Apprupt: Analytics & Marketing for iPhone App Performance

first_imgThe Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Developers can create links for separate campaigns. Each campaign is tracked individually, and the resulting data can be used – much like the feedback from other typical direct response campaigns – to ditch unsuccessful efforts, adjust budgets to support successful campaigns, and conduct testing on which methods will yield the best results.Apprupt analytics apply to such media buys as online or mobile media, be they links or banners, as well as social media promotion on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or blogs. Interestingly enough, app optimization data is offered from Apprupt absolutely free, although premium features may be introduced in the future.For the time being, Apprupt supports iPhone and iPod Touch apps only, but support for other mobile operating systems is in the works. Tags:#Apple#mobile#web What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … jolie odell Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The App Store could be your goldmine or simply another dead end. Or the long tail could end up being where your mobile dev shop slowly turns a corner into profitability. But how do developers know where to turn for the fine-tuning that transforms sparse user interest into a robust business?Apprupt is a performance analytics shop focusing specifically on iPhone apps. They track the click-thrus and conversion rates for online and mobile links to iPhone applications, and they claim to help developers find the sweet spot where highly focused user targeting meets pure monetization. But how does the end-of-the-rainbow promise hold up?Especially for independent and solo shops, narrowing and enhancing marketing efforts is a smart economic choice. Apprupt gives developers the option to add a single layer into their creations in order to deliver marketing data across multiple sessions.Clicks, downloads, rates, and revenue are all available from the Apprupt dashboard:last_img

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