloom returns for a second series in the spring with Chris Bavin visiting communities as they prepare for judging. This year’s groups include three national finalists – Pateley Bridge in Yorkshire, and Llandudno and Prestatyn, both in Wales.Tackling global warming has become a trend in the competition over recent years, with the Cornish town of Truro winning last year after planting heatwave-resistant cacti and succulents. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Higher child cyclist and pedestrian road fatalities this year

first_imgTHE LATEST GARDA and Road Safety Authority figures show a rise in road fatalities in the first seven months of this year.Five more people died on Irish roads between January and July 2014 when compared to figures for the same period of last year.There were 104 fatal collisions, in which 113 people died.The figures show an ‘alarming increase’ in the number of child, cyclist and pedestrian casualties, according to a joint Garda and RSA statement on the figures.Pedestrians account for the highest proportion of vulnerable road user deaths, with 23 killed (an increase of nine deaths on the same period of 2013). In eighteen of the 19 cases where information was available, the pedestrian was familiar with the area in which the collision occured.The figures show a higher number of deaths among pedestrians aged over 65 and under 15.In the first seven months of this year, 13 children aged under 16 died, of which seven children were pedestrians and six were car passengers. Across all 12 months of last year, seven children died.Nine cyclists have died on Irish roads, compared with five across all of last year.Last year’s spike in motorcycle casualties has continued into this year, with 15 motorcyclists killed in collisions.The one area with an improved record was driver deaths, which fell from 55 deaths for the January-July period of 2013 to 45 this year.Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe appealed to road users to “take greater care on the roads and to “understand the consequences of failing to do so.”“It could mean the loss of your licence, heartbreak and anguish for our loved ones or God forbid the stigma of being responsible for someone’s death or debilitating injury,” he added.Road Safety Authority CEO Moyagh Murdock said: It is frightening to think that on the basis of the first half of 2014, more people could die this year compared to last. And of course 2013 saw the first jump in roads deaths since 2005. Out of respect for those who have been killed and maimed, we simply have to do all in our power to put a halt to this unacceptable loss of life.Chief Superintendent Michael O’ Sullivan, Garda National Traffic Bureau reminded road users that simple things that road users do or don’t do, such as wearing a seatbelt, could “very much determine whether you live or die if a collision occurs”.Two-year-old boy killed after being hit by van in Tipperary >Drivers caught speeding today will get more penalty points under new rules >last_img read more

Wacoms Inkling turns pen and paper sketches into digital artwork

first_imgWacom is very well known in the field of digital art peripherals. Not only does the company offer up a wide range of pen tablets, but it also created the Cintiq, an interactive pen display artists can draw on directly just like a sheet of paper.Wacom’s latest product has the potential to both revolutionize and open up digital sketching to a wider audience by allowing you to draw on any sheet of paper while still managing to capture a digital version of your pen strokes.It is called the Inkling and takes the form of a self-contained kit consisting of a receiver and a pen. The receiver clips on to the edge of the paper you intend to draw on and maintains a link to the pen using an ultrasonic and infrared link. As the user draws, the receiver records the strokes being made to form an image, meaning you end up with both the hard copy from the ink cartridge the pen contains as well as the digital version the receiver records. The pen has 1024 levels of pressure which also get recorded.The Inkling works with paper up to A4 in size with the only limitation being a 2cm dead zone around the receiver. No limitation exists on the type of paper used meaning you can attach the Inkling to a sketchbook, single sheet, or any old scrap of paper you like. There’s also a button on the receiver that allows the addition of new layers, a feature used extensively in applications such as Adobe Photoshop.Both the receiver and the pen have rechargeable batteries that are charged over USB when sitting inside the Inkling storage case. A full charge takes 3 hours and gives the user 8 hours of drawing time.Once a drawing or drawings are complete the included Sketch Manager Software allows you to export them to Photoshop, Illustrator, or Autodesk Sketchbook directly as vector images. Alternatively you can save them out in BMP, JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, or TIFF formats. Just like with charging, the image transfer is handled over a USB connection when the receiver is in the storage case.Considering what the Inkling allows you to do the $199 price tag doesn’t seem at all high to me. If you want one, you only have to wait until the middle of September when Wacom expects to have stock available.Read more at Wacom, via TechCrunchlast_img read more

Apophis asteroid to pass close to Earth today

first_imgIf you’re a fan of asteroids, then the name 99942 Apophis will likely mean something to you. It’s an 885-foot-wide asteroid assumed to weigh around 2,727kg 2.7 x 1010kg. When it was discovered back in 2004 there was a relatively high (2.7 percent) chance this huge asteroid would hit the Earth on April 13, 2029. But later observations ruled that out, however it does remain a potential future threat.Today, at around about 7pm EST, Apophis is set to closely pass the Earth. By close, I mean within 9 million miles. Astronomers hope this relatively close pass will allow them to take a radar ranging, which will then allow them to better predict the location of the asteroid right up to 2070.After today’s pass things get a little more worrying, though. The 2029 pass will be much closer at just 30,000km and within range of some satellites. It’s also close enough that most people (in Europe, Africa, and western Asia) will be able to see it in the sky using binoculars.Predicted April 13, 2029 Apophis Earth approachPassing so close to Earth will also have a major impact on Apophis’ trajectory, and could allow the asteroid to pass through a half-mile-wide gravitational keyhole setting it up for an impact with Earth in 2036. The chances of that happening are tiny though, and a lot depends on the 2029 pass.If Apophis did hit Earth the effects would depend a lot on its composition, but the impact is estimated to be the equivalent of 510 megatons. That would do significant damage to an area thousands of square kilometers in size, but would have no long term global effects.We should know more once the pass today happens and new calculations are made. Then we’ll definitely know if an impact will happen after the 2029 pass, at which point action will have to be taken to divert it if necessary.More at and Wikipedialast_img read more

Former Fianna Fáil senator Des Hanafin has died

first_img Share11 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Thursday 22 Jun 2017, 1:48 PM Hanafin pictured in 2002. 18 Comments Updated at 2.06pmFORMER FIANNA FÁIL senator Des Hanafin has died, aged 86.Hanafin, from Thurles in Co Tipperary, was first elected to the Seanad in 1965 after previously serving as a county councillor, and retained his seat until 1993.He successfully ran again in 1997.Hanafin was a chairman of the Pro-Life Campaign and launched an unsuccessful legal challenge against the results of the divorce referendum. Most recently he said that people who intended to vote against the same-sex marriage referendum had been treated unfairly.Both his children also served as Fianna Fáil politicians – former minister Mary Hanafin and former senator John Hanafin.In a statement, Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin expressed his sadness at Hanafin’s death:His dedication to public service was passed onto both his children: John and Mary, who both went into public life serving as a Senator and as a Government Minister respectively. I know that seeing both his children achieve high office was a source of great pride to him.“I want to express my deepest sympathies to Des’ loving wife, Mona and to his children, at this sad time.Read: Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil neck and neck in latest poll > By Nicky Ryancenter_img Hanafin pictured in 2002. Image: Gareth Chaney/Photocall Ireland! Image: Gareth Chaney/Photocall Ireland! Jun 22nd 2017, 1:48 PM Former Fianna Fáil senator Des Hanafin has died He was aged 86. 12,629 Views last_img read more

Des chercheurs reconstituent le visage du Hobbit lHomme de Florès

first_imgDes chercheurs reconstituent le visage du “Hobbit”, l’Homme de FlorèsEn guise d’inauguration à la conférence de l’Association archéologique australienne qui se tient du 9 au 13 décembre, une scientifique a dévoilé la reconstitution qu’elle a réalisée du visage de l’Homme de Florès, cette espèce humaine fossile découverte en 2003.Comme Néandertal, Homo rudolfensis et bien d’autres, l’Homme de Florès également appelé Homo floresiensis, a désormais son portrait ! Ce petit hominidé a été identifié grâce à des fossiles découverts il y a 9 ans sur l’île indonésienne de Florès, d’où son nom. D’après l’étude de ses ossements, l’espèce aurait vécu jusqu’à il y a environ 18.000 ans. Toutefois, on ignorait jusqu’ici à quoi ressemblait précisément cet hominidé. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Pour percer ce mystère, le Dr Susan Hayes, de l’Université de Woollongong en Australie a étudié le squelette d’un individu femelle d’une trentaine d’année et d’une taille de 1 mètre environ, qui lui a ainsi servi de modèle pour établir le portrait de l’Homme de Florès. “Elle n’est pas ce qu’on appellerait jolie, mais elle est certainement… distincte. Dans les médias, ceci est souvent appelé une ‘reconstruction faciale’, mais, comme je m’appuie sur des éléments et des travaux de la science archéologique, nous préférons le terme de ‘rapprochement facial’…’’, explique le Dr Hayes citée par le Daily Mail.Celle-ci a eu accès aux restes d’Homo floresiensis mis au jour en 2003 par le Pr Mike Morwood et l’équipe archéologique de Liang Bua (le nom du site de la découverte). Grâce à une formation en médecine légale, le Dr Hayes a alors pu donner corps (ou plutôt visage) au Hobbit, comme on surnomme cette petite espèce. “Cela m’a pris un peu plus longtemps que ce que j’avais prévu, m’a causé plus d’un mal de tête en cours de route, mais je suis heureuse à la fois du développement méthodologique et des résultats définitifs”, conclut Mlle Hayes, dont le travail a marqué le début de la conférence de l’Association archéologique australienne.Le 11 décembre 2012 à 19:54 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Police arrest suspect in NW Miami McDonalds robbery

first_imgNORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have arrested a man who, they said, robbed a Northwest Miami-Dade McDonald’s.7 Skyforce HD flew over the scene at Northwest Miami-Dade, on 119th Street and Seventh Avenue, Friday.Police said the suspect jumped on the counter and attempted to take the register.The restaurant has been temporarily closed.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

The Galaxy Note 10 has no headphone jack confirmed

first_imgSamsung said another beneficial side effect of losing the jack is that it enables designers to reduce the amount of bezel around the screen. “With the Note, what you’re seeing is the culmination of slimming down the bezel to maximize the screen size,” said Suzanne de Silva, Samsung America’s head of product management. The Motorola Moto Z and the Apple’s iPhone 7 were the first “modern” phones to ditch a 3.5mm output in 2016 (the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, lacked one back in 2008). Since then, most high-end phones have removed built-in headphone jacks, although most will work with adapters. Earlier iPhones included adapters in the box, but in 2018 Apple stopped including them as well. The China-only Galaxy A8S was Samsung’s first phone to dispense with the headphone jack, while the now-delayed Galaxy Fold and reversible-camera Galaxy A80 also follow suit. Meanwhile, Samsung declined to comment on whether next year’s Galaxy S11 would also lack a 3.5mm output. But with the Note 10 pulling the trigger, it’s hard to imagine its successor bringing the jack back from the dead. Mentioned Above Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB, ocean blue) Sprint Preview • Four days with the Galaxy Note 9: Here’s the good and bad so far Samsung told CNET that its own surveys of Galaxy S and Note buyers said a majority — around 70% — used Bluetooth instead of the headphone jack.  “One thing we looked at is what people are actually doing on their device. Far and away for Note, people are using Bluetooth audio. The headphone jack just isn’t getting the usage we used to see,” said Caleb Slavin, Samsung America’s senior manager of product management. Galaxy Note and Note 10 Plus are here to wow you $799 Verizon Wireless Samsung Event Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus: Samsung’s two new phones kill the headphone jack Samsung has a new insanely thin laptop Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G will cost $1,300 and start as a Verizon exclusive Everything unveiled at Samsung Unpacked Full coverage of Samsung’s event News • Grab an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $719 $799 62 Photos Best Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lacks a headphone jack and instead will ship with USB-C earbuds Sarah Tew/CNET It’s official: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 has become the company’s first flagship phone to ship without a headphone jack, following other phones designed to work primarily with wireless Bluetooth headphones, such as the Apple iPhone and forthcoming Galaxy Fold. Samsung announced two main versions of the Note 10 at an event in New York today: the 6.3-inch Note 10 and the 6.8-inch Note 10 Plus. All phones include a nearly bezel-less Cinematic Infinity Display and at least three separate cameras on the rear.   While the Note 10s won’t include Bluetooth headphones in the package, they will ship with a pair of wired AKG earbuds that plug into the phone’s USB-C port. Meanwhile the official 3.5mm-to-USB adapter dongle is a $10 option — not included in the box. Phones Headphones $999 10:55center_img Review • Note 10 launch could still give Note 9 sales a jolt See it Related Links Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus look incredible $999 Share your voice See It See It CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Samsung 1 Tags Now playing: Watch this: Comment See It Samsung Galaxy Note 9last_img read more

Budget Deficit India Slashes Healthcare Budget by Almost a Fifth

first_imgIn a sign of despair over the budget deficit, the Narendra Modi government has decided to cut almost 20% of its health budget for the current fiscal. India, the world’s second most populous nation, spends no more than 1% of its GDP on healthcare and its public spending on healthcare is among the lowest in the world. ReutersThe United Nation estimates that a third of the world’s poorest — at 1.2 billion people — live in India. The move puts at risk a fragile population whose means to healthcare is likely to dry up.Officials from the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that more than ₹6,000 crore has been slashed from the current budget allocation for the year ending 31 March 2015. The original budget allocation was around  ₹30,000 crore.The Narendra Modi government came to power riding on promises of upgradation of basic health infrastructure and making medical services affordable to the poor, but the finance ministry, headed by Arun Jaitley, has ordered the cut in spending overriding the protests of the health ministry at a recent meeting, according to Reuters.The finance ministry struggled to find the necessary means to achieve its 4.1% GDP deficit for the current fiscal and it has initiated disinvestments in state-owned organisations, and still may fall short of meeting its own target.On the other hand, private healthcare industry is expanding at a annual clip of about 15%, making the nation one of the preferred destinations for treatment, when it comes to people living abroad along with the ’emerging middleclass.’However, public spending on healthcare has rarely seen the growth needed to keep pace with other economic factors. Many in India, particularly the tribal population have to walk for a day or more to reach the nearest hospital to their settlement, only to realise that the government-funded mechanism cannot help them.India witnesses more newborn deaths than even poorer nations. Diarrhoea in children alone claims 10 lakh children a year, and the recent deaths of women who underwent sterilisation shocked the nation. Another incident saw people with cataracts being operated on for free by an NGO, only to lose their vision permanently.The cut in spending puts this very population at a higher risk.Universal Healthcare ProgrammeThe Narendra Modi government has plans to launch a universal healthcare programme, aiming to cover those who have little to no recourse to sufficient healthcare facilities. The plan would see citizens benefiting from free drugs, diagnostic treatments and insurance benefit.The programme is estimated to cost the exchequer about $25 billion over four years, but with the current cut in spending it is unclear as to how the programme would be funded.HIV/AIDS Funding Drops by 30%The finance ministry has also directed a spending cut in India’s HIV/AIDS programme by almost₹1,300 crore. ReutersUnited Nations AIDS programme estimates put India at the third spot in the number of patients affected by the disease. In the Asia-Pacific region, India tops in the number of deaths as a result of immunodeficiency.October saw India tethering on the edge of running out of free medication, required to treat the disease with fingers pointing at bureaucratic delays. The crisis was averted by the timely assistance of pharmaceutical companies and global health organisations.New Delhi based Leena Menghaney worries that government support for health is being undone and they may lose the battle against HIV in the long run.last_img read more

Massive Discount on Bluetooth Gaming Controllers From IPEGA X3 NewGame N1Pro more

first_imgSmartphone gaming is on the rise as high-end titles are making their way to the platform. Titles like PUBG and Fortnite are already available and there’s a long list of titles in the development stage, like the Call of Duty Mobile. However, gaming on a smartphone is great and all, there’s always some room for improvement in the overall experience. That’s where we kick in, offering you the best discount on Bluetooth Controllers. If you need one. be sure to check out our list below.Discount on Bluetooth Controllers – List Includes the NewGame N1Pro, IPEGA X3, moreDo take note that the discount on Bluetooth Controllers is only available for a limited time. This means that the price cut won’t last long until it reverts back to its original model. If you’re interested in owning one for yourself, be sure to hurry up and place an order as soon as you can. Now, let’s get down to the list.IPEGA X3 Bluetooth ControllerSpecification:Brand: IPEGAModel: X3Game machine accessories type: video game controllerInterface Type: USBVibration mode: No vibrationApplicable Products: Support IOS/Android phoneMaterial: ABSVideo game rating: Entry level, elite, enthusiast, hardcorePacking list: Handle x1, moreThis is a perfect option if you’re a mobile gamer. It supports both iOS and Android and gives you the traditional console touch. If you’re excited to own the IPEGA X3, it is available at a massive 48 percent discount, which makes the price come down to just $17.48. Head over to this link to get it.NewGame N1Pro Bluetooth ControllerSpecification:Game machine accessories type: video game controllerInterface Type: USBVibration mode: shockApplicable Products: Android iPhoneMaterial: Shell plasticProduct Size: 6.5*14*19cmAdditional features: Computer connectionApplicable number: 1Video game rating: Entry level, elite, enthusiast, hardcore, moreThe NewGame N1Pro boasts aggressive design language and serves the purpose it was intended for. The NewGame N1Pro is one of the finest options we have today on our list of discount on Bluetooth Controllers. If you’re up for it, the N1Pro is available at an insane 49 percent off, which drops the price down to just $20.73. Head over to this link to get it.IPEGA PG – 9069Main Features:●2-inch touch pad, help you precisely control the cursor on the computer screen●Bluetooth 3.0, connect wirelessly to all kinds of devices, such as Android phones, tablets, PCs, TV boxes, smart TVs, etc.● Built hall sensor in L2 and R2 keys, more accurate to control●Dual motor vibration, give you different vibration feedback in different scenes of games ( under wired connected PC in X – INPUT mode only )●TURBO button, accelerate your game operation and ensure fast response in games●Macro button, set the program of buttons according to your gaming habits and needs● Ergonomic design, reduce your finger pressure and relieve hand fatigueThis specific product is best if you spend long hours on gaming sessions as it’s designed ergonomically that naturally fits in your hands. If it piques your interest, it is available at an impressive 32 percent discount, which makes the price come down to just $22.80. Head over to this link to get it.Mocute – 050Main Features:Wireless Bluetooth gamepad game controller for AndroidCan be used when connected with the Bluetooth mobile phone and without any driversWith telescopic standBluetooth version: V3.0Bluetooth distance: 2 – 10mOne of my personal favorites, the Mocute – 050 is designed if you game while you travel. Generally, the design is pretty appealing as well. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Mocute, it is available at a 27 percent discount, which makes the price come down to just $12.65. Head over to this link to get it.Ragebee Bluetooth ControllerMain Features• This gamepad is for Nintend Switch Pro• With 600mAh Battery insideIf you happen to own the Nintendo Switch, the Ragebee should be your only choice. It not only features a great design but also includes a 600mAh battery, which will last you way more than a single session. It the Ragebee controller entices you, it is available at a great 19 percent off as part of our discount on Bluetooth Controllers. This makes the product price come down to just $25.99. Head over to this link to get it.This is all for our list of discount on Bluetooth Controller for now. If any of the listed products excite you, be sure to order your share before the offer expires. If you fail to do so, the discount would revert back to its original model. So be wise and order fast! Also, check out our discount on high-end WiFi Routers.This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on our list of discount on Bluetooth Controllers? Are you willing to get one for yourself? Let us know in the comments. Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

Storm 200 releases with Java enabled architecture new core and streams API

first_imgLast week, Apache Storm PMC announced the release of Storm 2.0.0. The major highlight of this release is that Storm has been re-architected in pure Java. Previously a large part of Storm’s core functionality was implemented in Clojure. This release also includes significant improvements in terms of performance, a new stream API, windowing enhancements, and Kafka integration changes. New Architecture Implemented in Java With this release, Storm has been re-architected, with its core functionality implemented in pure Java. This new implementation has improved its performance significantly and also has made internal APIs more maintainable and extensible. The previous language Clojure often posed a barrier for entry to new contributors. Storm’s codebase will be now more accessible to developers who don’t want to learn Clojure in order to contribute. New High-Performance Core Storm 2.0.0 has a new core featuring a leaner threading model, a blazing fast messaging subsystem and a lightweight back pressure model. This has been designed to push boundaries on throughput, latency, and energy consumption while maintaining backward compatibility. Also, this makes Storm 2.0, the first streaming engine to break the 1-microsecond latency barrier. New Streams API This version has a new typed API, which will express streaming computations more easily, using functional style operations. It builds on top of the Storm’s core spouts and bolt APIs and automatically fuses multiple operations together. This will help in optimizing the pipeline. Windowing Enhancements Storm 2.0.0’s windowing API can now save/restore the window state to the configured state backend. This will enable larger continuous windows to be supported. Also, the window boundaries can now be accessed via the APIs. Improvements in Kafka Kafka Integration Changes Removal of Storm-Kafka Due to Kafka’s deprecation of the underlying client library, the storm-kafka module has been removed. Users will have to move, to the storm-kafka-client module. This uses Kafka’s ‘kafka-clients’ library for integration. Move to Using the KafkaConsumer.assign API Kafka’s own mechanism which was used in Storm 1.x has been removed entirely in 2.0.0. The storm-kafka-client subscription interface has also been removed, due to the limited control it offered over the subscription behavior. It has been replaced with the ‘TopicFilter’ and ‘ManualPartitioner’ interfaces. For custom subscription users, head over to the storm-kafka-client documentation, which describes how to customize assignment. Other Kafka Highlights The KafkaBolt now allows you to specify a callback that will be called when a batch is written to Kafka. The FirstPollOffsetStrategy behavior has been made consistent between the non-Trident and Trident spouts. Storm-kafka-client now has a transactional non-opaque Trident spout. Users have also been notified that the 1.0.x version line will no longer be maintained and have strongly encouraged users to upgrade to a more recent release. The Java 7 support has also been dropped, and Storm 2.0.0 requires Java 8. There has been a mixed reaction from users over the changes, in Storm 2.0.0. Few users are not happy with Apache dropping the Clojure language. As a user on Hacker News comments, “My team has been using Clojure for close to a decade, and we found the opposite to be the case. While the pool of applicants is smaller, so is the noise ratio. Clojure being niche means that you get people who are willing to look outside the mainstream, and are typically genuinely interested in programming. In case of Storm, Apache commons is run by Java devs who have zero interest in learning Clojure. So, it’s not surprising they would rewrite Storm in their preferred language.” Some users think that this move of dropping Clojure language shows that developers nowadays are unwilling to learn new things As a user on Hacker News comments, “There is a false cost assigned to learning a language. Developers are too unwilling to even try stepping beyond the boundaries of the first thing they learned. The cost is always lower than they may think, and the benefits far surpassing what they may think. We’ve got to work at showing developers those benefits early; it’s as important to creating software effectively as any other engineer’s basic toolkit.” Others are quite happy with Storm getting Java enabled. A user on Reddit said, “To me, this makes total sense as the project moved to Apache. Obviously, much more people will be able to consider contributing when it’s in Java. Apache goal is sustainability and long-term viability, and Java would work better for that.” To download the Storm 2.0.0 version, visit the Storm downloads page. Read Next Walkthrough of Storm UI Storing Apache Storm data in Elasticsearch Getting started with Storm Components for Real Time Analyticslast_img read more

Citadel Rolls Out Program Enhancements for NonPrime Credit Borrowers

first_img Citadel Servicing Corporation Company News 2018-03-11 David Wharton California-based non-prime wholesale residential lender Citadel Servicing Corporation (CSC) has announced a major update to their product platform. Effective immediately, CSC will begin offering a 5/1 Hybrid Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and 5/25 Interest Only (IO) term. This now allows borrowers to qualify on the IO program without as big of a recast, which normally would increase the DTI that is used to qualify.CSC has also introduced their easiest qualification program for full doc income to date by allowing a single year’s Returns or W-2 as documentation. This will allow brokers and borrowers to move faster through the process. The company has also expanded their 12-month bank statement program to 90 percent loan-to-value (LTV) with no mortgage insurance requirement. CSC has eliminated the need for 24 months of bank statements on the Maggi program, again adding speed and efficiency to the process. The lender fee on the Maggi (Alt-A) product has been decreased from $1,195 to $995. Furthermore, all rates on all products have been decreased by as much as .25 percent.“We believe the time is right for these product updates, and considering our last five years of loan performance, these changes warrant incorporation”, said Will Fisher, SVP of Sales and Marketing for CSC.Citadel Servicing Corporation, the first Lender to reenter the mortgage lending space formally known as subprime, and now renamed by CSC as “non-prime,” provides financing for both owner occupied and non-owner occupied residential properties. Established in 2004, Citadel Servicing Corporation provides an array of non-traditional financial lending products for borrowers with inconsistent past credit histories and allows for alternative sources of income documentation. CSC services all loans originated by its efforts and currently works with Mortgage Professionals exclusively via a wholesale or correspondent relationship. March 11, 2018 633 Views Citadel Rolls Out Program Enhancements for Non-Prime Credit Borrowerscenter_img in Featured, Headlines, journal, News, Servicing Sharelast_img read more

New study reports a higher concussion rate for girls sport than

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix A new study, led by a professor at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, has found that the concussion obsession that has surrounded football for the past decade or so may soon have some company from other sports, and some of those sports may surprise you.According to the study that was presented at an annual conference for orthopedic surgeons, girl’s soccer has the highest per capita rate of concussion among high school sports, and they hold the spot by a pretty significant amount.The research shows that roughly 27% of all injuries suffered by girl’s soccer players are traumatic brain injuries, while football reported a 24% correlation between brain injuries and overall injuries.For quite some time now, there have been claims of concussion issues in sports like girls soccer, but this appears to be the first concrete study showing it. According to the article: To our knowledge, this is the first study to report that concussions now account for a higher proportion of injuries in girls soccer than boys football. The concussion rate for girls soccer is also increasing rapidly, and is now nearly tied with boys football and 3-fold higher than boys soccer.Comparatively, football’s numbers fall within about a percentage point of both girls basketball and boys soccer – both sports you hear little to no concussion conversations about.The study also shows that there was a “significantly higher proportion of concussions” among girls sports vs. boys sports.Head here to read the paper and see the graph that lays out the sports next to each other, and how the information was gathered.last_img read more

September 28 2015This past weekend Friday Septe

first_imgSeptember 28, 2015This past weekend, Friday, September 24. and Saturday, September 25. 2015, LAARK Production from Prescott performed “The Tempest” at Arcosanti.The Arcosanti buildings have lent themselves to dramatic settings for many past events and last week-end was a perfect example of how poignant individual settings can enhance a particular performance.[photo by Erin O’Loughlin, text by Sue Kirsch]The center of the Vaults became a ship in a terrific storm with thunder reverberating from the walls, with fire dancers flashing lightning from their fingers and and the heaving ocean created by enthusiastic waving of long sheets of silky material.[photo by Sue Kirsch]The audience then turned their chairs to watch the second part of the performance, Prospero and Miranda in front of the Colly Garden with wonderful lighting of the olive trees in the background…[photo by Colleen Connery]… with the sprite Ariel hiding in one of the trees before springing into action and the furies slinking along the grass in sinister fashion.[photo by Erin O’Loughlin]Audience and performers then moved to the Colly Soleri Amphitheater, where the performance continued with intensity and some very funny scenes.[photo by Colleen Connery]It was an all together enchanting evening.[photo by Erin O’Loughlin]last_img read more

Kofinou feeling far removed from Europe

first_imgOver the past several years, migrant support group Kisa and the Unhcr have put extensive pressure on the Cypriot authorities to raise the quality of life at the Kofinou reception centre for asylum seekers. Little seems to have improved however. Benjamin Rawlings left his comfort zone to check it out By Benjamin RawlingsOn the day I visited Kofinou, a country road surrounded by sun-beaten hills and miles from civilisation took me through to a security gate. Once inside the first sight was that of tired-looking, solemn faces standing to the side of the metal buildings that line the pathways. As the windows rolled down the smell of sewage and fermenting garbage fed into the windows. Later, under the midday sun it would only worsen.The Unhcr recommendations dating back over a year noted that long-standing problems with the sewage system “despite efforts of the asylum service”, required attention, but it was obvious from the start that little if any progress had been made in this regard.When we got out of the car, residents seemed keen to say hello and extend a hand. With them, we walked along rows of shack-like structures intended as houses, and through crowds of people sitting idly and smoking cigarettes. The sides of the houses were covered with children’s writing in Arabic and games of tic-tac-toe.The Unhcr said last year that rubbish bins were often “seen to be overflowing” with “rubbish strewn in communal areas” which, I saw was still the case 12 months later. The sight of people washing dishes and queuing for food along the garbage-filled laneways invoked a feeling of distance from life in a European country.I was led to the distribution centre – recently rebranded as “Angela’s Centre”after a popular volunteer. Here the residents receive clothing and hygiene products twice weekly. A look inside revealed supplies of infants clothing, nappies, and children’s wipes but very serious shortages of other necessities.  Asking a volunteer why this was the case I was informed that the centre relied almost entirely on donations.This meant that on a week-to-week basis there were always excesses of certain supplies and scarcities of others.In its report from early 2017 the Unhcr noted that there were thousands of asylum seekers in Cyprus living below the poverty line and requested that the matter be addressed urgently. At Kofinou, open since 2004, hosting anything from 300 to 400 people at a time, asylum seekers receive as little as €40 per month per person which has forced residents to depend almost entirely on weekly donations from the distribution centre.As a volunteer began to look over the supplies inside Angela’s Centre people began approaching us. Many had come to say hello while others had come to ask for hygiene products. The volunteer was forced to have to keep saying “I am sorry but we do not have any”. Aware of the presence of an outsider a pregnant woman tried to turn away from me to make a request – shyly and quietly –  for shampoo and toilet paper. She, like the others, had to be told that there was nothing to offer in that regard.Opposite the distribution centre stood the staff kitchen. At about noon a large queue had formed. A small window in the kitchen not much larger than a human head opened to offer bananas, water and salad. Each time the window opened, a hand laid the food on the counter while the face remained hardly visible. I remarked to a woman standing near that this system seemed impersonal. She almost laughed at my naive statement assuring me that this was the least of their worries.A short walk from the staff kitchen brought me to the residents’ kitchen and washrooms. The sight of the kitchen resulted in a sudden loss of appetite. The floor was covered with a layer of water, and black mold was clearly visible on the walls and above the sinks. It smelled of decay and damp rotting wood and it was hard to imagine – for basic health reasons – why anyone would want to cook there. I later learned that the residents rarely did. The Unhcr report had said damage in kitchens extended to ovens, broken faucets, exposed wiring and generally poor cleanliness. Kisa has repeatedly stated that the lack of an operational kitchen not only posed a health hazard but also deprived residents of their independence and their ability to cook food relevant to their culture. As midday moved to afternoon I saw most residents queue for packaged food and ignore the kitchen altogether.Soon after, I took off on my own around the sewage spills in the far end of the camp, past men kneeling and washing their clothes in bins and past young boys playing around the garbage. Stopping, a man started to make conversation. He explained how he had serious liver problems which he felt were not being taken seriously enough by the centre’s administration. Hospital visits were infrequent and the centre did not have the resources to treat his condition. Later, relaying this story to a staff member I was told that it was difficult to track the needs of all those in the camp.In a six-month-old proposal Kisa suggested that “a medical professional be on site to deal with any necessary medical emergencies” but from what the man told me I gathered there was still no such person at the centre trained to handle such emergencies. Those residents that were getting care received it infrequently.Leaving down the dusty road and back to the security and banal comforts of Europe I turned over the day in my head. Curious as to what my escort was thinking I tried to make conversation. The last thing I have recorded is them saying:  “We need to question what our values are as a society – we need to ask ourselves how we might feel if it were our children or our mothers in there”.  Basic servicesAccording to the NGO, Future Worlds Centre (FWC), Kofinou staff includes 6 institutional officers, 2 cleaners, 1 person responsible for technical maintenance and a team of three social workers and one administrator.Specialised services include: three full-time in-house social workers, one nurse offering services on a daily basis for six hours, visits by a mental health nurse three times per week, and a visit of a health visitor once a week for purposes of raising awareness among the residents regarding healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene.  “No medical services are offered in the premises and the same applies to psychological/psychiatric support,” the NGO says.Regarding translation services, Arabic interpretation is available on a daily basis. French and Somali translation is available once a week. FWC said it occasionally receives complaints related to the number of staff as well as the quality and efficiency of their interaction and communication.There is no specific duration of stay for asylum seekers in the reception centre. As long as the claimant of material reception conditions retains the status of an asylum seeker, he or she may be referred or obliged to stay in the centre depending on the status of their application. As a way to free up resources, the asylum service says residents who complete six months at the centre have the possibility to apply for reception conditions in the community and move out once granted support from welfare. “However, due to the unsatisfactory levels of support provided to welfare recipients, residents are reluctant to move into the community,” FWC says.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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he was a genuine,贵族宝贝Aleah, 2018 21:52 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Americans believe that racial discontent is at the highest point since the Obama presidency began.

The party alleged that some 15 portfolio political parties in an apparently-choreographed show called a press conference to also announce that they will oppose the use of the Card Reader, 000 to more than $4 million per year,Across the way.” what the GOP elite want more than anything is to be embraced by the culture they claim to be at war with. Has anyone explained to Trump that Norwegians dont emigrate to the US because theyd rather live in Norway? will I still be wearing a big Gap pullover sweater and bell-bottomed jeans with red clogs when I’m seventy? in other words,娱乐地图Sybil, I went on to take calculated risks. “If I can make it, galaxy far. read more

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but our domestic fundamentals are pretty sound and should outweigh that" said Josh Feinman chief global economist at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management in New York Decembers gains capped a strong year for hiring With another job creation number over 200000 employment gains for 2014 at around 3 million the largest since 1999 A five cent drop in average hourly earnings after rising six cents in November took some shine off the report Wage growth has been frustratingly tepid and economists believe the Federal Reserve will be hesitant to pull the trigger on raising interest rates without a significant increase in labor costs The US central bank has kept its short-term interest rate near zero since December 2008 It has not raised interest rates since 2006 but recently signaled it was moving closer to hiking even if inflation remains below the Feds 20 percent target Most economists expect the first rate increase in June But an acceleration in wage gains is in the cards as the labor market continues to tighten That together with lower gasoline prices are expected to provide a tail wind to consumer spending this year "As the labor market moves closer to full employment . Kurdish groups in Syria are at war with ISIS,上海419论坛Melany, yet the process to attain this estranged happiness seemed impossible in that moment. North Dakota’s income tax collections have more than doubled in the last decade, plague remains a rare disease. based on information supplied by Turkey. his post-UP victory speech last the former Red Ranger who betrays his teammates to the enemy, we shall rid the country of the BJP.

restaurant manager. Maskenfreiheit, which included an earlier plea from the mother along with details and photos of the daughter. Melbourne parents should probably brace themselves for a conversation about body image, Peter Stackpole—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Lena Horne. read more