You can search ask the chain

in Shanghai Longfeng, my teacher told me excitedly that the weight of the inquiry platform is very high, the chain of words will be very good at the top, and love Shanghai platform development is very mature, very difficult to do in the above link. But just soso in Q field just force, there are many imperfections in the above, can easily send the chain. Then tell me, while Soso Ask is still young, and quickly on multiple points of the chain, the way to raise some senior account for standby.

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Ten big secrets of search engineDo a monthly income of 7000 sites to make money experience


May, just out of the company, passion very much, with the company learned a little SEO fur, began to do MMS optimization station. But with sh419’s algorithm a big change, the original fool style powerful optimization has become worthless. During the two song station, a multimedia thesaurus optimization station, a movie station, spent half a month’s time, persisted in a record fifteen thousand records of the lyrics and five thousand movie database. At this time, I only know that through a lot of data, Skynet optimized sh419, traffic advantages. read more

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Love Shanghai webmaster push function once again updated

content as above in the red box, "the little lost reptile conjecture since upgrading the active push function, there should be a lot of owners in the use of this tool, but I guess it should be only the unreasonable use of Shanghai let love make this tool adjustment, limiting the number of one-time level push, so that on the one hand the webmaster can avoid abuse this tool to push a large number of duplicate data, on the other hand can also urge the webmaster newly generated link address to real-time push, do not save set together a node in a large one-time push, increase at a certain node server intermittent load. In Shanghai since love has been updated, hope webmaster friends see you should also adjust their strategies, because many owners are active push function configuration to suit. read more

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How to optimize the dedecms to maximize your website traffic

I am using

modify the content page, download page UL, DL, OL, CSS style, make the show more beautiful, a sense of hierarchy.


LOGO H1 to delete the source template tag

content pages, software download page title source H2 change to H1, and increased H2.

Optimization of Webmasters do stand in the

keywords label, the label, the search engine has no effect.

Title tag. List page title is calling "modify the program" background "Shanghai dragon title"; the content page is called the title of the article, the article title "format for the -2 column -1 column – site name" read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform correct understanding of indexing tools

part of the webmaster found data curve index tools provide fluctuation index that tool does not fly, is it true?

so, the owners do not have paid too much attention to the index, the correct approach is to index and flow together: when flow changes, can cause analysis from the index data. On the other hand, even if the index has huge fluctuations, as long as the flow is not changed nor excited.

first we remind the webmaster, the index only refers to the love of Shanghai search engine to establish the total index ", said the website how many pages in the search results can be used as a candidate," because of the scarcity of different importance and different content, there is a big difference between the probability of the show. In other words, even if your website has 100 million pages to be indexed, perhaps can really only 100 pages to get traffic. read more

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On your website why K love Shanghai

is more than 3 months of my own research results, the article also wrote here, thank you for your support of · finally AD. This article from the Heyuan forum www.08-a贵族宝贝 starting admin5贵族宝贝, please indicate the !

5, website design: we can enjoy the discuz, dedecms, phpwind, open source, default template they are well designed, especially the dedecms template, very conducive to the spider crawling content. But you have set the template font with a background color that is easy to be K, if you haven’t set to search engines, then you stand on the search engine is worthless. read more

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Several elements to enhance the portal page information PV

portal news information real-time strong, in the channel after the release of the article, to promote and optimize the time to do. Because the amount of information channels are generally larger, shorter period of data collection, so the editors have very time consuming in the content of the publication, which is more likely to cause news updates no subsequent promotion, within 24 hours of PV 0 is not as odd. First, we can use the portal to the forum to do some promotion, website forum and general channel segments, so in related sectors, can promote our article. Micro-blog, QQ group, bookmarks are available, such as the local clothing shopping news, you can share some of this need of information users. For example, a city shopping very much, consumers need to direct the information they need, such as specific brand discount and period of time. You can also do BSP blog, sina NetEase can add article > read more

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Shanghai Longfeng industry three Shanghai Dragon Staff

first class: primary Shanghai dragon


second: intermediate Shanghai dragon

It should be said that the Shanghai

second class staff relative to the first class is not so mechanization, because relatively technical personnel should be a stroke above than the first class. Shanghai Longfeng intermediate and primary staff of Shanghai Longfeng personnel difference is that this kind of personnel are generally not mechanically to release the chain and update the station. But more than first class personnel to master some skills, such as to mining and analysis, can write soft words. This kind of personnel income generally higher than the first class staff. read more

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Several aspects of user interface design is easy to ignore the

the user interface design is excellent tolerance. The user interface is tolerant, refers to the user in your interface mishandled, or because some unintended behavior caused not in accordance with the rules of operation, the user interface will not easily display the dislocation of the information, but to find ways to guide the user to the rest of the operation. The user interface of tolerance means that the user makes a mistake will not be the so-called punishment, because there are many user errors are difficult to predict. Therefore, the design of user interface can be excellent error as large as possible to predict users, and guide users to jump to the corresponding page. So in the user interface, once the misoperation of the user, not pop up at the interface of the so-called "warning" or "big ugly face" to prompt the user to operate illegally. read more

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The enterprise website optimization should be how to do

a picture easy to quickly understand the structure of the site layout, the structure design is actually a flat tree structure, navigation is clear, in order to be included in search engines, suggest you use can produce static program.


website optimization is the most difficult part, I >

want to see more and more analysis, multi reference, I believe you is not difficult to find the difference of the characteristics, and the reasons for doing so. Through the above 2 screenshots, careful and you may find the following several details of website optimization operation method. read more

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Some practical experience to teach you how to optimize the movie website

is now a lot of people love to make your own movie website, but do not know how to promote, the online experience is mostly theoretical, no real help to the novice webmaster general. Here, I want to share a little of his own experience, hope to all the webmaster help.

at the same time, we should pay attention to the next month, and next month will be the release of the film, pay attention to popular trend of entertainment movies, the hot events associated with the film made of the long tail word corresponding, released on their website or in the Sina NetEase and other high weight place, leave the chain to your site, also can bring a lot of traffic. read more

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The use of wheel for two weeks for you to make love in Shanghai

above is just a simple chain sprocket of longer length would be transferred to the effect will be better, the weight of the main station will be higher. Suggest you Adsense have some more mainstream blog, blog like website, the construction is very simple and convenient, and almost no charge, even overdo it by search engine optimization K off will not feel bad. When I was doing the sprocket, will first consider the use of space for love love Shanghai, Shanghai space is love Shanghai’s products, like love their children in Shanghai. As long as love Shanghai space use well published articles are basically seconds. Especially in the new Shanghai post love space, whether good or bad, will be included in five minutes. As long as a blog post by search engines, you stay in this blog to the next blog and the station anchor text will be a spider crawling, the weight can pass in every blog, to the master station. read more

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The nofollow property is what what role



there is another way, is used in meta tags such as

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

(2) used in the meta tag.

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

website right down topics:

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

the two way is to let the search engine that links on this page are not tracked, the links on a page will not gain weight, which one of the following is only applied to Shanghai in search of love. read more

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Weapon forgotten clever use of love sharing website benefited from Shanghai

library, experience and other products, famous degree of love Shanghai share is relatively low, but it does not mean the Nothing is right., has a strong effect on the love of Shanghai share, now many websites have installed the love of Shanghai share, as shown below:

Compared with the

love Shanghai share role really is so obvious? How to make use of the website optimization of a tiger with wings added here I come to you? And a simple discuss.


we want to do site optimization should pay close attention to and rely on love Shanghai, therefore launched both love Shanghai algorithm or love Shanghai products will become the focus of our attention. Some products can also be we love Shanghai and become a weapon for our clever use of optimization, such as the common love Shanghai, love Shanghai know experience and so on, these tools can provide a good platform for us to make the chain, we optimize the site more easily. However, many people have forgotten a weapon: love Shanghai share. read more

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The love of Shanghai product promotion is not The more, the better. not overdo sth.

products in Shanghai love to send the chain, or for the promotion of their products, should pay attention to a degree, although the webmaster is very clever, you can call others to answer the question, or constantly change IP to confuse love Shanghai, but others are not fools, once found, the accounts have the risk was closed, it will come to naught.

so I think, love Shanghai product chain is also a relatively common chain, not the webmaster said outside the chain of high quality, it is easy to included and included can have a good ranking, only that the love of Shanghai has rich resources, will soon be able to make their products a a good place; this is not a personal guess, we can go to the noble baby search engines can be seen, in the love of Shanghai good keywords ranking, in the noble baby also have a good ranking, but also in other search engines, "Xiamen to Guangzhou bus" as an example, the major search engines is the home page, the following is a screenshot: read more

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The real objective and rules is the website construction and optimization of the inhibition

pseudo original or popular, attitude and values. The content of website construction, almost every website design and website optimization will look up to as the standard. Because the content is important in any case can not win website optimization without content. The search engine has repeatedly made it clear that the content of copy and not to effectively enhance the weight, in favor of the one and only the original search engine. The pseudo original do not have, it is the one and only the content is of high quality. A lot of software based on batch manufacturing of pseudo original, even the "Shanghai construction site" replaced the "sea website construction", meaningless illogical, can not win the trust of users naturally there is no way to get permanent search engine recognition. read more

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Do science Shanghai Longfeng everything from the common sense of (novice slow reading)

of a website is the amount collected by search engines crawl the page volume and quality to decide.

A, from the technical perspective, analysis page URL, HTML, heads;

(a) search engines

two, the overall ranking of website:

!Shanghai dragon

is a website ranking and aggregation page ranking consists of a single page.

(a) a single page ranking:

search engines can be judged by the analysis of the log file retention time spider crawl the site total residence time and grab a single page, so that we can be calculated by a formula. read more

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Exclusive opened several mysterious Shanghai Dragon Technology pig veil

, a QQ space ranking technology

1, the authority to set good keywords all open

on the Internet now, everyone Tucao, hurry away from Shanghai dragon! Shanghai dragon is dead! I think, the more we get away from, is the greatest opportunity.

as I understand, at the age of 20 you must enter into the right circle, we should strive to create their own circle after the age of 30.

we often see in the inspirational words: 20 years old with the right people, after 30 years to do the right thing, I think this is very reasonable. read more

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A few questions about love Shanghai snapshot come under discussion

love Shanghai snapshot click into should show the date display is a snapshot of the web page, but sometimes click will appear in the page is deleted or you want to access the page does not exist, then such a problem is what causes it, here are some of my views, pay more attention to the recent love Shanghai originality and weight, some webmaster opportunistic to others website here under the change when their original to the website, but also everyone is the pseudo original, now, Shanghai has begun to punish these love, if you click on the page error information, then chances are you the pseudo original or this is love Shanghai found plagiarism, which hurt the entire home are removed to solve the problem and the first case is the same, that is high The quality of the read more

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Analysis search engine optimization importance in network marketing

search engine optimization is a direct source of network marketing

three: search engine optimization with the marketing of various

network marketing way more, but also said earlier, the current site operators use a most is Shanghai dragon, while the vast majority of users are also through the search engine to obtain information. Shanghai dragon in the process of network marketing is the role of a bridge, in the premise of good network marketing, we need to do the website of Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon will products, we show the website keywords on the Internet, and as far as possible keyword rankings, provided the conditions for improving the conversion rate of users. read more

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