Turning natural gas into carbon nanotubes cuts energy use carbon dioxide emissions

first_imghttps://news-network.rice.edu/news/files/2019/01/0128_ARPA-E-1-WEB-1qvcfqo.jpgRice University chemical and biomolecular engineer Matteo Pasquali and his colleagues have won a $3.3 million federal grant to develop a method to convert natural gas into hydrogen and carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metals. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) Rice University chemical and biomolecular engineer Matteo Pasquali and his colleagues have won a $3.3 million federal grant to develop a method to convert natural gas into hydrogen and carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metals. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) Matteo Pasquali, a pioneer in the development of carbon nanotube fibers, has won a federal grant to convert natural gas into hydrogen and carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metal in products. They expect their technique will reduce the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions associated with metal production and produce clean hydrogen as a byproduct. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) Matteo Pasquali, a pioneer in the development of carbon nanotube fibers, has won a federal grant to convert natural gas into hydrogen and carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metal in products. They expect their technique will reduce the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions associated with metal production and produce clean hydrogen as a byproduct. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) Return to article. Long Description Return to article. Long Description ShareNEWS RELEASEEditor’s note: Links to high-resolution images for download appear at the end of this release.David Ruth713-348-6327david@rice.eduMike Williams713-348-6728mikewilliams@rice.eduTurning natural gas into carbon nanotubes cuts energy use, carbon dioxide emissionsRice’s Pasquali group wins Department of Energy backing to convert methane into sustainable materials and clean hydrogenHOUSTON – (Jan. 28, 2019) – Rice University chemical and biomolecular engineer Matteo Pasquali and his colleagues have won a $3.3 million federal grant to develop a method to convert natural gas into carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metals.The award comes from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), through it’s OPEN+ initiative. OPEN+ announced seven awards in its second and third rounds of funding in December to groups advancing concrete and methane technologies.center_img https://news-network.rice.edu/news/files/2019/01/0128_ARPA-E-2-WEB-26t72lv.jpgMatteo Pasquali, a pioneer in the development of carbon nanotube fibers, has won a federal grant to convert natural gas into hydrogen and carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metal in products. They expect their technique will reducethe energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissionsassociated with metal production and produce clean hydrogen as a byproduct. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)Located on a 300-acre forested campus in Houston, Rice University is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 20 universities by U.S. News & World Report. Rice has highly respected schools of Architecture, Business, Continuing Studies, Engineering, Humanities, Music, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and is home to the Baker Institute for Public Policy. With 3,962 undergraduates and 3,027 graduate students, Rice’s undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is just under 6-to-1. Its residential college system builds close-knit communities and lifelong friendships, just one reason why Rice is ranked No. 1 for lots of race/class interaction and No. 2 for quality of life by the Princeton Review. Rice is also rated as a best value among private universities by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. To read “What they’re saying about Rice,” go to http://tinyurl.com/RiceUniversityoverview. Rice University chemical and biomolecular engineer Matteo Pasquali and his colleagues have won a $3.3 million federal grant to develop a method to convert natural gas into hydrogen and carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metals. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) Return to article. Long DescriptionMatteo Pasquali, a pioneer in the development of carbon nanotube fibers, has won a federal grant to convert natural gas into hydrogen and carbon nanotubes for materials that can replace metal in products.  Photo by Jeff FitlowHe said the project will lay a foundation to understand whether and how the conversion of natural gas into carbon nanotube materials can be made into a large-volume, economical process that could displace metals and other energy-inefficient materials at the level of hundreds of megatons per year.  Such displacement would yield massive reductions in carbon dioxide emissions while also generating economic growth and adding value to our natural gas resources.“Realizing this vision will require creating new value chains, supply chains and manufacturing chains, as is always the case when a new class of materials is introduced,” Pasquali said. “Such an effort will require decades to reach full deployment and will require partnering with multiple other organizations both at the stages of materials synthesis and conversion as well as in manufacturing and introduction into products.“It is critical that we compress as much as possible the time scale for the development and deployment of this technology,” he said. “The climate is already changing and we must act with urgency.”The research team includes Boris Yakobson, Rice’s Karl F. Hasselmann Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering and of Chemistry; chemical engineer Glen Irvin Jr. of Irvin Global Industries LLC; Matteo Maestri, an associate professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan, and Jeff Blackburn of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.Every three years, ARPA-E issues an open call to scientists and engineers for transformational technologies across the scope of the agency’s energy mission. The agency created OPEN+ to focus on particular topics in energy where ARPA-E sees significant opportunities to “innovate and create new communities.” ARPA-E plans to announce a total of nine OPEN+ cohorts through early 2019.-30-Follow Rice News and Media Relations via Twitter @RiceUNewsRelated materials:Nanotube fibers in a jiffy: http://news.rice.edu/2018/01/11/nanotube-fibers-in-a-jiffy-2/Long nanotubes make strong fibers: http://news.rice.edu/2017/10/16/long-nanotubes-make-strong-fibers/New nanotech fiber: Robust handling, shocking performance: http://news.rice.edu/2013/01/10/new-nanotech-fiber-robust-handling-shocking-performance/Pasquali Research Group: http://pasquali.rice.eduGeorge R. Brown School of Engineering: https://engineering.rice.eduImages for download: Return to article. Long DescriptionMatteo PasqualiThe Rice-led team will convert methane into carbon nanotubes, spin them into fibers, and evaluate their performance and properties, with the goal of displacing metals in large-scale applications to reduce the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions associated with metal production. The process would also produce valuable hydrogen as a side product.“For most of the history of civilization, we used carbon primarily as source of materials, clothing and food,” said Pasquali, Rice’s A.J. Hartsook Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, of chemistry and of materials science and nanoengineering. “Only in the past two centuries have we moved to an economy where we burn over 95 percent of the fossil hydrocarbons to produce energy, to the point that we are changing our climate. We then use much of this energy to make inefficient materials such as steel, aluminum and copper.”He said more than 10 percent the world’s annual energy use and carbon dioxide emissions are associated with the mining and manufacturing of metals. “With our new concept, we will convert directly natural gas into materials made of carbon nanotubes,” Pasquali said. “Based on their properties, these materials can displace metals while providing major weight savings. At the same time, we will generate hydrogen from the hydrocarbon decomposition process, and this hydrogen can be used to offset the energy costs of making the material or as valuable energy carriers for transportation.”Pasquali noted his team will partner with Shell “for its expertise in all aspects of hydrocarbon production, conversion and processing, and because of Shell’s progressive vision for an energy future in which we use hydrocarbons responsibly and limit carbon dioxide emissions.” FacebookTwitterPrintEmailAddThislast_img read more

Truck Company Owner Charged With Evading 1 Million in Tolls

first_img The owner of a New Jersey trucking company has been arrested while trying to board a flight to Aruba and charged with racking up more than $1 million of unpaid tolls and fees.State police say Little Ferry resident Lester Morales was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport on Thursday.Police say Morales’ EAB Transport LLC/Do it Right Trucking had 100 trucks going through tolls with a delinquent E-ZPass automatic payment account more than 100 times per day.Morales is being held without bail at the Middlesex County jail and can’t be reached there for comment.A phone number listed for him has rung unanswered.It’s unclear if he has an attorney who could comment on his behalf. Truck Company Owner Charged With Evading $1 Million in Tolls By The Associated Press January 17, 2017 Updated: January 17, 2017 Share US  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share this article Show Discussionlast_img read more

Trump No Transgender People Will Serve in the Military

first_img….victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,” the Republican president wrote. The Pentagon ended its ban on openly transgender people serving in the U.S. military in 2016 under Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration. It was expected to start allowing transgender people to begin enlisting this year, provided they had been “stable” in their preferred gender for 18 months.Last month, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis approved a six-month delay in allowing transgender recruits to join the U.S. armed forces.Last year, then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter cited a study by the RAND Corporation think tank saying there were about 2,500 transgender active-duty service members and 1,500 reserve transgender service members. Trump: No Transgender People Will Serve in the Military By Reuters July 26, 2017 Updated: July 26, 2017 U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would not allow transgender individuals to serve in the U.S. military in any capacity.“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military,” Trump wrote in a series of Twitter posts.After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow……— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017 President Donald Trump speaks to military veterans during a visit to AMVETS Post 44 in Struthers, Ohio on July 25, 2017. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images) Show Discussion Share this articlecenter_img ….Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming…..— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017 Share  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   US last_img read more

OutofState Votes May Have Flipped New Hampshire Election Says Vice Chair Commission

first_img Share US  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   A man casts his ballot inside a polling station just after midnight in Dixville Notch, N.H., on Nov. 8, 2016. (ALICE CHICHE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES) Share this article Show Discussion Out-of-State Votes May Have Flipped New Hampshire Election, Says Vice Chair Commission on Election Integrity New Hampshire’s same-day voter registration does not allow time for the state to assess voter eligibilityBy Joshua Philipp, The Epoch Times September 13, 2017 Updated: September 22, 2017 Out-of-state voters may have changed the outcome of elections in New Hampshire, where 6,540 people were recently found to have registered on the same day using out-of-state drivers licenses. In the battleground state, these votes would have been enough to determine a key 2016 election.The discovery was revealed by the Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Republican Shawn Jasper. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is also the vice chairman of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, published an op-ed on conservative news website Breitbart to outline the finding.Kobach writes that “facts have come to light that indicate that a pivotal, close election was likely changed through voter fraud on Nov. 8, 2016: New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate Seat, and perhaps also New Hampshire’s four electoral college votes in the presidential election.”Kobach writes there is now proof for long-standing anecdotal reports that “out-of-staters take advantage of New Hampshire’s same-day registration and head to the Granite State to cast fraudulent votes.”Theoretically, Kobach states, each of the 6,540 individuals “could have been someone who recently moved to the State and had not yet had time to get a New Hampshire driver’s license.”Under the local law, he notes, “a new resident has 60 days to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license.” If this were the case, however, “they would get their driver’s license no later than January 7, 2017.” Yet, in the recent finding, as of Aug. 30, which is 10 months following the local senate elections, “only 1,014 of the 6,540 same-day registrants who registered with an out-of-state license had obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license.”“The other 5,526 individuals never obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license. And, of those 5,526, only 213 registered a vehicle in New Hampshire,” he states.This means the remaining 5,313 voters did not obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license or register a vehicle in New Hampshire. At the very least, Kobach writes, “they have not followed the legal requirements for residents regarding driver’s licenses,” and “it appears that they are not actually residing in New Hampshire.”A few thousand votes were all that was needed to determine the 2016 election in New Hampshire. Kobach noted that in the 2016 Senate race, Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, won over the incumbent Republican senator, Kelly Ayotte, by just 1,017 votes.The presidential elections were also close among New Hampshire voters, where Hillary Clinton won by just 2,732 votes—which gained her an additional four votes in the electoral college.New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, a Democrat who also serves as a member of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, criticized Kobach’s Breitbart article. Gardner told NBC the elections recorded in New Hampshire were “real and valid.”New Hampshire is one of 15 states that allow for same-day voter registrations. The controversial system has its costs and benefits. On the one hand, it allows people to cast their votes at the last minute, without first needing to register. On the other hand, as Kobach states, “it does not allow the state time to assess the eligibility of the voter.”Since the state isn’t able to determine whether the individual can legally vote, that determination then falls on whoever volunteers to work the polling site. This includes taking dubious forms of identification, or sometimes merely taking the individual’s word that they’re a U.S. citizen and resident of the state who is eligible to vote.These factors have sparked other concerns besides voting by out-of-staters. Gaps in the system were demonstrated by Project Veritas in February 2016 and in January 2012, when it sent reporters wearing hidden cameras to polling stations in New Hampshire—which at that time also did not require voter ID—and used the names of dead people they had obtained from local obituaries.Project Veritas said in 2012, “in almost every case, saying a dead person’s name, we were handed a ballot to cast a vote.” When the undercover reporters offered to produce ID to verify their identities, in nearly every case, “we were quickly told it was unnecessary, and almost scolded for offering to show it.” Follow Joshua on Twitter: @JoshJPhilipp last_img read more

Parents of Missing 3YearOld Texas Girl Not Cooperating With Police Reports

first_img  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Church elder says Sherin Mathews’ mother is depressed. Says he can’t speak on behalf of the father, Wesley, arrested for child endangerment. pic.twitter.com/KELoc1jUS7— Allison Harris (@AllisonFox4News) October 8, 2017 Share “While he was waiting he did a little laundry and hoped that the light would come around and he could do a better check,” said Richardson Police Department Sgt. Kevin Perlich. “He elected to call the police shortly after 8 o’clock.”He’s now out of jail after posting bond and is wearing an ankle monitor, Fox reported. (Richardson Police Department) Parents of Missing 3-Year-Old Texas Girl Not Cooperating With Police: Reports By Jack Phillips October 12, 2017 Updated: October 12, 2017 The search for missing Richardson toddler Sherin Mathews is now in its sixth day. https://t.co/kjOOKeQcOS— CBSDFW (@CBSDFW) October 12, 2017 Richardson Police return to the area where missing 3-year-old Sherin Mathews was last seen. Appear to have found something. Not sure what. pic.twitter.com/pgr0DfAnyO— Larry Collins (@LarryNBC5) October 9, 2017 Sherin, an adopted child from India, would wake up in the middle of the night, Mathews said. The family would feed the child in the day and night. The girl also suffered from developmental disabilities, making it difficult for her to communicate.“So part of the feeding thing was to build some mass and put some weight on her so it wasn’t uncommon for her to have to be fed on a consistent schedule or as frequently as they could,” Sgt. Perlich was quoted as saying.According to CBS Dallas, the mother and father have hired their own lawyers.“She’s distraught over the loss of her daughter, Sherin Mathews,” Kent Starr, the lawyer for the mother, told CBS. “She does not know the whereabouts and all she wants is for her daughter to be returned.”The lawyer added that the girl would wake in the night to drink her milk.“Sherin did have a medical condition, and they have worked to get it under control,” the lawyer said. “Sherin did have an eating disorder.” The mother told officials that she was asleep when the girl went missing.The 4-year-old daughter of the couple is in the custody of a friend of the Mathews’s family. US News NOW: A Garland man saw news of missing Sherin Mathews, decided to check storm drains. “She could be right under us,” he says @FOX4 5:30/6pm pic.twitter.com/fBJjcPYFlQ— Alex Boyér (@AlexBoyerFox4) October 10, 2017 Share this article The parents of a missing Texas girl have stopped cooperating with police, according to Fox News.At 3-year-old Sherin Mathews’ home, police collected evidence this week, and they have searched the parents’ vehicles, phones, and computers. They also are looking at surveillance video from neighbors, officials said.Wesley Mathews, the girl’s father, was arrested on child endangerment charges after he reported her missing Saturday, Oct. 7. He told police that he left her outside at 3 a.m. as a form of punishment for not drinking her milk, but according to local reports, he didn’t call police until five hours later.Mathews told police that he went back inside thinking that the girl would return home. Show Discussionlast_img read more

Best Buy to Shut 250 Small US Mobile Phone Stores

first_img Best Buy to Shut 250 Small US Mobile Phone Stores By Reuters March 1, 2018 Updated: March 1, 2018 Patrons stand in line in front of a Best Buy store in Manassas, Va. on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, 2011. On Thursday, the big-box retailer reported a $1.7 billion fourth-quarter loss as sales slumped. (Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images) Share US News  QualityAuto 720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Best Buy Co Inc (BBY.N), the No. 1 U.S. consumer electronics retailer, on Wednesday said it will shut 250 small mobile phone stores in U.S. malls as it looks for ways to operate more profitably and turn around its business amid intense competition.The stores, which contributed just over 1 percent to the company’s overall revenue and 1 percent to its overall square footage, will be shut effective May 31.The mobile stores are each about 1,400 square feet (130 sq meters) while a typical Best Buy store occupies about 40,000 square feet (3,716 sq meters).The Minneapolis-based retailer said it will continue to sell mobile phones through its 1,000 U.S. big box stores and online. The decision does not impact the company’s 52 mobile stores in Canada.Best Buy began opening these stores more than a decade ago, before Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iPhone was launched and when margins in the business were high, Best Buy Chief Executive Hubert Joly told employees in a letter, a copy of which was seen by Reuters.“Fast forward to 2018 and the mobile phone business has matured, margins have compressed and the cost of operations in our mobile standalone stores is higher than in our big box stores,” Joly said. The company declined to disclose how many employees will be affected by the decision.The letter said Best Buy will help employees look for other jobs within the company over three months. It will offer severance to those who leave after May 31 and help them with an external job search.About six years ago, Best Buy struggled with plunging sales and shrinking profit as consumers browsed at brick-and-mortar stores but made purchases online, a practice called showrooming.Since then the company has tried to turn itself around by closing underperforming stores, improving customer service and competing with Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) by matching the online retailer’s low prices.Those efforts have helped Best Buy grow comparable sales at stores open at least a year in six of the past eight quarters. The company reports fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday.Joly said in the letter he felt confident about retaining customers and transitioning them to the company’s larger stores and website, adding 85 percent of Best Buy’s mobile stores are within three miles (4.8 km) of one of its big box stores. Recommended Video: How Doctors in China Turn into Murderers Share this article Show Discussionlast_img read more

QualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 Seconds

first_imgQualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video WILMINGTON/FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.—Rising flood waters threatened communities across the Carolinas on Tuesday as storm Florence menaced the U.S. Northeast with heavy rains and tornadoes after killing at least 32 people.Widespread flooding has already reached roofs, turned highways into rivers and left thousands to be saved by rescue workers. Waterways continued to rise on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.“Flooding is still going to be a concern into the weekend and into next week,” said Hal Austin, a National Weather Service meteorologist, noting there is a chance of rain for the region on Tuesday and Wednesday. “No more water, not even a drop, please.”At least 32 people have been killed by Florence, including 25 in North Carolina and six in South Carolina. One person was killed when at least 16 tornadoes developed from Florence on Monday in Virginia where dozens of buildings were destroyed, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported.People gather on a truck in floodwater People gather on a truck in floodwater caused by Hurricane Florence, now downgraded to a tropical depression, in Lumberton, North Carolina on Sept. 17, 2018. (Reuters/Jason Miczek)The dead included a 1-year-old boy swept from his mother as they tried to escape their car amid floodwaters. The woman had driven around barricades to reach a closed road, the sheriff’s office in Union County, near North Carolina’s border with South Carolina, said on Facebook. Forecasters warned heavy rains could cause flash flooding in the U.S. Northeast on Tuesday. As much as 6 inches of rain was possible in parts of the region, the NWS said.Structural DamageThousands of rescues have taken place in the two states and over 650 people were taken to safety in and around Wilmington, North Carolina, said Barbi Baker, a spokeswoman for New Hanover County. The city took a direct hit when Florence plowed into the state as a hurricane on Friday and has been largely cut off since then due to storm surges and flooding from the Cape Fear River.With 1,500 roads closed across North Carolina, fire and rescue crews were waiting to go into many areas to assist with structural damage after Florence dumped up to 36 inches of rain on the state since Thursday.“Road conditions are still changing,” the North Carolina Department of Transportation said on Twitter on Tuesday. “What’s open now may become impassable.”A cat clings to the side of a trailer amidst flood waters A cat clings to the side of a trailer amidst flood waters before it was saved as the Northeast Cape Fear River breaks its banks in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in Burgaw, North Carolina on Sept. 17, 2018. (Reuters/Jonathan Drake)More than 340,000 customers were without power on Tuesday morning, according to power companies, down from a peak of nearly 1 million outages.North Carolina had deployed around 2,000 boats and 36 helicopters to help people stranded in floods, the state’s director of emergency management, has said.The Coast Guard said it had 26 helicopters and 11 aircraft looking for people in trouble.Property damage from the storm is expected to total at least $17 billion to $22 billion, but that forecast could be conservative depending on further flooding, risk management firm Moody’s Analytics said.A power outage at a wastewater treatment plant in Wilmington resulted in partially treated sewage water being released into the Cape Fear River, said Reggie Cheatham, director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Emergency Management.Sewage releases in the Neuse River were reported as well as overflows at several hog “lagoons,” used to store waste from pig farms.By Ernest Scheyder and Patrick Rucker Share  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   The Latest Menace for the Carolinas: Rising Flood Waters By Reuters September 18, 2018 Updated: September 18, 2018center_img Share this article US News Show Discussionlast_img read more


first_img Share QualityAuto 720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video The suspect was later identified as Paul Askins, 61.Askins came out of the vehicle with a handgun pointed at deputies, said the sheriff’s office. “As he continued to advance out of the vehicle deputies shot Askins multiple times, fatally wounding him,” the office said.Askins had two active warrants out for his arrest in El Paso County: one for second-degree burglary and another for failure to appear.“The names of the deputies involved will not be released at this time. This is still an open and active investigation and some details of the investigation may not be released at this time,” said the sheriff’s office.The full video can be seen below (Warning: Graphic shooting footage):  Rewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share this article The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released videos showing the shooting of an armed suspect being shot by officers.The traffic stop happened on Aug. 31, at about 4:41 p.m. along Highway 85 in Douglas County, the sheriff’s office said. Officials pulled over a truck after it made an unsafe turn in front of them, the report said, adding that four people were inside the vehicle.Scroll down for more videos“The vehicle was occupied by four people, two adult females and two adult males,” said the sheriff’s office. “Upon identifying the driver, it was learned that she was the restrained party listed in a protection order protecting a male who matched the description of the right rear passenger.”It added: “The two females and one male, who was the front seat passenger, were cooperative with deputies, however, the male in the right rear passenger seat was uncooperative in providing his legal name.” Video: Police Shoot Armed Suspect in Colorado Traffic Stop Warning: Footage is quite graphicBy Jack Phillips September 18, 2018 Updated: September 18, 2018 US News Show Discussionlast_img read more

Taiwanese President Tsai Ingwen speaks during the

first_imgTaiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen speaks during the Indo-Pacific forum on religious freedom in Taipei on March 11, 2019. (Chris Stowers/AFP/Getty Images)  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share this article Asia & Pacific US and Taiwan Make Joint Efforts to Defend Common Values By Nathan Su April 3, 2019 Updated: April 11, 2019center_img News AnalysisSAN FRANCISCO—A new platform called the Indo-Pacific Democratic Governance Consultation (IPDGC) was officially launched on March 19.The platform aims to strengthen bilateral relations between the United States and Taiwan and helps defend freedom and democracy for the nations in the region. The IPDGC is a joint initiative of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).The platform was launched while the Western world has been expressing growing concern about China’s escalated efforts to penetrate and interfere with free and democratic societies.Stanford University recently published a report summarizing China’s penetration into American media, universities, think tanks, politics, and other parts of American civil society.The 200-page report, titled “Chinese Influence and American Interests,” states in its afterword: “Once largely a form of economic competition, China’s recent turn to military and political rivalry with the United States has changed the whole equation of the bilateral relationship.” Compared with the United States, Taiwan has expressed a more compelling need to protect its freedom and its young democracy.“Taiwan is the first line of defense in an ideological battle that is taking place in Australia, Japan, the United States, Europe, and in like-minded societies all over the world,” said Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu in his remarks to the World Affairs Council (WAC) in Los Angeles on March 11.Wu stated in his speech to the WAC that Taiwan “felt the brunt of China’s intensified campaign to subvert Taiwan’s democracy every day, through military intimidation, economic coercion, diplomatic assaults, disinformation, and political subversion, seeking to undermine our elected government and interfere with our elections.”The new IPDGC platform will serve “between Taiwan and the United States to defend and promote shared values of democracy, human rights, freedom, and good governance in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond,” Wu said at the opening ceremony of the IPDGC in Taipei. Taiwanese foreign minister Joseph Wu (L) and Director Brent Christensen (R) of the American Institute in Taiwan speak at the opening ceremony of the Indo-Pacific Democratic Governance Consultation. (Courtesy of San Francisco TECO office)The platform will also help the United States and Taiwan increase mutual cooperation and pursue “joint projects in the region that assist other countries in addressing the governance challenges of the day,” Brent Christensen, Director of the AIT, said at the ceremony.Christensen also praised Taiwan as a valuable partner for the United States in promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific region.The Trump administration has emphasized its steadfast and enduring commitment to advancing “a free and open Indo-Pacific through investments and partnership in economics, security, and governance,” stated a White House press release last November.The press release also announced that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence had led an initiative to cooperate with allies, partners, and regional institutions in the Indo-Pacific region to promote sound, just, and responsive governance.The Indo-Pacific region generally covers India, the United States, and major Asian democracies in the region, especially Japan and Australia.The Importance of TaiwanThe United States has had no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan since 1979, after President Jimmy Carter’s administration formalized U.S.-China relations. Taiwan has constantly been under pressure from China’s growing military and economic power.In a speech on Jan. 2, Chinese leader Xi Jinping said that “one nation with two political systems” is the basic strategy to unify Taiwan with China.The model of “one country, two systems” was created prior to the return of Hong Kong to China. Beijing’s leader hoped that the practice of the model in Hong Kong would pave the way for Beijing to unify Taiwan with China as well.However, many people in the international community have considered the model a failure in Hong Kong, since the level of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong has continuously gone downhill since Hong Kong’s return to China.During the 79-day Umbrella Movement in 2014, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents, including many high school students, took to the streets to protest for universal suffrage. Hong Kong authorities cracked down on the movement.Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen, in contrast to China’s Xi, has been promoting a “Taiwan consensus” ever since 2011, before she was elected.The Taiwan consensus includes freedom, democracy, human rights, and provides an alternative to the model of one nation with two political systems proposed by China.China has been the world’s second largest economic power by GDP since 2010. However, its economic growth hasn’t brought the Chinese people the freedom and democracy that the Western world expected. In particular, China still lacks religious freedom.“It seems that the Chinese government is at war with faith. It’s a war they will not win,” said Sam Brownback, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, during his visit to Hong Kong in early March.“The Chinese Communist Party must hear the cry of its people for religious freedom,” Brownback said.He spoke about groups in China that are persecuted for their faith, including Catholics, Muslims, Tibetans, and practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong.China and Taiwan, which have similar cultural backgrounds, contrast sharply in the area of religious freedom.Falun Gong was very popular in China before the Chinese regime started persecuting the practice in 1999. In Taiwan, Falun Gong is not persecuted and has steadily flourished.At the opening ceremony of the IPDGC, Christensen said that democratic values, fundamental freedoms, and human rights “belong to each and every member of the human race all around the world. They are God-given, universal rights. The failure of some governments to recognize this truth does not detract from it in the slightest.”Sun Yat-sen is honored as the founder of the Republic of China (now embodied in Taiwan), the first democratic republic in Asia, based on the values of the American founding fathers and traditional Chinese culture.More than a century later, Taiwan is at the frontline facing the strongest communist tyranny in human history. The small island nation with a population of 23 million is joining the leader of the free world in defending the common values shared by all democratic countries in the region.“Taiwan’s embrace of democracy shows a better path for all the Chinese people,” Vice-President Mike Pence said in a speech at the Hudson Institute last October. Show Discussion Sharelast_img read more

Brittany Hobson APTN News School is in session for

first_imgBrittany HobsonAPTN NewsSchool is in session for most kids this week.In Manitoba, more than 150 First Nation students are leaving their communities for high school and will spend the next nine months living and learning in Winnipeg.But this year, they’ll live in a brand new $24-million facility.bhobson@aptn.ca@bhobs22last_img

Petdalis pet wheelchair gives Lassie extra feet

first_imgI’ve had the good fortune of having pets at home, and during their growing years, I’ve seen their mischief getting them into trouble. One of my Alsatians was quite a perky guy and would love running and jumping the fences. On one occasion, I remember him injuring his hind leg and had to limp around for several weeks. Back in the days we didn’t have pet wheelchairs, and the one like Petdali’s pet wheelchair, would have been godsend. Although designed for pets with hind-leg disabilities, and with the ability to adapt to a growing pup, this pet wheelchair is not radically different than the ones we see in the market today, but is a refined version of them. The harness looks a lot easier to use and so it the construction of the back limbs straps. Comfort and adaptability being the key words here, I’m looking forward to seeing this in the market soon.Designers: hs2 studio and Kim Hyunsoec for PetdaliSharePinShareFlipSharePocket1.0K Shareslast_img read more

YD Handpicks 8 Potent Portable Power Banks

first_imgHow handicapped do you feel the minute your phone gives up on you because you haven’t charged it enough? You suddenly can’t call for help because when was the last time you saw a payphone on the streets? You can’t navigate home, because you don’t have a printed map. You can’t really book an Uber, so you need to settle for a taxicab (which only works when you see one pass by). Sounds rather unpleasant, doesn’t it? Well, we’re human. We forget to charge our phones sometimes, and that’s honestly why we have Power Banks. They’re the greatest smartphone accessories of all time. Here’s a look at 8 of our choicest, most uniquely capable juice-providers for that smartphone of yours!1. Mintyboost – Remember when AA batteries solved everything? Looks like an unsuspecting tin of Altoids on the outside, but flip the lid open and you’ve actually got yourself a Power Bank! The Mintyboost is a DIY kit (you get to build it yourself) that allows you to use two AA Batteries to juice up your phone. Any time you’re in a fix, just buy a set of batteries off the shelf and you’ve got all you need to charge your phone. Want to hack the system? Buy rechargeable batteries!BUY NOW2. LifeCard – Not Visa Power, but Battery Power! Honestly, the biggest grief I have against Power Banks is the fact that they’re so bulky and block-ish. I don’t carry them unless I have a bag with me, and that pretty much defeats their purpose, doesn’t it? LifeCard, unlike that massive power-brick, is the slimmest power-bank around. In fact, you could ditch your library card and slip this baby right into your wallet. Its 1500mAh capacity will give your phone a decent boost of battery power… Definitely enough to get you through half your day.BUY NOW3. Razer Power Bank – Raw, Hardcore Power Unleashed If you’re familiar with Razer as a company, you know that they don’t build gadgets for the faint-hearted. Everything they make looks and works like a beast, be it their gaming gear, or their workstations, or even their power bank. The Razer Power Bank may just be the most capable power bank of its size, because while the LifeCard above had 1500mAh of power, the Razer power bank has 12,800mAh of power with QUALCOMM Quick Charge 3.0… and guess what. It wasn’t built just for phones. The Razer Power Bank can charge your laptop too, via the laptop’s USB Type-C port! In fact, you could casually charge your phone AND your laptop and even a tablet all together at once!BUY NOW4. WeWow Gimbal Power Bank – Selfie and charging game on point The next power bank gets the award for being the most talented. It actually isn’t even referred to as a power bank because it does something more impressive. It stabilizes your phone. The WeWow Gimbal Power Bank is literally a gimbal that can charge your phone. Made perfectly for gripping onto any smartphone, the WeWow will give you perfect shots and the smoothest videos, eliminating all the jittering our hands usually do while moving cameras around. Oh, and it also charges your phone. Pretty neat, I’d say.BUY NOW5. Griffin Travel Power Bank – This power bank can be rather “handy” While I still believe the smartwatch industry is a load of hogwash (oh no he just didn’t), it has one rather unique application for which I’ll give it credit. Biometrics. The sensors on your watch can actively monitor your heart-rate, track fitness, and do all sorts of other things… but like all electronics, smartwatches can die on you too. The Griffin Travel Power Bank fits into that niche scenario with its Apple Watch charging capabilities. Small like a key-fob, the power bank slips right into your keychain, and uses wireless charging to juice up your Apple Watch (2 and a half times). However, it can’t charge your phones yet, but that’s simply because the smartwatch runs on a much less powerful battery than your phone.BUY NOW6. Solpro Gemini – Power from 93 million miles away What good would a list of chargers be without one solar charger? Solpro’s Gemini is a power bank all right, but rather than being machined out of the finest aluminum, it put surface functionality above surface finish. On the top of the Gemini lies a rather capable solar panel, supplying power to not just the 2800mAh power-bank, but your phone itself. And the entire external charger is phone-sized too, for extra convenience.BUY NOW7. Eton BoostTurbine – No power like manpower! Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred from a hand-crank to a phone, courtesy the Eton BoostTurbine. The next time you’re out of juice on your phone, maybe you could throw that useless fidget spinner and spin the hand-crank on Eton’s BoostTurbine to generate some battery power. While the BoostTurbine comes with a battery of its own, it can be topped off manually too, so no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ve got the power in your hands!BUY NOW8. FuelBox Ultimate Charging Station – Will literally take care of everything you need to power We’ve shown the Fuelbox a lot of love before, and left it right for the end here because for something that has the word Ultimate in its name, you have to leave it for the end! The FuelBox Ultimate Charging Station is just literally everything you need to power your electric/electronic gadgets. The product has a Multi Plug for a base (that plugs directly into your power supply) and a 5200mAh Lithium Ion power bank on the top that works with any smart-device. The power bank on the top is detachable, while the multi-plug base stays plugged into your socket permanently (the bank comes with magnetic snaps that not only hold the power bank in place but charge it too), allowing you to use it independently too. Cables for charging your smart devices are integrated into the design of the charging station, which means you won’t need to worry about forgetting cables, or having to deal with tangled cords. Multiple birds, one stone…BUY NOWSharePinShareFlipSharePocket2.2K Shareslast_img read more

Keith Manufacturing in the Heart of Jefferson County

first_img on February 20, 2014 Keith Manufacturing in the Heart of Jefferson County LinkedIn Pinterest E-Headlines Facebook By Story by Roland White CBN Feature Writer Email 0 Twitter Google+ From Small Beginnings in Madras Keith Manufacturing Grows to a Company with Five International SubsidiariesStarting in the 1950s Keith Foster built a company in the small farming community that now builds equipment used all over the world.  Madras can be proud of its history, especially when it comes to agriculture. Now more than fifty years ago the company that Keith Foster started in the heart of Jefferson County building farm equipment continues into the new age building innovative products that are used internationally in transfer and handling of large bulk materials.  Foster moved to Madras and started designing and building specialized farm equipment in a small workshop with only a few employees. By the ’60s Foster was designing systems to unload various farm crops efficiently and with minimum manpower. These early innovations eventually lead him to developing The Keith Walking Floor System in the early ’70s. This innovative design has become the standard in the industry for bulk transfer systems and are now used worldwide in agricultural and large volume materials applications.   KEITH Manufacturing Company is a family business with the second and third generation continuing the high standards established by founder Keith Foster.  Mark Foster is president and the company has 220 employees in six international locations including The Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Mexico, U.K. and Canada. The primary product is the WALKING FLOOR material handling system. It is used in a variety of semi-trailer applications, as well as custom-fabricated stationary systems to move a wide range of bulk products, such as waste, recyclables, biomass and agriculture products.” Not resting on its history Keith Manufacturing is moving forward into the future continuing to develop new materials handling equipment. Laura Crocker, media manager, reports, “We are seeing success with a new product designed to unload aggregate and asphalt, which is safer than traditional dump trailers used for road work. It’s called a  V-FLOOR system which efficiently unloads most rock-related products, including gravel, asphalt, sand and dirt. Keith also recently displayed the most advanced KEITH WALKING FLOOR system during the Texas Cotton Ginners Association yearly meeting and trade show.” Regarding the local economy Crocker says, “We are excited about 2014 and are looking forward to continued growth internationally, particularly inroads made in the Brazil and Korea markets. While the overall Central Oregon economy continues to lag a bit, it is improving. Recent expansions in Madras’s industrial park indicate slow, yet steady growth for Madras,“We hope to continue to create jobs, as that is an indicator that sales are increasing and the economy is improving.” Keith ManufacturingLocation: USA, Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands, UK,Spain, AustraliaKEITH Mfg. Co.  sales@keithwalkingfloor.comWorld Headquarters 401 NW Adler St. Madras, OR 97741800-547-6161 • 541-475-3802 www.keithwalkingfloor.com/contactCEO/Owner: President Mark Foster No. Employees: 220Year Established: 1950Product/Service: solutions for a variety of material handling challenges with its trailer applications and stationary bin systems. Custom engineered systems have moved loads from several tons to over 1,400 tons. Hot News: success with a new product designed to unload aggregate and asphalt, which is safer than traditional dump trailers used for road work called a V-FLOOR system which efficiently unloads most rock-related products, including gravel, asphalt, sand and dirt.Outlook for Growth: excited about 2014 and looking forward to continued growth internationally, particularly inroads made in the Brazil and Korea markets. Share. Tumblrlast_img read more

City of Redmond Hosts Forum for Developing Area around Ridgeview High School

first_img Google+ Share. By CBN City of Redmond Hosts Forum for Developing Area around Ridgeview High School Twitter LinkedIn E-Headlines Emailcenter_img Facebook on March 18, 2014 Tumblr Pinterest 0 On Wednesday, March 19 from 6:00-7:30pm at the Redmond City Hall, the City of Redmond will conduct a third public meeting to discuss the draft Redmond Southwest Area Plan being developed for the area surrounding Ridgeview High School. All citizens are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting to find out more about the planning process to date, to offer input and to find out ways in which they can help with this effort. Over the past year, the City of Redmond Community Development Department has been planning for the southwest portion of the city, including areas within the City limits, the Urban Growth Boundary and the Urban Reserve. For the past several months the City staff has been working with both a Citizens and Technical Advisory Group to prepare and refine plans. The planning process is at a point where the work of these groups, along with public input, has been refined into a draft planning document.  The overall goal is a comprehensive land use plan that integrates a variety of land uses with supporting amenities such as bicycle and pedestrian trails, parks, and schools.  The plan will include areas for single family residential neighborhoods, multi-family development, and mixed-use areas that will provide opportunities for small-scale neighborhood commercial uses to be developed in conjunction with housing. Additionally, there will specific goals, policies and design requirements created as part of the plan to further direct future development. Upon finishing the Southwest Area Plan, this portion of Redmond will be poised for future development that results in the creation of complete neighborhoods that are attractive, desirable and assets to the community. In order to have an effective planning process and develop a plan that is responsive to community needs, the process necessitates community involvement and public input. At the public meeting, the draft planning document, including land use designation maps and initial design concepts, will be available for review, along with opportunities to ask questions and provide comments to City staff and members of the Citizen and Technical Advisory Groups.  Please attend and help us in planning your community. Contact: James J. Lewis, Planning Manager, City of Redmond Phone: 541-923-7724 information: www.ci.redmond.or.uslast_img read more

Contractors Have You Read Your CGL Policy Your Coverage Might Surprise You

first_img Pinterest on January 6, 2015 Twitter 0 Facebook LinkedIn Share. Tumblrcenter_img E-Headlines By Kyle Sturm Ball Janik LLP Google+ Contractors, Have You Read Your CGL Policy? Your Coverage Might Surprise You Most people don’t read their entire insurance policies unless necessary—and sometimes, not even then. Worse yet, some people cannot even locate their policies when they need them. However, not knowing what your policy says can have devastating financial effects for you and your business in the unfortunate event you are sued for defects in your work.Liability policies (most often referred to as Commercial General Liability or “CGL” policies ) generally protect an insured faced with a lawsuit. In the construction context, CGL policies are designed to afford protection to contractors when claims are made against them for property damage caused by that contractor’s work (and oftentimes also that of its subcontractors). If you are sued for faulty workmanship or work of a subcontractor, a good CGL policy should cover the costs of attorneys to defend you, and provide coverage either to settle the lawsuit or pay a resulting judgment. However, a bad CGL policy could leave you with little or no coverage whatsoever.The insurance industry is very good at calculating acceptable risks, and determining the value (or cost) of those risks. This is generally how premiums are calculated. If you are asking your insurance broker for a “cheap” liability policy, you are probably going to get what you pay for.It is no secret that it rains in the Pacific Northwest. And many construction defect claims include damage caused by rain penetrating a building’s envelope. Despite this, some insurance policies include an endorsement limiting coverage to $25,000 for damage caused by water (including rain). In most situations, $25,000 doesn’t come close to the damages alleged in the lawsuit. Although you’ve paid premiums probably exceeding $25,000, the most you may get from your insurer is $25,000. This is not really worth the premiums you’ve paid.There is more than one example of an EIFS contractor (EIFS is short for exterior insulation and finish system, commonly known as synthetic stucco) obtaining a CGL policy thatexcludes coverage for any property damage caused by EIFS. So, what insurance did this EIFS contractor obtain for the premiums paid for this policy? Maybe nothing.There are additional examples where a contractor of a condominium building obtains a CGL policy that excludes coverage for property damage resulting from the contractor’s work on condominiums. What did this contractor obtain for the premiums paid over the years? Again, maybe nothing. These examples are only a sample of many. In many situations, reading the policy in the beginning would have avoided the problem.It is worth the investment of time to review your policy and to sit down with your insurance broker to understand what your CGL policy covers—and more importantly, what it doesn’t cover. When you need insurance, you should make sure that the insurance adequately protects you and your business. You also may be shocked that the cost of good CGL policies, that provide the coverage you need, are not as much as you may think.Kyle Sturm is an attorney in Ball Janik LLP’s Portland office. He focuses on complex insurance disputes on behalf of corporate and individual policyholders arising out of disputes with their insurance companies across the country. He is a regular contributor to Ball Janik’s The Policyholder Report and Construction Law Watch blogs, and is a frequent speaker and author of insurance-related topics.Contact Kyle Sturm at 503-944-6034, ksturm@balljanik.com. Emaillast_img read more

Celebrate Chance Party with Bright Side Animal Center in Redmond Oregon

first_img Tumblr By CBN Google+ E-Headlines Email Twitter Facebook on March 17, 2015center_img LinkedIn (Photo above: Chance and his adopter, Judy Anderson. Photo: Jerry Boysen, BrightSide Animal Center)In mid-summer 2013, BrightSide Animal Center rescued a severely injured pit bull who was found near death along a roadside. Thanks to thousands of concerned animal lovers in Central Oregon, across the country and even abroad, donations poured in. Because of those donations, BrightSide was able to provide the six months of intense medical care and rehabilitation that was required to save the life of this dog, named Chance, without diverting resources away from the many other animals in our care. Chance’s will to live made him famous.Many of those donors wanted to meet Chance, and now they can.BrightSide Animal Center will host a Celebrate Chance Party on Saturday, March 28, from 1-5pm at the shelter at 1355 NE Hemlock Ave. in Redmond, OR. Meet Chance and see what a happy, friendly and well-balanced dog he has become. He truly is a wonderful ambassador for the pit bull breed. He loves people!The party will include refreshments, photos, drawings and raffles, too.More on Chance is available at http://brightsideanimals.org/featured-posts/chance/.BrightSide Animal Center is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit, a high-save shelter dedicated to sheltering and rehabilitating animals, and equipping them for success in their next home.Contact: Sana Hayes, event coordinator, at 541-923-0882 or volunteer@brightsideanimals.org. Pinterest Celebrate Chance Party with Bright Side Animal Center in Redmond, Oregon 0 Share.last_img read more

Four Benefits of Online College Courses

first_imgFour Benefits of Online College Courses 0 LinkedIn Pinterest Email If you are considering going back to college, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider learning online. Online education is an especially good choice for business owners or other professionals who are trying to fit learning around a busy schedule. Learning online has become more and more popular recently, with a wider variety of courses available and more and more students signing up. We’ve put together some of the main advantages of opting for online learning rather than a traditional, classroom based course.FlexibilityWhen you do a degree from an online liberal arts university, for example, you will have a much higher degree of flexibility than you would if you were attending on-campus. This is because when you study online, you are able to design your own study schedule so that it fits around your daily timetable and works out well when it comes to other things that you do, such as working or looking after a family. Because online learning is so flexible and allows students to study where and when they like, it’s no surprise that this method of education is becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially amongst adult students returning to college.CostAnother of the main reasons why online learning is rapidly increasing in popularity is that for many students, opting for online study allows them to save money. With online learning often being priced at nearly a third cheaper than on-campus courses or in some cases even more, it’s no surprise that more and more students are taking full advantage of this opportunity to spend less and save more whilst at college. Along with lower tuition fees in general, online degree courses also tend to have less extra costs associated with them, for example, there’s no need to relocate to an area closer to campus, or pay for commuting to college.ResourcesOnline degree courses tend to have a lot going for them when it comes to resources, with many including all or nearly all the textbooks and other resources that you will need online. When you study for an online degree, there may well be no need to go to the library or buy textbooks thanks to the fact that today, many online colleges offer their students a huge range of online learning resources such as eBooks and e-journals.Course ChoicesWhen it comes to the amount of courses that are on offer, online learning has a very rich and diverse range. In recent years, online learning has gone strength to strength, with more online colleges launching and a range of colleges adding more and more courses to their online prospectus. Whether you are looking to take a degree in art or English Literature or want to get into the healthcare profession, or even if you are studying for a business degree as an entrepreneur, there is plenty of choice online.If you’re considering going back to college, these are just some of the main reasons why it’s a good idea to think about studying online. E-Headlines on September 27, 2016center_img Facebook By CBN Tumblr Twitter Google+ Share.last_img read more

How to Keep Cyberattack Encounters from Becoming Infections

first_img Pinterest on November 3, 2016 Facebook By CBN Email E-Headlines Share. How to Keep Cyberattack Encounters from Becoming Infections center_img Twitter Google+ Think your business is immune to cyberattacks? Think again. We may not realize it, but there is an invisible barrage of digital attacks hitting us all the time.In 2015, CBS estimated that internet users faced 1.5 million cyberattacks annually! “That number means there are over 4,000 cyberattacks every day, 170 attacks every hour, or nearly three attacks every minute.”The same article goes on to say that businesses were attacked nearly 17,000 times a year, averaging out to 46 attacks per day or two attacks per hour. Paranoid yet?It’s likely that you have faced dozens of attacks this week without even knowing it. Thankfully, there are safeguards to protect our web application security. For example, spam filters protect us from an onslaught of phishing emails and malware attachments every day; and antivirus programs sweep away digital bugs without us having to take any action.Of course, these systems are far from foolproof. Here are a few techniques to improve your web application security and prevent cyberattacks from becoming cyber infections.Breach Detection ToolsLet’s face it, breaches happen. According to TechCrunch, “among organizations with 5,000 computers, over 90 percent have an active breach of some sort at any given time.” The breach itself is a problem, but detecting and taking action in the few minutes or hours after are crucial to defending your most valuable data.Regrettably, very few organizations are using breach-detection technologies; meaning some of the worst symptoms of an attack aren’t discovered or even understood until month or even years later.Dropbox, for example, experienced a cybersecurity breach in July 2012. It was brought to the company’s attention after consumers complained they were receiving spam to email accounts only used for Dropbox. At the time the cloud storage company maintained that the breach was minor. However, the infiltration’s true scale was revealed in August of this year when it became apparent that more than 68 million account credentials had been stolen.Target, similarly, didn’t detect a 2013 breach that let cyber crooks make away with 40 million stolen credit card numbers until the U.S. Department of Justice notified the company months later.While it’s easy to blame the companies themselves (which are nonetheless victims in these scenarios) for missing these infiltration incidents, it’s not uncommon. According to research done by Verizon, less than 10 percent of breaches were discovered internally. The vast majority of incidents were discovered by law enforcement, fraud analysis or third-party investigation. In other words, far too late.The solution lies in speedy identification and disruption of a threat before it causes significant damage. To diagnose threats quickly, you need real-time information and analysis of security events as they occur.That’s why cybersecurity companies like Shape Security have specialized in advanced application cyber defense strategies to combat mobile and web application security threats. By understanding user behavior, many companies are learning to spot and deflect sophisticated automated attacks (including credential stuffing, content scraping or application DDoS) before companies are struck by fraud.Savvy cybersecurity companies are marrying big data with behavioral analytics to understand users’ behavior patterns to differentiate real people from malicious attacks. By combining this with an intimate understanding of how hackers operate, we are finally able to block attackers in real-time before more significant damage occurs.Detect & DisruptWhile you can reduce the number of cyberattacks encountered by avoiding suspicious emails, websites and downloads, the reality is that you are still being targeted dozens of times each day. Implementing the robust cybersecurity protocols above will protect your business from the most damning effects of infection. LinkedIn Tumblr 0last_img read more

KPOV Will Broadcast Live from Bend Roots Revival

first_img KPOV will broadcast live from the Bend Roots Revival on Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30.KPOV’s live broadcast of the Bend Roots Revival can be heard on KPOV 88.9 FM or live streaming on kpov.org, where the broadcast schedule and other information can also be found.KPOV broadcasts live from local music festivals as an important part of its service to the community. In addition to expanding the number of people who can enjoy live local music, KPOV’s broadcasts are a way to help local bands gain exposure as well as to promote Central Oregon’s community festivals.The 11th annual Bend Roots Revival takes place September 28-30 on Shevlin Hixon Road near the Old Mill. Bend Roots 2018 is a FREE community music festival featuring 120 acts & workshops–from blues to bluegrass; from funk & jazz to rock ‘n’ roll.KPOV is a listener-supported, volunteer-powered, nonprofit community radio station that broadcasts at 88.9 FM and live on the web at kpov.org.  KPOV is radio by the people and for the people of Central Oregon; strengthening arts, culture, community and democracy through independent, non-commercial radio. KPOV offers locally produced programs not heard on any other radio stations in the region, including civic affairs, election coverage, and the most diverse music programming in Central Oregon.Underwriting with KPOV High Desert Community is available and affordable for nonprofit organizations and local businesses. For a program schedule, underwriting information, to donate or to volunteer, call 541-322-0863 or visit the website at kpov.org. LinkedIn By CBN on September 27, 2018 Share. 0 Pinterest Facebookcenter_img E-Headlines Google+ KPOV Will Broadcast Live from Bend Roots Revival Twitter Tumblr Emaillast_img read more

Third Annual GraviCross at Mt Bachelor Brought an Array of Riders for

first_img LinkedIn Pinterest Facebook By CBN Third Annual GraviCross at Mt. Bachelor Brought an Array of Riders for One-Of-A-Kind Race Experience   (GraviCross 2019 | Photo courtesy of Mt. Bachelor)Mt. Bachelor, a POWDR company, proved that GraviCross has become an iconic event when it held the third annual race on Saturday, July 13. With 70 competitors racing for more than $15,000 in cash and prizes, GraviCross is an event that many in the bike community look forward to each year. The entire course is within view from the West Village Lodge deck, making this event a spectator’s dream with nearly three hours of non-stop action made up of six separate categories between men and women. Those wanting to be even closer to the action can join other cheering fans inside the 10 Barrel Beer Garden surrounded by the GraviCross course.“When we first started discussing the idea of adding a new bike event with 10 Barrel Brewing Company back in 2017, the vision was to do an early season bike event focused on downhill mountain biking, but there was too much snow on our upper mountain trails,” said Drew Jackson, Mt. Bachelor’s director of marketing and communications. “We put our heads together and came up with the concept of GraviCross, and designed a course that would allow us to run an exciting event at the base area, allowing for clear trails early in the season and a great view for spectators.”Best described as a gravity-inspired, cyclo-cross-style biking event, GraviCross is held on a one-of-a-kind course approximately one-third of a mile in length and attracts a variety of competitors from cyclo-cross and downhill backgrounds. After a stampede start, riders are on course for either 20 or 30 minutes, depending on their race category. While on course they navigate uphill climbs, downhill drops, some of Mt. Bachelor’s skills park features (or opt for easier yet longer ride-arounds), while also going up-and-over both the West Village Lodge deck and stage, all in an effort to see who can complete the most laps within their allotted time.“Each year this event becomes more exciting with more unique features and stoked crowds of spectators,” said Andy Goggins, 10 Barrel Brewing Company’s director of marketing.Massimo Larsen took home first place in Men’s CAT 1 and Emma Maaranen took first place in Women’s CAT 1, winning $1,500 each and a YETI Hopper Flip.gravicross.com Share. E-Headlinescenter_img on July 18, 2019 Google+ 0 Twitter Tumblr Emaillast_img read more