WorldPride Parade

The WorldPride parade in Toronto drew huge crowds this afternoon. This is the first time a North American city has hosted the WorldPride event.Roughly 12,000 people marched in this afternoon’s parade, representing all different cultures, nationalities and sexualities. Because this is WorldPride, and not just Toronto’s annual event, representatives from different countries carried flags from their homelands.The regular cast of characters was here as well Dykes on Bikes led the parade on a throng of motorcycles.There was plenty to see, but most remarkable was the diversity in both the parade and the crowd. people came from all over the world to celebrate, some of them from places where being gay isn’t okay.“It’s definitely a culture shock, I mean being gay in Venezuela is not legal, so seeing so many people out here being out and proud that’s always nice,” says Natalie Soto.“Everyone is taking part in Pride and it’s just amazing,” says Robert Zuromski. “In Boston we are lucky to have a culture that everyone takes part in it, but Toronto has been so welcoming as a city for us.”

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