Red HillLinc combo gets you around the Skyway

(Summary)The Burlington Skyway Toronto-bound lanes remain closed tonight, after a dump truck crash Thursday afternoon. Structural engineers were on scene today, but before they can access the situation, there’s a lot of clean up to do.A full team of structural engineers was here today, but can do little until the mess is cleaned up. that will happen sometime this weekend.Astrid Poei, Transport Canada: “Clean up includes removal of damaged temporary scaffolding, vehicles involved in the collision and removal of damaged steel. At that point we will conduct a more detailed inspection and at that time we will know what has happened and any possible repairs that need to be conducted.”It was just after 3:30 on Thursday when a dump truck with its bed up, slammed into the top of the bridge.It’s been closed ever since, causing traffic headaches all across the region. The back-up on the Peace Bridge coming into Canada was more than an hour long today. Some American travelers trying to make their way to Caribbean Carnival in Toronto were caught off guard by the closure.“We didn’t expect the road to be closed. is there a detour or something?”“I’m just learning about this. I hope our GPS can accommodate this and we can get to Toronto.”There are a couple of different ways to do that.The primary detour is Eastport Drive off the QEW. You’ll then drive under the Skyway Bridge and over the lift bridge to the other side of the QEW.Or you could take Red Hill, to the Lincoln Alexander to 403 to the QEW.The third route is Burlington Street, to Wellington Street, left on Cannon to York and the 403 exit ramp.The final route is the highway 8 exit off the QEW to King Street to the 403.David Ferguson, city of Hamilton: “Until we know for sure from the ministry how long this closure will be in place people should expect long delays on the routes. As I have said before we are going to try to implement some timing changes to provide longer green cycles for those travelling west in the city but its still going to be congested for people trying to find their way.”The man behind the wheel of the dump truck has been charged with impaired driving. 34-year old Sukhvinder Singh Rai has also had his licence suspended for 90 days. He is to appear in court again on August 22nd.The Skyway will remain closed for the long weekend. Officials with the Ministry of Transportation will provide an update on Monday.

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