Wszolek included in Poland squad

first_imgEmbed from Getty ImagesPawel Wszolek has been included in the Poland squad for two internationals.The Poles will face Romania in Bucharest in a World Cup qualifier on 11 November and then host Slovenia in a friendly in Wroclaw three days later.Wszolek, who joined QPR in the summer on loan from Hellas Verona, has made eight appearances for Poland, scoring two goals.Rangers’ Conor Washington was this week included in the Northern Ireland squad for matches against Azerbaijan and Croatia.Click here for the latest QPR transfer gossipClick here for today’s QPR quiz   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Anti-Darwinian Observations Require New Stories

first_img(Visited 25 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Here are new findings that contradict traditional neo-Darwinian theory.Darwinians will need to rearrange their web of belief in light of these recent observations. Since evolutionary theory is so flexible, none of these findings will prevent clever Darwinians from rescuing their theory with auxiliary hypotheses, but these are not the kind of things Darwin would have predicted.Kangaroos chew over evolutionary theory (PhysOrg). Worried-looking researchers in a photo in this article need to “turn back the clock on evolution.” Among the few predictive “laws” in evolutionary theory is Dollo’s Law, that says once a trait is lost, it cannot be regained. Yet the scientists from Flinders University observe kangaroos regaining tooth cusps that their ancestors had lost. This cannot be a case of convergent evolution, they argue. Going into theory-rescue mode, they change the rules to allow something previously forbidden.Biologists have often discounted the potential for evolution to shift into reverse, dismissing such occurrences as convergent evolution, “where similar features evolve independently in organisms that are not closely related,” explains co-author Flinders Associate Professor Gavin Prideaux.The researchers argue that “reanimating genetically mothballed features may be ‘allowed’ by evolution when it aligns with pressures that determine an animal’s ecology”.Beards are for him, not her (The Conversation). Darwin was mighty proud of his theory of sexual selection. It would predict that men evolved beards to attract mates. Wrong, claims Tamsin Saxton, a female lecturer and psychologist from Northumbria U. On The Conversation, she observes that men seem to respect and admire other hirsute men, but women generally do not. At least that might be the case, based on one’s choice of survey results. To rescue sexual selection from this scruffy observation, she proposes that “beards probably evolved at least partly to help men boost their standing among other men.” So is that enough to create genes that allow the best beards to attract the most mates by intimidating the clean shaven? Maybe, if you don’t think about it.How the human got its big nose (New Scientist). “It’s an evolutionary mystery that’s literally as plain as the nose on your face. Why did our ancestors develop a prominent protruding nose when most primates have flat nasal openings?” They dare not leave this mystery without some kind of adaptive just-so story. But they have none: unless they can blame climate change, “we may have gained our protruding noses and poorly performing nasal passages simply by chance.”The social gene (Science Magazine). In this book review of a new Harvard work called The Society of Genes, reviewer Joseph Swift swiftly unravels Richard Dawkins’ old orthodoxy of the “selfish gene”. The book gives so many examples of cooperation in nature, from genes to humans, that Dawkins’ 40-year-old metaphor cannot survive the post-genomic era.In the intervening years, we have come to realize that many of the most interesting and important phenomena in human biology are not caused by any single gene….“Genes do indeed behave in ways that can be described as selfish,” they concede. “But genes, like humans, do not live in isolation.” It is therefore useful to think about our genes as members of a society in which different genes play specific roles.Survival of the win-win strategy (Science Daily). By now, most evolutionists know that Darwin’s phrase “survival of the fittest” (adopted from Herbert Spencer) is overly simplistic. More reason to overturn it is supplied in this article that shows the dominant member of a group, such as the alpha male, is not purely selfish, squashing everyone else in the group. “We think that some dominance behaviors are actually winner-winner interactions,” a researcher at NC State says, “increasing the social authority or standing of both participants.” But wouldn’t this, contra Darwin and social Darwinism, tend to perpetuate the less fit?Trap-door jaw convergence (Current Biology). Examples of so-called “convergent evolution” are legion. Critics of the idea of convergence argue that supposing a blind, aimless process hit on the same solution is tantamount to believing in miracles. This paper adds another example: in trap-jaw spiders, “High-speed predatory strikes have evolved four times independently.” Each time, it required modifications of the head and muscle attachments and other structural changes. Each species would also have to know how to use the modified equipment and pass it on.Earlier photosynthesis (PhysOrg). The ability to convert light to food is arguably one of the most complex abilities of microbial and plant life. A Darwinist might predict it arose late in evolution. Not; a certain Dr. Cordona from Imperial College London argues that a form of photosynthesis that does not release oxygen is “more ancient than thought, and most living things could do it” when it first appeared. The antecedent to “than thought” is usually other evolutionists, implying that previously-accepted evolutionary notions need another rescue.Bad selection (Science Daily). The miracle-worker of evolutionary dogma, natural selection, can hurt rather than help evolutionary progress. This article says that selection pressures can “push plants over [an] adaptation cliff,” leading to extinction rather than innovation. It’s not a new idea; J.B.S. Haldane worried about it. Even so, “It runs counter to the most common current thinking that plants are able to cope with evolutionary pressures that strain thousands of points of change in a plant and its genetic make-up at a time.”The repurpose-driven brain (Science Daily). Lastly, we see that the human brain is over-designed for abstract thinking. “The human brain was initially used for basic survival tasks, such as staying safe and hunting and gathering,” this article begins. “Yet, 200,000 years later, the same human brain is able to learn abstract concepts, like momentum, energy and gravity, which have only been formally defined in the last few centuries.” To account for that, some evolutionists at Carnegie Mellon are suggesting that the brain somehow is able to “repurpose itself” for new things like math and science. What mutation caused a blind process to give a creature something it wouldn’t encounter for 199,500 years?Evolutionists know darn well that their theory doesn’t work in its original Darwinian form. Over the last 157 years, Darwin’s disciples have accumulated so many rescue devices, the devices have become more significant than the theory itself. Evolutionism is a veritable junkyard of theory rescue devices. The only continuity with Darwin comes from the Darwin seals of approval (little stickers of his bearded face) on all the ring buoys, wrenches, funhouse mirrors and other machinations concocted by his disciples to keep his program of methodological naturalism looking operational, whether by distraction, obfuscation or imagination. The lapdog media are part and parcel of this whole enterprise to keep biology naturalistic, no matter the cost.last_img read more

Set of 12 Soft Endless Fabric Hair Elastics Bobbles Hair Bands – just what i needed, ideal for thick hair that

first_imgThese are great mainly because they are soft and do not depart dents in my hair right after tying it back again. They also never have these metallic bits that can snag on hair. The only draw back is that they stretch way too easily and finish up a little bit ineffective just after a whilst, taking ages to wrap spherical the hair due to the fact they are as well stretched out. For the price paid out however, they are very good sufficient.Here are the specifications for the Set of 12 Soft Endless Fabric Hair Elastics Bobbles Hair Bands:Pack of 12 thick hair elasticsEndless style without a metal joining clipMeasure 0.75cm in widthAll measurements approximate across widest pointsThese turned up truly quickly and i even got a pair of more bands. They are not accurately what i was expecting. They seemed like they may be towelling hair bands from the image (which i do want) but they will not snag and are rather superior worth.Arrived considerably quicker than anticipated and have been just as explained. They appear quite strong and stretchy whilst nonetheless maintaining their condition when taken out of my hair. I constantly go for snag a lot less bobbles as i are not able to stand my hair acquiring caught up in the metallic bits on bobbles. These are a actually superior invest in for the selling price and i will definately be getting some additional.Reviews from purchasers :Their ok, but they dont look as good as the pictureGreat for the pricestrong hair bobbles that don’t damage your hairCheap and cheerfulNot too tight like the ones typically sold in shopsdont fray like other bands I’ve boughtDont fray like other bands i’ve bought. Very useful for my daughter for college, dont fray like other bands i have purchased.Their alright, but they dont glimpse as excellent as the photo. Not very major if you have a thick weighty ponytail, they dont glance like the picture & usually i like greater donut types, but their so about priced currently, but they last for a longer time & there are pretty a couple of these types while for a affordable rate, so you have lots of replacements for a low cost price tag the moment they stretch out far too much.Gentle on my fantastic hair which is what i was soon after. Working day 1 of use but so much beautiful and soft, mild on my good hair which is what i was right after.The types i assumed they ended up the types i like have got much more fabric on them if you have. They are not the kinds i believed they were the ones i like have got much more fabric on them if you have any of these you should permit me know.These are cozy to wear and a excellent measurement. They feel very well manufactured and are pretty powerful and do not snag your hair. I purchased these to wear for bed to preserve my very long hair from annoying me. They wrapped close to my lengthy hair 3 moments and felt protected. I would endorse this merchandise. If you located this overview handy, be sure to click on on the “yes” button down below.Diesnt pull on hair like typical elastic bands.Still have (most of) them and the only cause it really is not all is that i have misplaced some, none have broken, no uncovered elastic, perform excellent for thick hair as effectively as great, never appear out far too simply, arrived swiftly, no challenges.I make my have bobbles and these are ideal for sewing on to. Just what i was looking for. I make my possess bobbles and these are fantastic for sewing on to.Obtained swiftly, these kinds are considerably kinder to the hair than the ones with steel, hope they keep their elasticity, only time will convey to.Robust hair bobbles that really don’t harm your hair. Good high quality hair bobbles that don’t yank my daughter’s prolonged hair out when she gets rid of them. I was worried they would stretch too a great deal immediately after use, but just after a couple months, they have maintained their form.Tiny to medium dimensions hair bands. They are of a excellent quality but a great deal scaled-down than i predicted. Three fingers in shape inside, my hands are v. Superior excellent and usable although.Just what i needed, perfect for thick hair that. Just what i required, perfect for thick hair that cannot be held with individuals elastic hairbands with metal bits. Pretty stretchy so can be worn tightly all-around thick hair.A great deal improved then elastic bobbles which capture on hair and induce breakages. I have pretty thick half afro fair, these bobbles are perfect i am now purchasing some more as i have shed most of the other types, or they’ve absent a little bit unfastened just after daily utilization for more than a yr. (13 months to be exact going from my purchase history).Substantially improved quality than i predicted. They truly feel soft, and maintain my hair in put.My sister makes use of these so purchased as a small issue for xmas they are what she was looking for.Good product, there are 12 as stated so i maintain a handful of in a variety of areas. They are so sort to your hair and free of any be part of that would catch on your hair. Would suggest this solution. These are great for the rate & so a great deal far better than the around ample uncoated sorts with there hair hooking glued connections. I am even now employing my first a single of these right after practically 3 months & it even now hasn’t snapped so i am guessing these are really just one piece. You will find been a teeny weeny little bit of stretch but almost nothing to moan about.last_img read more

Mediocrity as a raging epidemic

first_imgThe dictionary describes mediocrity as a low degree of merit, an unresponsive attitude imbued with a general apathy, a middle state of existence.To say that we live in a time of mediocrity is to give mediocrity a bad name. We aspire to very little, we are satisfied with nothing, and we live without expectation. Part of the decline stems from the daily dose of political rot meted out by the media, the incessant air waves and sound bytes of mediocre men who control and charge the atmosphere with daily venom.And they are everywhere. Replacing genuine heroes like Gandhi, Tagore and Einstein, they rush in and out of the television frame, people with 10 minutes of fame, casting aspersions on each other, men and women with rasping opinions but no vision, spewing volumes of self-righteous indignation.The daily face of the politician, the cricketer, the bureaucrat, the journalist, the film hero and the Godman- those interchangeable personalities of India.The movie star’s opinion on trade, the minister’s opinion on art, the journalist’s view of nuclear energy, the cricketer on corruption, the bureaucrat’s participation in the Literary Festival, all contaminate daily life to a point of distraction and diversion.Public domainA minister for agriculture controls a private cricketing body; a cricketer joins the Rajya Sabha; a Communist party leader writes a regular newspaper column; a film actress wins elections in Rajasthan, a convict in Uttar Pradesh. Substitutions can be made between politics, sport, religion, film, smuggling.In the relentless public view of the power game, the nation’s daily debates take place from uncertain, immoderate positions. Everyone must have a say; everyone must disagree; everyone must express their belief in public forums.advertisementEveryone must be known for their volubility, their public presence, their hits on Facebook, the number of followers on Twitter, the number of disciples at a public fast, the number of cars in the garage.Amorphous and always deliberately vague, visibility imparts a renewed sense of purpose. Even in their most private moments, the TV cameras must be on.Public service means continual public consumption; the strange sight of agitated men, shunting in and out of cars with blinking red lights, between Parliament house and jail, between hotel conference and airport, descending from the sky to inspect a flood.The hollow faith of position, status and national enterprise moulded into a daily and charged practice.Without responsibility or achievement, the mere act of maintaining position becomes responsibility, even achievement.It rankles first with the lack of political idealism, bordering on polemical confusion.The Communists still call each other Comrade and their meeting, a Politbureau, but are the first to propound theories of private investment as progress.NGOs bask in a halo of goodness, keeping up the theme of Gandhian austerity, all the while keeping a hand firmly in the deep pockets of their foreign benefactors.Economists reel under the pressure of urgency for poverty line solutions, but must make time for the summit at Davos. The Godman speaks less of God than of more pressing mortal things like corruption, and if elected, to find a cure for black money through the rigorous practice of yoga.Corruption Pampered by idleness and inaction, on air and in the press, in country maidans and at India Gate, emotions run high- a convenient substitute for decisions.But they are relentless in their plunder.One hundred thousand crore, three lakh thousand crore, the figures are meaningless.In the far reaches of burnt out cities, at the edge of treeless forests, bloated bodies come up for air, gratifying their appetites in lust and treasure- a little rape here, a bauxite mine there.But they must daily pamper their dead weight with a high diet, squeezing their servers with gold-studded fingers, and letting others bend to their immodesty.Their true ideals- of uncontrolled prejudice and savage division- are a new form of life’s inspiration.Change Even the false ambitions of the young, the verbal fluency of the intellectuals, and the oscillating conviction of the politicians leave little but a gnawing incompleteness- as if the scale of ordinary life can only be viewed in a flash of personal viewpoints.It is rhetoric of mindless populism, where everything hinges on the economy, material output, rising aspiration, leaving a maladjusted social system, and a people unlinked to any collective desire for change.In the bleached atmosphere of the new century, it is hard to tell apart the ridiculous from the sublime, falsehood from utter falsehood.When the believers are themselves on sale, the equation hardly matters.advertisementMost people, most cultures, that live in hope, do so only because they expect life to change, and for the better. When people begin to believe that change is impossible, when even the floundering has ceased, there is little but terminal decline.The only hope for the future that fills the heart with any optimism is the quick passing of the present, and its replacement with a successor that owes nothing to the present. Something good is bound to rise from the ashes. Far away there are daily rumblings of a coming transformation.In small town, in village, a minor prophet with gentler intentions is on the rise. Living the new ideal on tamped earth, a faint hint of hope, still faint, but ready to remake the world.In an era marked by mediocre men, and a complete absence of applied ideas, is it a wonder that the old profession of leadership flounders for lack of applicants?It was Choudhary Charan Singh who said that the leader of a country of 600 million farmers should himself be a farmer. The Indian leader today is merely a repeat image of the mass he represents. He is just one of us.last_img read more