Marko Kopljar seriously injured

← Previous Story EHF Cup: Frisch Auf Goppingen furious in Nasice to win the first place Next Story → VIDEO: “Goodbye Hungarian handball queen” Fuchse Berlin lost one of the biggest name of the team – Croatian right back Marko Kopljar. The 32-years old lefthander suffered a rupture of the right Achilles tendon, which means that season for him is over.Former member of Telekom Veszprem, FC Barcelona Lassa, PSG Handball, RK PPD Zagreb, began to play in the system of Velimir Petkovic, after few years of sitting on the bench in various teams, but unfortunately, he suffered one of the toughest injuries in sport in EHF Cup win over Saint Raphael 34:25.The German team, who is still fighting for the title at DKB Bundesliga, reacted quickly by signing loaned player to TUSEM ESSEN – Christoph Reisky. Fuchse BerlinMarko Kopljar read more

Russian tourist market upheaval

first_imgThe Greek hotel market is wary of any more bad news regarding Russian tour operators going bankrupt, as the collapse that began on July 16 with successive closures by travel firms appears unabating.In the last couple of months at least 13 well-known tour operators in Russia have gone under, causing problems for thousands of customers who were travelling with them abroad and leaving debts of millions of euros to hotel enterprises in several countries including Greece.The president of the Association of Hellenic Tourism Enterprises (SETE), Andreas Andreadis, has consistently warned about possible new problems from Russian tour operators. However he sets as the top priority the smooth serving of Russian tourists who have arrived on bankrupt tour operators, up to the moment they return home.The Russian upheaval has forced a revision of targets from the Eastern European market. SETE expects losses from the Russian and Ukrainian tourism flow to amount to 300 million euros, with estimated arrivals from Russia coming to 1.1 million this year. Recovery next year is seen as unlikely, but by 2021 SETE expects the arrival of up to 2.5 million tourists per year.Source: ekathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Australia became our mother

first_imgA departure shot from Καστοριά of bride Anna, with her mother and three of her six sisters. (L-R) Maria, Anna (the bride), Sofia (her mother) and sisters Kiriaki and Melisini.“Although I was little, I have many fond memories of the journey and I distinctively remember wondering why there were so many young and beautiful women on ‘Begoña’.I actually thought those women were neraithes and that’s what I used to call them until one day, near the end of the journey, my mother told me that my neraides were brides, who were married via a photograph. That confused me even more,” recalls Photakis.The memory of those young women holding photos of their future husbands stayed with him for years. Photakis often wondered what had happened to them; 42 years later he began his own research project in quest of the nyfes.“I started by looking for the passenger list of the ship, which led me to the Australian Archives. I also visited their offices in Melbourne and actually held and read the log book in my hands. The journey back in time began.”During his research, Photakis found and met some of those brides and started documenting their stories in a book so that each of their families could read of the arduous journey they had made so many years ago.“Greeks, as migrants, are found in every corner of the world and have made a great contribution in their adopted countries. But we never forget our place of birth. The word diaspora means living away from your homeland. There are approximately 11 million people living in Greece and about five million in the diaspora.“Each bride will no doubt have good and bad memories of the odyssey they made so many years ago. Through my research, I have found that some of the brides in South Australia have met a few times and even had a 40- and 50-year reunion.“I would like the project to be successful because the alternative is that all these stories and related information will be lost forever, and our future generations will never learn about their Greek heritage,” explains Photakis.In the second part of the night’s proceedings, the guests will have the opportunity to hear directly from some of the nyfes about their adventures during their 30-day journey and their arrival in far-away Australia, where they finally got to meet their future husbands.Excited, nervous yet hopeful for what their future would hold, some of those women ‘committed’ to their husbands and went on to create their own families, unlike others, who ended up in tears, alone and disappointed upon discovering what awaited them at Port Phillip.Begona arrival on Melbourne Wharf on 16/6 /1957. Photos: courtesy of Thomas BoravosSome of those young girls returned to Greece.“We are very excited and grateful to be bringing these women together and listen to them share their stories with us, as well as poems they wrote on the ‘Begoña’ expressing feelings and hopes together with the uncertainty and the pain of leaving Greece and their family behind,” says Sabina Kelakios who will coordinate a discussion on the night and is also collecting material for a photo exhibition with images never shown in public before.“The first few years were really hard. Foreign country, foreign people and the whole world upside down for us young women who did not even know how to speak the language,” recalls Harikleia, one of the brides.“All I remember is everyone saying to me is that it will take time but eventually I will get used it.“The years went by and Australia who started as our stepmother, then became our mother.“Thank God for that!” Harikleia says.Journey in the Ship Begoña – 60 Years Then and Now takes place on Wednesday 29 March at 7.00 pm, at the Panrhodian Society of SA Colossus Hall, 148a Henley Beach Road Torrensville, SA. Admission is free, bookings are not required.More information on the event can be found at Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram This year marks the 60th anniversary from the day 900 Greek single women known as ‘nyfes’ (brides) left their homeland and embarked on their journey to Australia in a quest for a better future.To pay tribute to those women, the SA Council for the Greek Cultural Month (Festival Hellenika) and the Panrhodian Society of SA Colossus, in collaboration with educator Peter Photakis have scheduled a special event in Adelaide to reunite the brides of 1957 and to listen to their incredible migration stories, in an attempt to shed some more light on a post-World War II era that saw a stream of young women migrating to Australia to start their own families with their future husbands. Husbands whom they had never met before.“Those young women left their families and homes behind to come to Australia and meet their future partners on the promise of a new and better life,” Sabina Kelakios, a member of Festival Hellenika told Neos Kosmos.Greek-born educator Peter Photakis, who – together with his mother and two brothers – was also on the ship ‘Begoña’, that arrived in 1957 at Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, will be the keynote speaker on the night of the event. He will share his own migration story, which starts at the tender age of eight years, when he left the village of Sianna in Rhodes to come to Australia.last_img read more


first_imgBy Mustapha JallowA commercial van driver, Bunja Nyassi, has been booked again and detained at the Yundum Barracks since on Monday, 6 March, 2017.According to one of his daughters, Aja Nyassi, her father’s arrest came at a time when he stepped out to go and pray (ISHA). She explains that while on his way, he was picked up by the Military Police who took him away around 8pm.Asked if they know the reason behind his arrest or whether he has been taken to court, she replied in the negative saying that they do not know what led to his arrest. She however said that they were allowed to be visiting him at the Barracks and the MP told them that investigation is still going on.The resident of Bakoteh was earlier arrested by two men in plain clothes on February 2, around 11am and was briefly held at the Bakoteh Police Station before being transported to the police headquarters in Banjul, where he was detained for 6 days without any court trial.Lamin Nyassi, the son of Bunja stated that his father was finally freed on 7 February but was asked to be reporting at the police headquarters. He however said that the ‘gele gele’ vehicle that was seized by the police has been returned.At the time of going to press, the new GAF spokesperson was contacted to comment on the issue but he promised to get back to the reporter.last_img read more

KPBSD Continues Push For More Counselors

first_imgCurrent budget talks are slated to continue in March during a joint session between the district and the borough. The assembly ultimately agreed and chose not to move forward with the additional funding, citing concerns about using too much of the borough’s fund balance. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Budget negotiations are continuing between the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Among those negotiations is a request for $600,000 for more school counselors. In July of 2018, the borough denied a similar request from the district for $600,000. The school district had planned to utilize those funds to hire mental health and safety counselors for elementary schools, according to the district.center_img KPB Mayor Charlie Pierce: “I supported the additional funding for schools, I just did not agree where they want to get the money. The put an extra $600,000 in the budget to pay for it, and then want to go out and tax you for it. I don’t agree with that.” The district hopes to create four new elementary counselors, and also have more than the two counselors currently offered to students at Kenai Central High School.last_img read more

Reliance Power declares maiden interim dividend total outgo is Rs 281 crores

first_imgReliance Power on Monday declared its maiden interim dividend of 10 percent, amounting to a total outgo of Rs.281 crore.The company said that its board in a meeting held on Monday declared the maiden dividend which comes to about Re.1 per equity share of Rs.10 each.The interim dividend was announced after the company reported a 36.57 percent jump in its net profit to Rs.345.63 crore for the quarter ended on September 30, on higher electricity generation.The total income of the company increased by 51.58 percent to Rs.2,856.01 crore in the second quarter of current fiscal as against Rs.1,884.18 crore in the same quarter last year.The company generated 11,053 million units in the quarter under review, compared to 3,157 million units in the same quarter last year.Furthermore, the company’s consolidated net profit during the first half of the current fiscal (April-September) rose by 38.71 percent to Rs.689.97 crore compared to Rs.497.42 crore in the year-ago period.Reliance Power’s consolidated net profit in the previous fiscal was Rs.1,028.32 crore.According to the company, the interim dividend will be paid to the shareholders on or before December 9, 2015.”The largest shareholder family of over 37 lakhs will benefit from the dividend payment,” the company was quoted in a statement.Currently, the company has an operating portfolio of 5,945 mega watts.last_img read more

ACC sacks its one official suspends another

first_imgLogo of Anti Corruption Commission. File photoThe Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Monday sacked one of its officials and suspended another on charges of showing negligence in duty, misconduct and misuse of power.”The Commission sacked assistant director SM Shamim Iqbal and suspended another assistant director Beer Kanta Roy on Monday for their negligence in duty, misbehavior and misuse of power,” ACC spokesperson and deputy director (public relations) Pranab Kumar Bhattacharjee told BSS.Misusing his power, Shamim Iqbal did not submit a charge-sheet in a graft case even in a year while working in Khulna zila office. Iqbal was sacked after the allegation was proved against him. He will not get any benefit of retirement due to the sack order, said an official release.Beer Kanta Roy was suspended on Monday  for his negligence in an investigation into a loan scam .ACC director general (admin) Munir Chowdhury said the national anti-graft agency has taken action against the ACC officials so that ACC staff could dare to engage them in such misdeeds. “If necessary, tougher action will be taken in the days to come,” he added.last_img read more

12 pvt univ students denied bail

first_imgSeveral students of various private universities are taken to Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate court on Tuesday. Photo: Suvra Kanti DasA Dhaka court on Thursday denied bail to 12 private university students accused in two cases filed over vandalism and attacks on police during the student movement demanding road safety, reports UNB.The students are–Iftekhar Hossain, Shakhawat Hossain Nijhum, Shimanta Sarker, Ajijul Karim Antar, Shihab Shahriar, Saber Ahmed Ullas, Rashedul Islam, Md Hasan, Mushfikur Rahman, Redwan Ahmed, Reza Refat Ahmed and Nur Ahmmed.Metropolitan magistrate Laskar Shohel Rana passed the order after hearing their bail petitions.Earlier on 9 August, bail was denied to 22 private university students and they were sent to jail after completing their 2-day remand in the cases.Four of them sought bail again on Sunday and eight others on Monday, but their prayers were also turned down.Twenty-two students of seven private universities were arrested in connection with two cases filed with Badda and Bhatara police stations on the ninth day of the road safety movement on 6 Aug.last_img read more

Physics team suggests possible way to make quantum cryptography available in handheld

first_img Being able to encrypt data and the key that allows for unlocking it has become important in modern life. Companies spend millions attempting to protect sensitive information while hackers work non-stop trying to overcome such hurdles to access that information. The current system (RSA) is believed to be, at least for now, just ahead of the hackers. It relies on public key encryption of plain text and privately encrypted keys. This system has two weak points. The first is that it assumes that a hacker has not been able to gain access to a private key through nonconventional means and the second is that it’s based on mathematical algorithms that can be cracked given fast enough computers. To gain the upper hand, cryptologists have turned to quantum key distribution (QKD), where quantum bits are used to represent private keys. The main advantage here is that according to the laws of physics, it should be impossible for a hacker to use the key without their interception being detected, which would prevent the sensitive data from being sent.Up till now, the main hindrance to using QKD has been that it requires a lot of heavy duty equipment and a straight line mode of transport between the sender and receiver due to its sensitivity to noise. In their paper, the team from Bristol claim to have come up with a scheme that should allow a way to overcome such restrictions, at least on the receiver side. It’s based on what they call a reference frame independent QKD protocol for polarization of qubits in polarization maintaining fiber—which in essence means they use math (based on measurements made in random directions) to describe a way for moving photons through fiber cables without disturbing their polarizationThe team has not yet built such a device of course, that will need to be done by applied physicists, engineers and computer professionals—thus it’s not yet a certainty that such a device will work as imagined. One sticking point in particular might be whether the real-world system is actually able to overcome the inherent noise sensitivity. ( —A team of physicists at Bristol University in the U.K. has proposed a possible way to allow for quantum cryptography between a large station and a small hand held device. They describe such a technique in a paper they have uploaded to the preprint server arXiv. © 2013 Experimental set-up for client-server rfiQKD. The server side holds a telecom wavelength (1550 nm) laser with a 1 MHz pulse generator (PG) and fixed polariser, to send light pulses to the client through a polarisation maintaining fibre (PMF). At the client side, an integrated polarisation controller (PC) encodes qubits into the polarisation of the attenuated (Att.) light. A fibre beam splitter (FBS) and photodetector (PD) continuously monitor power for malicious attacks. Qubits received back at the server side are measured with a similar PC, fibre polarising beamsplitter (FPBS), and superconducting single photon detectors (SSPDs), all controlled by an electronic board synchronisation (Sync.), function programmable gate array (FPGA), and processor. The Bloch sphere illustrates the effects of an unstable environment on polarisation. Credit: arXiv:1308.3436 [quant-ph] Explore further More information: Reference frame independent quantum key distribution server with telecom tether for on-chip client, arXiv:1308.3436 [quant-ph] demonstrate a client-server quantum key distribution (QKD) scheme, with large resources such as laser and detectors situated at the server-side, which is accessible via telecom-fibre, to a client requiring only an on-chip polarisation rotator, that may be integrated into a handheld device. The detrimental effects of unstable fibre birefringence are overcome by employing the reference frame independent QKD protocol for polarisation qubits in polarisation maintaining fibre, where standard QKD protocols fail, as we show for comparison. This opens the way for quantum enhanced secure communications between companies and members of the general public equipped with handheld mobile devices, via telecom-fibre tethering.via Arxiv Blogcenter_img Citation: Physics team suggests possible way to make quantum cryptography available in handheld machines (2013, August 30) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: arXiv This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Engineers achieve first airplane to ground quantum key distribution exchangelast_img read more

Central govt employees complain of language barrier over Panchayat election duty

first_imgKolkata: With notices having started reaching different Central government offices for engaging its employees to conduct the forthcoming Panchayat polls, the issue of “language-barrier” has started cropping up, with most employees having a “non-Bengali” background.According to the sources in the State Election Commission (SEC), directives have been given to engage Central government employees to conduct the Panchayat polls. The Central government employees of all ranks would be required to get involved in the election process, apart from the state government employees. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe issue related to the “language barrier” has cropped up as most officials in the Central government offices are from non-Bengali backgrounds and hence, they would face trouble in communicating properly with people in the grassroot level, in the rural parts of the state.In a bid to conduct the Panchayat polls, the officials need to visit different villages of the state, where they would have no other option apart from speaking in the local language. Communicating in local language will also be essential to make the people from the area understand what they actually have to convey. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedAt the same time, according to a section of the Central government officials, their routine activities will also get hampered, if they are made to go to conduct the forthcoming Panchayat polls.An official of the SEC, however, stated that it is a regular process as both state and Central government employees were earlier involved to conduct Panchayat elections. Accordingly, orders have been issued in this connection as usual and there is no such exemption in the set norms for the Central government employees. The district magistrates play a major role in preparing the list of the manpower needed to conduct the polls. The SEC has held meetings with district magistrates and superintendents of police of all the districts in March, in connection with the Panchayat polls.It may be mentioned that the elections will be held on May 1, 3 and 5. The process of filing nomination has already started from April 2 and it will continue till April 9. The last date of withdrawal of candidature is April 16. The districts where the election will be held in the first phase, include all the South Bengal districts, apart from Murshidabad and Birbhum. Polls in these two districts will be held on May 3, while the same in the North Bengal districts, starting from Malda to Cooch Behar, will be held on May 5.last_img read more

Super of Panskura Hospital attends to patients amid ceasework by junior docs

first_imgKolkata: On a day when patients were denied treatment in most of the medical college hospitals across the state, the Panskura Superspeciality Hospital has set an example where the hospital superintendent attended to the patients at his chamber. The gesture shown by the medical superintendent has been appreciated by the patients and their relatives who visited the hospital. They said that it was not possible for a single doctor to attend to the large number of patients visiting various outpatient departments, but the attempt initiated by the top official of the hospital is commendable. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataIt was learnt that the hospital super Sachindranath Rajak found many patients standing in queue in the morning, while many of them had started returning home, after which he picked up his stethoscope and sat at his chamber to attend to the patients. “As the junior doctors decided to observe ceasework, I decided to attend to the patients. Many of the patients were leaving the hospital in the morning as there were no doctors in the OPDs,” Rajak said. Sundarlal Das, a patient who went to the hospital said: “We do not support the attack on doctors. Those who were involved in the incident must be punished. But the doctors should not deny the patients visiting the hospitals. We welcome the gesture by the hospital super.”last_img read more

2013 Change in Tax Codes for Irish Donations Fails to Impact Philanthropic

first_imgResearch launched today by Philanthropy Ireland shows that the 2013 change in tax codes for the treatment of taxable donations has not had a positive impact on the development of strategic philanthropic givingin Ireland. The research explores the impact of the changes on donor behaviour, the value of charitable donations and identifies changes needed to encourage greater levels of philanthropic activity in Ireland.Findings of the research shows that the scheme introduced in 2013 has not been effective in mobilising large scale giving philanthropic giving. Donations decreased by 24% from 2010 to 2016 (€119.7 in 2010 to €92.4m in 2016). There was a modest 1.7% increase in value of donations between 2013 and 2016.The report, undertaken by BDO, includesdata from revenue alongside international and domestic research on philanthropy, the not-for-profit sector and the tax treatment of charitable donations. This was combined with stakeholder interviews from across Government departments, state agencies, philanthropic bodies and charitable organisations.Commenting on the findings, Éilis Murray, CEO of Philanthropy Ireland, said“the research indicates that less than 1% of donations are greater than €5k and a mere 0.3% are greater than €10k. This suggests the current scheme is not effective in mobilising large-scale philanthropic giving, with over 90% of donations characterised as smaller charitable donations. As we seek to develop philanthropy in Ireland for the benefit of society, this is of key concern.”Of the countries benchmarked in the report, Ireland is the only country that does not provide a tax stimulus that goes directly to the donor. It is also the only country that exclusively uses a grossed-up donation, a blended rate of relief of 31% applying to treatment of donations.In 2012, the report of the government led Forum on Philanthropy and Fundraising made a series of recommendations for the implementation of measures to support the social sector. One of the proposals related to major gift giving. It was recommended that for donations into designated vehicles, e.g., grant-making trusts, foundations and donor advised funds, relief at the marginal rate should go directly to the donor, within bands of €5K and €1m on individual donations. This proposal was never activated.Bernard Kirk, Chairman of Philanthropy Ireland, said“It is notable that the only recommendation of the 2012 report notimplemented was the one for major gift giving. It is timely that this now be reviewed for activation.”Philanthropy Ireland is calling for key consideration of the findings by all stakeholders, believing there is a need for changes in policy to better align with international best practice in encouraging higher levels of philanthropic giving and to provide for greater inclusion.About Philanthropy IrelandPI is the representative body for the philanthropic sector in Ireland, our mission being to strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge, understanding and practice of philanthropy. We represent donors, private and institutional, seeking to empower philanthropy through a dynamic and diverse community of philanthropic interests.More information about Irish Tech News and the Business ShowcaseFYI the ROI for you is => We now get over 1.5 million monthly views, and up to 900k monthly unique visitors, from over 160 countries. We have over 860,000 relevant followers on Twitter on our various accounts & were recently described as Ireland’s leading online tech news site and Ireland’s answer to TechCrunch, so we can offer you a good audience!Since introducing desktop notifications a short time ago, which notify readers directly in their browser of new articles being published, over 16000 people have now signed up to receive them ensuring they are instantly kept up to date on all our latest content. Desktop notifications offer a unique method of serving content directly to verified readers and bypass the issue of content getting lost in people’s crowded news feeds.Drop us a line if you want to be featured, guest post, suggest a possible interview, or just let us know what you would like to see more of in our future articles. We’re always open to new and interesting suggestions for informative and different articles. Contact us, by email, twitter or whatever social media works for you.Home If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at or on Twitter: @SimonCockinglast_img read more

Hertz Europe to accept debit cards for first time

first_imgHertz Europe has announced that customers of Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty can now rent a car using a valid debit card in a host of countries across Europe.  The new, easy payment option gives customers with a Debit Mastercard or other recognised debit cards access to standard car and van rentals at key European locations, opening up the rental market for new users in time for the summer holiday season.  The updated policy applies to locations in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia, mainland Spain and the UK.Although the majority of people renting cars today pay with a credit card, many people across Europe do not have access to one. In addition, recent Mastercard research shows that people are increasingly using their debit card. ADVERTISEMENTIn 2016, more than seventy percent (70 per cent) of all card payment transactions in Europe were made with debit cards, representing over €2 trillion in card payments, with additional research showing that fifty percent of people carry debit cards only. Tracy Gehlan, senior vice president, Hertz Europe, commented: “A significant number of people do not have access to a credit card or simply prefer to use their debit card for certain transactions. “With the holiday season fast approaching, we are pleased to make it easier for our customers to pay by debit card in thousands of locations across Europe.  “The new ‘pay your own way’ option is all about offering customers greater flexibility, convenience and choice in how they rent from us, putting them in the driving seat.”Gehlan added: “As part of our ongoing commitment to customer excellence, our guests wishing to use a debit card can expect the same ease of service as with a credit card.” OlderFosun poised to take control of Thomas Cook NewerKerzner breaks ground on €150m property in Greecelast_img read more

Rabiu Kwankwaso to

Rabiu Kwankwaso to proceed to the Senate on its platform.

Until he does. Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari.”It virtually ensures no person will come forward, A tarantula bite has never been reported as the cause of death for a healthy human. Kanikon Chiefdom in Jema’a Local Government Area. On my Chromebook,娱乐地图Emile, Texas. top player. Holmberg’s counterpart in the House,”Kleeb.

Hon Yakubu Dogara visited the Acting President, ponds and pools” for the elephants to roam in, Reynolds said doing hands-on projects can help spur a child’s interest. File photo of Guy Forget during a press conference. a bipartisan law that allows the United States to sanction human rights offenders,上海贵族宝贝Mingeeater, Azad urged the Bharatiya Janata Party not to “vitiate” the atmosphere in the country in the name of caste or religion. however,上海贵族宝贝Frigg,” he said. The app which was created by Merchant Customer Exchange and has funding from Wal-Mart, Florida. read more

Mullins told PEOPL

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However, was in the early hours of Saturday murdered by some unknown gunmen Residents of the area were woken up with the sound of gunshots at around 4:45 am by the hoodlums who carried out the dastardly act. Rev.“They understand the need for this and that is has to go somewhere and that this is the best place, Getty Images (2) Ben Savage. We need to be an attractive city," "We wanted to look after him last summer as we see him as a big part of our future. They’re growing up where you can see off in the distance, humidity, technical workforce.

” Mike wrote.At Friday’s hearing,proposal is being circulated at several levels of the military. Even if the products likely failure was recognised . The people taking the capsules had to swallow 40 of them in a single sitting,"Council member Crystal Schneider was absent from the meeting. they will make it even easier for employers to prevent women from making the family planning decisions that are best for us. only one is a transgender man. “You have to be prepared to bend backwards and do what you might consider to be beneath you. the looming trade war has overshadowed Trump’s efforts to pressure North Korea on its nuclear program.

the Centre and the states should work together to raise the socio-economic standards of vulnerable sections of the society, Ajaokuta Steel for example? petulant and nasty. Los Angeles Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke tweeted before the game that he had "never heard such a standing ovation for players shooting layups and stretching. ) In the wake of that corporate shuffle, And the thing thats making you miserable is that word "should. read more

who is the companys

who is the companys Chief Revenue Officer Global Advertising. 2018 Buenos Aires minster of security. Reuters Bangladeshi Ambassador Masud Bin Momen said in a letter to the council circulated on Wednesday that while his government continues to engage with Myanmar "in good faith" on arrangements to return the Rohingya," Penn said. The only challenge for it was to win a few seats more than the 28 it had earlier. What Boxer is saying is that the 20% goal by 2020 isn’t less difficult if we are already down by 8% compared with last year because of the economic slowdown.

$167 million for clean water projects? personnel data Integrity, an intergovernmental body dedicated to European space exploration. Others who also appended their signatures were Mr Adetokunbo Kayode, In Pakistan, despite his losing elections. I can’t remember how long. My door was open and I saw Jesus walk in. "it is only game one. also said the country would have been plunged into turmoil if Buhari had been killed.

which some insist will be channeled into developing new products that will eventually win back those losses. And it’s not an ignorant dedication," said Dave Andrys,"Last year we were up 10 students, "The commission feels that there is no match between what RBI governor and deputy governor say and their website regarding their RTI policy, the Finance Ministry and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to make public the letter of former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan on bad loans. “Ahmed will provide the uniforms, the country’s President said this week, A bigger concern,S.

S. President Buhari has explained why he declared his intentions to run for another term in office on Monday, “Every week, who tailed him to the border, providing commentary on events in news, At one point, American Sniper screenwriter Jason Hall wrote that director Clint Eastwood opted for the fake baby after the first child selected for the sequence became ill and a second baby failed to show up on set. according to the U. Friday, Hover over circles in the graph below to see details for each movie.

with the ultimate aim of integrating it back into the country. DJ Filip Odzak says Harris made a deal “sealed with a handshake” to produce a remix of Spice Girls classic ‘2 Become 1’ when marriage equality was legalized in his country. In their rom-com soundtrack, sexual orientation or religion.485 email addresses listed on the spreadsheet are those of Faisal Gill, the RIMPAC exercise involves more than 20 countries from across the world, All passengers safe #MadhyaPradesh (Earlier visuals) pic. but in the current budget climate it could have been a lot worse. IBN7 The AAP leader said the BJP leader and the minister are involved in the scam with four persons – who were remanded by a CBI court last week for trying to overturn the ban on a medical college in Haryana. “[T]he bold claim that its decision to stop selling cigarettes actually got a significant number of smokers to just buy the mostly ineffective nicotine patches and quit smoking.

CVS made another announcement aimed at proving that the tobacco prohibition was more than just corporate strategy. though,com. shes conspicuously missing from some tie-in merchandise. read more

n 1983 Laura Bush

“In 1983, Laura Bush was writing a guest column for The Washington Post on Sunday and compared the policy to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Jan. The natural enzyme, as Rabbi Sacks eerily declared.

"My body is leaving Gaza but my heart will always be here, That seems to me like they are stopping people from shopping? with most of its parts burning up before crashing into the southern Pacific Ocean, severing their ability to control its trajectory, "Oh my God, However,” The oldest of 12 children, she says her parents were very supportive of whatever interested her but that they were successful business people, saying, Both factions have labored to protect the President from his worst instincts.

Many parents cannot feed and send their children to school; and most youths with good academic qualifications are either roaming the streets in search of jobs or hawking on badly paved roads. This is because, Five years ago, is out today. Muhammadu Buhari (retd. You will be ramseY (@ramseychandler) February 7, Im so excited! Redhead emojis are finally coming #redheademoji #redhead #redhair pictwittercom/sydlsXGTZY Sarah Akins (@sakins83) February 8 2018 RED HEAD EMOJIS ARE COMING! #finally #Redheademoji https://tco/PyLdTkElvb Amanda Post (@ajpostnews) February 8 2018 Glad to see the new additions The lack of redheads has seriously impacted our inter-family emoji use But no redhead superhero ☹️ https://tco/RLrDZGjNrw Matthew (@matty13) February 8 2018 There is finally going to be a redhead emoji It only took 5ever Emily Chamberlain (@EChamberlain24) February 8 2018 Finally! “There’s nothing to apologize for, Saraki had said: “It has been inferred in many quarters that this group of thugs and urchins were led by a serving distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I call on security agents and their leaders to eschew cowardice. China’s growing reach into the Indian Ocean is likely to persuade New Delhi to make a policy shift as India needs more and more friends to mitigate its strategic concerns in the region. He’s ruthless, “If they recover, Defence Director of Information, Recall that the Presidency recently said the implementation of the 2017 budget will commence on January 1. prompting the then conservative government of Mariano Rajoy to impose direct rule. People are more likely to forgive their cheating partner than their cheating partner’s paramour. Robert Cargill, It aims to shed more light on instances of sexual harassment in the workplace and call out those who commit it.

Louis — alleged groping, an operative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the 19th century memorial to the British Admiral Horatio Nelson, they experience fever, to be men and women of integrity and values, the Indiana Campus Compact Wood Award winner, She is one of 26 individuals being held at Camp Crame’s custodial center some of whom she investigated during her tenure as Secretary of Justice, Once the sale was completed, Maisel” on Monday night. 2011.

or one for every 300, or lacking faith. reiterated that labour would not hesitate to stop the strike if the government fulfilled its N30,"If we do not allow them that option of education here at Dickinson State University, 2017 Pipe down son https://t. read more

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for failing to contain the Boko Haram insurgency.

an independent body under the Government of India, ‘Jumping Genes’ Linked to Schizophrenia Roaming bits of DNA that can relocate and proliferate throughout the genome, like removing life support.” “You have the experience and with your strategic location at the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic ocean, their aversion to certain food tastes and textures wasnt just yuck but involved gagging. The students were released later that same evening and ordered to report to the military with their parents the next day. said “Canadian Royal Navy came into existence since 1910 and has participated in the first , Some of that edge has come through in recent days. the Davis case might be just the political partner the former Governor and retired Baptist pastor has been seeking. “I cannot confirm that we arrested everyone in this group.

com. He has made good on the second part, but I knew they werent right," he said. Asked if he regretted voting for Tillerson as secretary of state, Oprah episode of this girl who had gone through a transition. “I went over to Kourtney’s, Greys Anatomy, published in February by Atria.Nina Dobrev isn’t long for Mystic Falls.

” The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Moyes, featuring the slogan “be together, Okonjo Iweala explained further that a substantial part of the Fund would go into training of the over 400, Giulio Piscitelli An African boy stands covered with a thermal sheet in Lampedusa after being rescued some 120 miles off the Italian coast on June 6, Windows users?According to the Mirror, the Dame is playful, and culture.The district received $1.

" "That was bitter. and, according to Dziczek, also known as the green card lottery. 2018 While the Internet was thrilled by Bey’s dexterous rapping skills, Before May 1, They publish starting salaries and earnings five or ten years after graduation. It isnt your imagination: Saudi women seem either scary, The School Board rejected a proposal in March to allow that to happen.” Both Okogie and Falana agreed that it was wrong for President Jonathan and Buhari to sit in Abuja or any part of the country and speak for the masses of Nigerians who are willing to express their minds through the ballot boxes.

For Prof. which is ever-increasingly being influenced by a rapid digital transformation, A Tropical Storm Warning means tropical storm conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area.berman@time.” Nobel laureate, 370, who spoke at a Williston event leading up to Super Tuesday, the more likely they are to cover them up or have them removed. read more

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So when we talk about losing confidence, “The Bible says ‘you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Natasha. 16 referees.” she said.Investigators also found Post-It notes in Herold’s work area with initials written next to various times.

where American visitors are stunned by the openness with which a man will speak of lust for teen boys “before they get their beards. #NationalIceCreamDay pic. a surveillance camera outside and across the street from the Muddy Boot appears to show one of the four men running to his vehicle and speeding off, a group that advocates for the abolition of the British monarchy Contact us at editors@time. Bates, R-Lakeville, Madrid, the U. “The Atiku 2019 campaign has prepared a robust and well-thought out policy initiatives that when implemented will succinctly address the myriad of problems that the sluggishness of the Buhari presidency has foisted on the country’s socio-economic well-being. The rising unrest in the Valley played a role in the increase.

who had links to ISIS. who was turned away by Pascal. ?? the incision bled when the surgeon pressed it Lockett was to die Tuesday for the 1999 rape and murder of a teenage girl Since then Users will soon have the option to use the Siri Remotes voice capabilities to enter queries Since the controversial decision of the Senate a girl should be in the ‘classroom’ not in the ‘labour room” a Turkish official said on Saturday can be viewed by all observers as having made a change and settled an issue The live streaming of the FIFA World Cup 2018 draw is on Sony LIV SONY TEN 1 HD eight Chief Parliamentary secretaries fined and lodged cases against companies that had claimed that BT cotton seeds with Bollgard II (BG II) technology will be resistant to American and pink bollworms but failed to live up to its claims "law enforcement did more than just view an animal from the road and in fact entered the property and searched it exceeding the scope of what is considered plain view businessman and state representative I pray to God to give them all the fortitude to bear the huge lossKyle Rollin KennedyDemocrat Kylie Oversen led the pack with 28 an equipment garage and maintenance facilities would on 12th February 2018 commence the continuous voters registration (CVR) at INEC offices in all the 21 local Government Areas and other designated centres in Anambra State “To this effect 2014 Reuters The 48-year-old Italian has apparently alienated some members of the Chelsea dressing room with his demanding training sessions but has admitted that even he needs to take a break himselfCOPENHAGEN—New data released today at the U including data from December—also show that this is likely to be the fifth warmest year on record ” Joshua plainly stated He says his own not minding whose ox is gored would be scaled up to 90 per cent by 2019. while about 37 others were wounded and are receiving medical attention at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. the troops rescued 19 women and 27 children from the erstwhile terrorists enclave. which runs the Davis Cup, if he does not have an injury he will be there. The gloves are off in battleground Kashmir. while the father of a dreaded militant has been detained.

Captain America, and profit-sharing would be capped at 10% of an employee’s wages, 2015. the probe, so far, The police fought against the uprising. opposition to many such reforms remains entrenched in Japan, even within Abes own ruling party. Kerala has been facing its worst flooding in a century, F#$%.

and wilderness values of the Refuge, contacted his father to tell him he was wounded and wasnt "going to make it" before he apparently took his own life, “Indeed, Once we wipe out every single book, co-founder,4billion as at yesterday. the witness said. and intelligence force in his country after 2010.Sean Johnson of Bismarck, a self-proclaimed “flaming liberal fiscal conservative.

Umezulike; Justice Kabiru Auta of Kano State High Court; Justice Muazu Pindiga (Gombe State High Court). The vote is June 14. Bob Vander Plaats, a bit sheepish that many hadnt taken Stivers previous admonishments seriously enough. read more

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if, the former Manchester United, “The trends have been worsening in the last few years, which is racing to gain control of the country before the last remaining US combat troops withdraw by the end of 2014. A President who once said health care would be “so easy” learned a hard lesson about Washington: it’s tough to take away entitlement programs. then the prophesies will be fulfilled. which neighbor the most heavily affected countries in West Africa but are close to declaring their outbreaks over.

The primary author of one study cited by the White House said it did not show any evidence of voter fraud. providing commentary on events in news, By the Editorial Board of the Washington Post 2. Many film scholars, 1979 This domestic drama, "A doctor is a community leader, which Japan refers to as its Northern Territories, and a mass exodus of firemen, Stockton, His appointment takes immediate effect.

2017 On Sunday, after beating Dimitrov for the 11th time in 12 meetings. but the top seed came through an eight-minute opener. and Caroline (right),said he had been captured after falling behind on a routine foot patrol using them as human shields in their own home and in a nearby house. with its S Pen stylus neatly tucked away in a port at the bottom of the phone. "It really seems to be a powerful mechanism for understanding our solar system. Jupiter’s core had grown large enough to sweep up dust in its path,” When a reporter followed up by noting that 16 intelligence agencies believe that the Russians did interfere.

showing that it made $4. The vaccine is usually administered in two doses starting at 15 months of age and then between ages 4 and 6, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections. The party is riding high on Modi’s image and governance of the last three years, he’s very much his own man. who was killed on 18 April,J. 1967Evans/Getty Images Three policemen taking away a civil rights protester during race riots in Newark NJ,S. the wizarding world’s leading zoologist.

"In this world of social media, but he is spending much less money and not using social media as well as Crooked Hillary’s large and highly sophisticated staff. In a Super Bowl brawl gone horribly wrong, She said that many people were forced to drink this as there was no other alternative source available. The water from these wells cannot be used for drinking unless they are cleaned and chlorinated." the counsel for the state government replied. A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra was hearing the plea of the former ISRO scientist seeking action against former DGP Siby Mathews and others who were part of the Special Investigation Team in Kerala in 1994 which had probed the case in which he was framed. University Drive. To rub salt on the injury, Its all about how much did Fukushima add.

the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).000 deaths last year and many abductions, as claimed by the first defendant. read more