Watch Les Miles act out famous scenes from Silence of the

first_imgThis isn’t a career path any of us saw The Mad Hatter following after he was let go from LSU in 2016, but more power to him for living his dream. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Call me crazy, but when I saw Les Miles lift the crystal ball as LSU won the 2007 national championship, I turned to the person sitting next to me on the couch and said, “One day we’ll watch him perform the fava beans scene from ‘Silence of the Lambs’ as he launches a second career as an actor.” If you don’t believe me, you can ask my guest that night: Count Chocula.Okay, that didn’t happen. But we do live in a world where the former LSU coach is launching a second career as an actor, and he shot a video with showing off his acting chops.Take a look.last_img read more

April 6 2015On April 7 2015 the ASU JULIE ANN WR

first_imgApril 6, 2015On April 7. 2015 the ASU JULIE ANN WRIGLEY GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF SUSTAINABILITY is hosting “Paolo Soleri, Beyond Form” film at the Harkins Valley Art Theater on 509 S Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ 85281.This cinéma vérité style documentary presents a fresh look at the genre and ground-breaking architect Paolo Soleri. He remains largely unknown outside of architectural circles, but his legacy as an artist, builder and urban theorist is staggering. Narrated by actor-activist Peter Coyote, Aimee Madsen’s documentary takes a close look at Soleri’s origins and lifelong labor of love–called Arcosanti, set in the unforgiving desert outside Phoenix, Arizona.Aimee Madsen, the film’s director/producer, will lead a post-film discussion with Roger Tomalty (co-writer/director of Paolo Soleri Studios) and Mary Hoadley (Arcosanti site coordinator).View trailer here.Free parking is available at the Brickyard Parking Garage. Bring your ticket and the theater will validate.Attendees are encouraged to bring their eWaste to this event. Any electronic item that has a cord or takes batteries can be recycled. Potential items include: cell phones, mice, keyboards, monitors, old computers, alarm clocks, chargers, and any media such as cds, disks, flashdrives, and film.Tuesday, April 7, 2015 Doors open 6:30 p.m. Showtime 7:00 p.m. Harkins Valley Art Theater 509 S Mill Ave Tempe, AZ 85281RSVP Now »last_img read more

Starz Play Arabia Starz Play Arabia is launching A

first_imgStarz Play ArabiaStarz Play Arabia is launching Arabic content on its SVoD platform to complement its Hollywood fare.Starz, which launched in 17 territories in the region a year ago, will bring about 1,000 hours of Arabic content to the platform, according to Saniel Jesse Bates, CCO, speaking on a panel session at TV Connect yesterday.Bates said that ninety per cent of subscribers to the platform are Arabic speakers. Saudi Arabia is a key market with high demand for Hollywood content.He said Starz had tried not to become “all things to all men” by focusing primarily on Hollywood content rather than introducing packages targeted at expatriate and migrant workers. “We wanted to create strong clear positioning and we’ve added Arabic content to complement that,” he said.Addressing the challenges of SVoD in the region more generally, Bates said that an SVoD subscription could work in the Arabic region by adding value and delivering a high quality user experience, including delivering everything in HD.He said Netflix’s entry into the market had been positive for all players, making people aware of the SVoD category. “We saw a large lift in our numbers as a result of Netflix coming in,” he said.Bates said Netflix’s offering was two dollars more expensive than Starz, and faced a number of challenges.“One of the challenges they have is that their full service is not subtitled for the region,” he said, adding that Netflix was also challenged by its lack of rights to key properties. He said that Starz had not seen a significant impact on the price of rights as a result of Netflix’s entry. The latter had however made the company more aggressive in searching out key rights that it wants to tie down.Bates said that carrier billing was key for SVoD players as other payment methods were not common or were not trusted. “About 40% of our customers are coming from carrier billing. This is something Netflix will have to adjust to too.”Bates said that mobile across the region is predominantly pre-paid. However, about 80% of people sign up on their mobile phones, even though many watch the content on their TV screens. “The dynamics vary market by market,” he said. “But the number of people who come to us via mobile sign up has been surprising.”Samer Abdin, co-founder and CEO of rival SVoD service Istikana, speaking on the same panel session, said that his service had, in contrast with Starz, launched with a primary focus on premium Arabic content. “Pay TV is dominated by Hollywood and sports. In the Arabic content space, how to attract customers is about a combination of breadth with a large range of multigenre content and things that are hard to find on FTA, and convenience and quality,” he said.Samer said that the availability of legal content was the best way to tackle piracy. “VPNing is huge, but now Netflix has launched. If HBO did the same no one would access the US via a VPN to pirate it. As more content becomes available legally, the level of piracy will go down,” he said. He said legal attacks on piracy have a very limited impact, because people always find a way round restrictions and only a few players are every prosecuted.Samer said that Netflix did not have a full catalogue of content for the region, with House of Cards being owned by OSN, for example. He said that people who had been aware of the whole Netflix catalogue through VPNs were aware of how restricted the Netflix local catalogue was.Samer said that billing was an issue across the region, with few people having access to banking or ATM cards in many territories. He said that content discovery as well as sign up was often via mobile. Consumption of the service is about 50% via mobile devices and 50% via the TV.last_img read more

In This Issue   Rate Differentials to narrow

first_imgIn This Issue. *  Rate Differentials to narrow? *  Gold sees attempt to recover fade. *  Chuck’s kiss o ‘death is still alive. *  ECB meeting to disappoint once again? Bullard Throws A Cat Among The Pigeons! Good Day! .  And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to you! The skies are a Tub Thumpin’ this morning, as we get pelted with more rain. The temperature is supposed to rise to 77 today, which puts us smack dab in the middle of the high chances of a tornado that would come out of the storms today. So, for all the local folks, if you here the warning sirens, head to the basement. Tornadoes are nothing to mess with! When I look out at the currencies and metals this morning they appear to have been scattered about by the bad storms too! Yesterday, after signing off, Gold took off for higher ground, and before you could say, “look at Gold”, it was up $15, and looking like it was ready to head back to $1,300. But that euphoria didn’t last, as Fed Head James Bullard decided to throw his two-cents into the discussion on interest rates. Well, St. Louis Fed President, James Bullard, really lathered up the markets a bit yesterday, and caused some slippage in the currencies & metals VS the dollar by saying that he expects a rate hike in the first quarter of next year.  This is 3 months ahead of the most aggressive interpretation of Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s “considerable time after QE has ended”..   It’s important to note that Bullard is a non-voting member this year, but if that’s how he feels now, imagine when he is a voting member next year!  But once again, I think the Fed Heads are being overly optimistic. And I address this later today, with a quote from Richard Duncan on the Fed’s Tapering.  I still believe that strong economic growth is far from given. and in fact I think it’s a pipedream.  But in either case, this comment by Bullard sure acts as a wakeup call for the markets. So, at first, when the markets got all loosey Goosey about Yellen saying that rates would rise after some considerable time after QE ends, that was fine. Let them be wrong! But now they are carrying this rate hike talk into the rate differential discussions, and that would be funny if it weren’t true!  But now the markets are saying, “that with interest rates in the U.S. going higher (as if that were written in stone) the rate differential to the Antipodean currencies will narrow. And therefore they see that as a reason to sell the Antipodean currencies! UGH!  For those of you new to class, the Antipodean currencies are those of Australia and New Zealand.  And now you know that I’m a lazy writer, in that I would rather refer to the two currencies with one word, instead of 5 words! HA! So, I hope you see what I’m saying here. the markets are already thinking that interest rates are going higher in the U.S. sooner than later (Chuck thinks later, and when they do they’ll soar higher, but let’s not let that get in the way of our discussion!) and therefore the U.S. dollar should be bought. Hmmm. Oh well, I think this too will pass, but for now, we have to let the kids play outside! And before we go on, it’s important to tell you about another non-voting Fed Head who differs in opinion with Bullard. Fed Head Williams who I’m told is a non-voting member this year, but. and that’s a big but and no I’m not going there again!  I’m also told that he used to work for Yellen at the SF Fed.  So the thought here is that maybe he has an inside to Yellen. Anyway, Williams said that “it makes no sense to start raising rates in the 2nd Half of 2015, and that the Fed needs to keep rates well below the historic norm of 4% even into 2017.”   WOW! Now. in my best Andy Rooney voice. Ever Wonder why Bullard got all the press, and Williams not a mention?  I think you know what I’m saying here, so I’ll just move along, for these are not the droids we’re looking for! The euro lost about ¼-cent yesterday, and is flat this morning ahead of the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting, that’s taking place as I write. Remember last month when the markets were convinced that ECB President Draghi, would announce additional stimulus, and I said “hogwash”? Well, who was right then? That’s correct it was little old me! HA! Well, this month, there are still some naysayers to the Chuck way of thinking and they are standing still with their thoughts that additional stimulus is coming from the ECB. Again, I say hogwash! Not now, anyway! Things are not dire in the Eurozone, Germany, the Eurozone’s largest economy, is seeing their economy grow, unemployment drop, and exports remain high, so you have to take a flyer on the additional stimulus in my opinion. So, the weakness in the euro the past two days, will most likely be a thing of the past once we get through today’s ECB meeting. The recent data from the U.K. has really been disappointing, especially given the strength of the data leading up to recent reports. I kept telling you all that the U.K. was not that strong! The recent report that confirms weakness is back is the services data which was very disappointing.  And then good old Mark Carney, you know the new Bank of England Gov. and former Gov. of the Bank of Canada, he of the bag of promises that never get out of the bag, is seeing what I was seeing. Carney told a newspaper that “There’s slack in the labor market that needs to be used up before policy makers raise interest rates.”   So, the pound sterling backs off its previous lofty levels, that were falsely pumped higher by shaky data. And as usual, Chuck puts his kiss of death on a currency by talking glowingly about it. Yesterday morning, I told you all about the 6 month moves in the Indian rupee, only to see it get whacked overnight, on what Bloomberg calls “technicals”.  You know, when a currency reaches a certain point on a chart that tells traders that they need to sell.  Long time readers know me, and I’m not a chartist, but I believe that in conjunction with fundamentals they can be useful at times. This is one of those times that I don’t think they are useful. So, maybe this whacking  is a good opportunity to buy at cheaper levels than prior to the whacking! Man! I just felt the building move! The light standards overhead are swaying back and forth, it must be a real doozy of a storm outside! Talk about scary! You know when you’re sitting in a chair in a building and you feel like you need to reach for the Dramamine that things are getting weird.  OK. my phone just said there’s a tornado in the area and that I need to take shelter, I’m going to step away for a minute. In my best Arnold voice. I’ll be back! China tried to address the economic slowdown in the country by announcing that they will introduce a package of measures to support the economy. The package includes: railway spending and tax relief.  And in concert with that announcement, the Chinese also pushed their currency, the renminbi / yuan, down this morning. With the first couple of days this week showing the Chinese allowing appreciation of the renminbi / yuan once again, I thought maybe their “teaching the markets a lesson” was over, and we could get back to the task at hand, which is an appreciating renminbi / yuan. But I guess not!  I guess the lesson is not over! Another BRIC currency, the Brazilian real, saw some love yesterday after the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) hiked rates again, this time 25 Basis Points (1/4%) to an internal Selic rate of 11%… Of course that’s nowhere near where deposits get paid interest, but the point is that rates moved higher again in Brazil, as inflation continues to be a real problem in the country. I would have to think that the BCB is getting pretty close to tying the rate hikes into a bow. So, the real might be left to its own devices. and left to my own devices I probably would.  No wait! Didn’t mean to go all Pet Shop Boys on you this morning! Well, yesterday the U.S. Data Cupboard was good to the economy by printing a stronger than expected Feb Factory Orders report. Factory Orders for Feb grew 1.6% VS a -.7% in January. I guess the “bad weather” that affected everything else in February wasn’t at play here, eh?  So, good for Factory Orders. Unfortunately, the New York regional manufacturing index fell from 57 to 52 in March.  The ADP Employment Change for March printed at 191,000 jobs created, missing the target of 195,000 but the miss was small, so for the folks at home keeping score, this was a good report. not great, but good. Today, we’ll see the Data Cupboard yield the Feb Trade Balance (read deficit!) The Usual Thursday Weekly Jobless Claims, and the Challenger Job Cuts year on year for March.  And then tomorrow is the day the markets have been waiting for. the Jobs Jamboree that will show once and for all that the previous months bad reports were damaged by bad weather! Well, that’s what the markets think so far. Well, before I head to the Big Finish, I wanted to comment on a story that hit my email box yesterday from the WSJ, stating that, “for the FIRST TIME within General Motors, executives will be told of vehicle safety problems when they are first reported.”    In the words of a local car dealer, Are you kidding me?  I just cringe when I hear stuff like this, don’t you? I mean going back to the tech scandals, Enron, and so on, until now, you have to question why, foreigners would look to buy U.S. assets given all these things that continue to be revealed.  Investors here in the U.S. have grown comfortably numb to the scandals and just keep buying.  Need I say more? For What It’s Worth. I need to do some building of this story first, so here we go. Long ago I read a book by Richard Duncan called “The Dollar Crisis”   It sealed my beliefs of the dollar’s future, and when many people over the years would ask me what book should they read to get them started, I would tell them about this book.  Since then I’ve read “The New Depression”  and “The Corruption of Capitalism”  by Richard Duncan. All well worth someone’s time to read.  So, seeing that my friend, Bill Bonner, quoted Richard Duncan yesterday certainly caught my eye and led me to relaying that quote to you this morning, dear reader! First of all I need to tell you about Bill Bonner’s new letter titled: Diary of a Rogue Economist.   And can be found by clicking: And then Richard Duncan talking about QE. “Duncan expects the coming quarter to produce a record of excess liquidity. The Fed is still pumping liquidity into the market at the rate of $65 billion every month. Meanwhile, it is tax time, so the government’s needs for borrowing will be relatively low. And according to Duncan, the difference between the available liquidity and the need for it in the regular economy has to go somewhere. But after this quarter, the outlook changes. The Fed is scheduled to wind down QE by the end of the year. And the federal government’s rosy budget scenario will begin to fade – meaning more government borrowing. That means the third quarter is expected to produce only a slightly positive excess of liquidity. And in the fourth quarter, says Duncan, the excess turns into a shortage. If the Fed persists in its plans to taper QE, in other words, the third quarter will likely see a selloff in the US stock market. This will give the Fed’s forward guidance a kick in the rearward quarters. Instead of continuing to taper, the Fed will panic. Its entire theory of life… its philosophy… and its sacred religion will be challenged. In its view, credit, prices and stocks must ALWAYS go up. “ Chuck again..  I see that Richard Duncan is in line with my call that the tapering of QE will be stopped this year. To recap.  Fed Head James Bullard threw a cat among the pigeons yesterday by pushing the envelope on the timing of the first Fed rate hike. The markets are now taking this newfound feeling that interest rates in the U.S. are going up, to the currency and metals markets, and talking about narrowing rate differentials to the Antipodean currencies, and so on. Chuck believes this is all gobbledygook, but you have to let the kids play outside. Currencies today 4/3/14. American Style: A$ .9240, kiwi .8545, C$ .9080, euro 1.3765, sterling 1.6590, Swiss $1.1275, . European Style: rand 10.6455, krone 5.9835, SEK 6.5110, forint 223.15, zloty 3.0315, koruna 19.9510, RUB 35.55, yen 103.90, sing 1.2625, HKD 7.7575, INR 60.20, China 6.1520, pesos 13.12, BRL 2.2682, Dollar Index 80.25, Oil $99.20, 10-year 2.80%, Silver $19.79, Platinum $1,434.25, Palladium $785.25, and Gold. $1,282.80 That’s it for today. Well, yesterday was our Antione Lawrence’s birthday, and while I knew it before I started writing, I had a brain drain while writing. So, Happy Birthday Antione!  I want to thank Cheryl Harper and Jessica Witt, for baking me birthday cakes that were brought in yesterday. I’m always gone on my birthday, so these two got together and decided to bake me my fave cakes for when I returned. A Pineapple upside down cake, and German chocolate cake were so delicious! Then the desk sang Happy Birthday to me, even though it was Antione’s Birthday! I truly appreciate the attention for my birthday, that for the past 6 years I’ve looked forward to so much. Well, it appears that my beloved Cardinals left their bats with hits in them, in Florida, for they’ve only scratched out 8 hits in two games. UGH!  And thoughts and prayers are needed for the folks at Ft. Hood, where a 2nd shooting in past 5 years took place yesterday. So sad.  And with that, I’ll get out of your hair for today. I hope you have a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday! Chuck Butler President EverBank World Marketslast_img read more

Reports have surfaced that tout replacements to pl

first_img Reports have surfaced that tout replacements to platinum and/or palladium. However, these are mostly research projects and are at least two to three years away from commercial viability (some will never make it). It’s quite the dilemma. One of the major reasons we’re so bullish on platinum group metals—palladium, in particular—is because of the intractable problems with supply. But most of the producers are backed into corners, with few options for improving their outlook. There’s simply no way for these metals to avoid a long-term production deficit due to the deep-seated problems with the companies that produce them. So, how to invest? Since we’re talking about profiting from a metals bull market, we could just buy bullion—and we have indeed recommended doing so to our readers. But to really maximize your leverage to the upside (and avoid more risky futures and options), a stock in a company that produces the metal is normally the way to go. Unfortunately, as above, the pickings are slim. For us to invest in a PGM producer, the company would have to be: Outside of South Africa and Russia. The problems with miners in both countries are numerous and difficult. Making money. Many producers are not profitable at current prices because production costs are so high. And they won’t come down when the strikes end—they’ll go up, due to higher wages. Have a strong growth profile. We want a company that can capitalize on burgeoning demand, which would add further leverage to our investment. Have strong management (of course!). The last thing we want is a team with no experience navigating a volatile market such as this. Does such a stock exist? It’s a tall order, but it turns out that the answer is: Yes. The company we recommend in this area meets all the criteria above—and is the safest speculation in this space. We consider it so safe, in fact, that we just “graduated” it from the International Speculator to BIG GOLD. How’s This for Leverage? This profitable mid-tier producer is perfectly positioned: it’s not so small that we’re purely speculating on some uncertain game-changing event, and yet it’s small enough to generate much larger share price gains than would be possible for one of the major mining companies. On the other hand, it’s big enough to catch the attention of mainstream investors. Here are seven reasons why we’re excited about this company and the leverage we think we’ll get by owning shares… #1: Big, High-Grade Assets The company has two distinct but closely related mine sites. These alone will support the company’s growth for many years. However, only nine miles of an estimated 28 miles of known mineralization has been developed between them—essentially one-third of one giant mineralized structure. Management thinks it has an additional 102 million tonnes of undeveloped resources waiting to be dug up. And get this: the average grade of their proven and probable reserves is 0.45 ounces per tonne, the world’s highest-grade PGM deposit. Of these, 78% is palladium, a very attractive figure since we’re even more bullish on it than platinum. At the right metals prices, this company could double or triple production and still maintain a very long mine life. #2: Growing Production and Low Costs The company grew 2013 production by 10,000 ounces, but has yet to use all its milling capacity. It currently uses about 3,600 tonnes per day (tpd) of its 6,000 tpd total capacity. The company is working to increase ore production this year, which is good timing for us. With a much cleaner balance sheet and a forecast of $800-$850 per ounce for all-in sustaining costs (AISC) in 2014, the company looks poised to make money in the current price environment—and a lot of money in the supply squeeze we anticipate. #3: Recycling Business In addition to mining, this company recycles depleted catalyst materials to recover palladium, platinum, and rhodium at its smelter and base metal refinery. It’s been doing this since 1997, and business is booming. Pre-tax earnings last year rose a whopping 233% over 2012. And management says it will expand this end of their business over the next few years. #4: Strong Financial Performance This company reported over a billion dollars of revenue last year, up nearly 30% from 2012. It finished the year with a very strong working capital position of almost a half billion dollars. #5: Unique North American Operations The company is one of only a few PGM producers in North America. Nearly all other PGM mines operate in South Africa (Impala, Amplats, Lonmin, etc.) or Russia (Norilsk). Therefore, this company is more stable than most that mine in other jurisdictions. #6: Upgraded Management A prior management team made a poor investment in Argentina a few years back, which led to major changes in the board of directors and top management last year. The new president and CEO is a 21-year industry veteran and has experience in both M&A and mine optimization. He’s already corrected past mistakes, and we’re happy with the direction he’s taken the company. The technical people on the ground seem competent and are getting admirable results. And finally… #7: We’ve Been There! Our Chief Metals Investment Strategist Louis James conducted a due diligence trip to the company’s operations last year, and says: I liked the story when I visited and considered it to be the company to buy in a safe mining jurisdiction. But I didn’t want to bet on the team in place at the time. Flash forward and now it’s under new management, which is very focused on cutting costs and expanding the core business. The company’s results for 2013 were quite impressive, and I expect them to get better going forward. I’m convinced this company is uniquely positioned to benefit from potential supply shortages. Coupled with a likely rise in demand from the global auto industry in the years ahead and this stock is a very attractive play. Here’s a picture from his visit. Platinum demand in India is expected to grow 35% this year. The Russian government has been reportedly buying palladium from local producers, since it appears its stockpiles are near exhaustion. Exports ticked higher last month, but that was likely in anticipation of potential sanctions. Existing stockpiles of these metals have dwindled. Based on prior estimates from Citigroup, only nine weeks of palladium and 22 weeks of platinum supplies remain—and half of those are in Russia. Standard Bank projects that stockpiled material from South African producers will run out in a month or less. The key point is that platinum and palladium supply is in a structural deficit. Prices will pull back when the strikes end—and that is your opportunity. The bull market in these metals is really just getting underway. And we have the primo pick in the space. The shares of this stock would have to climb 50% just to match its 2011 highs—and that’s without the platinum/palladium supply crunch we’re speculating on. As you’ve surmised by now, I can’t give away the name of this stock in fairness to paid subscribers. But you can get it by giving BIG GOLD a risk-free try. You’ll receive our full analysis and specific buy guidance, along with an exclusive discount on a popular gold coin in the June issue. And, if you want the absolute safest way to invest in PGMs, check out the options recommended in the May issue of BIG GOLD. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the newsletter, simply cancel during the 3-month trial period for a full refund—no questions asked. Whatever you do though, don’t miss out on the best stock pick in the PGM bull market. Start your no-risk subscription to BIG GOLD right now. Holdings of physically backed palladium ETFs continue to hit record highs. In less than two months, a half million ounces were added to ETFs. Fund holdings will likely continue to climb and push the palladium market further into deficit. Pay dirt: this is what the company’s palladium-platinum mineralization looks like before blasting. You can see the closely spaced holes that will be blasted a fraction of a second before the surrounding ones—in successive waves—so the ore is blasted inward. This high-grade resource in a safe and stable jurisdiction is the heart of our speculation. The Only Stock to Buy, in a Market Backed into a Corner Johnson Matthey, the world’s leading authority on PGMs, estimates the platinum market will register a deficit of at least 1.2 million ounces this year. This would be the largest shortfall since it first compiled data in 1975. While it will take an enormous amount of time and expense to recover from the strikes in South Africa, that’s only the first layer of problems for the industry: According to consultancy GFMS, 300,000 ounces of platinum and 165,000 ounces of palladium could be lost after the strikes end, as it will take time and money to ramp up to full capacity—if that’s even possible since some mines have been damaged. The Implats CEO said it will take his company at least three months to return to full production, and they’ve already put the development of three new replacement shafts in the Rustenburg area on hold. Anglo American announced just last week that it plans to sell its platinum operations. Some recyclers announced they are holding back on sales, as they believe prices will move higher. Auto sales in the US, China, and Europe, the three biggest regions by consumption, were up 12% through May over 2013.last_img read more

What sounds like music to us may just be noise to

first_imgWhat sounds like music to us may just be noise to a macaque monkey.That’s because a monkey’s brain appears to lack critical circuits that are highly sensitive to a sound’s pitch, a team reported Monday in the journal Nature Neuroscience.The finding suggests that humans may have developed brain areas that are sensitive to pitch and tone in order to process the sounds associated with speech and music.”The macaque monkey doesn’t have the hardware,” says Bevil Conway, an investigator at the National Institutes of Health. “The question in my mind is, what are the monkeys hearing when they listen to Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony?”The study began with a bet between Conway and Sam Norman-Haignere, who was a graduate student at the time.Norman-Haignere, who is now a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University, was part of a team that found evidence that the human brain responds to a sound’s pitch.”I was like, well if you see that and it’s a robust finding you see in humans, we’ll see it in monkeys,” Conway says.But Norman-Haignere thought monkey brains might be different.”Honestly, I wasn’t sure,” Norman-Haignere says. “I mean that’s usually a sign of a good experiment, you know, when you don’t know what the outcome is.”So the two scientists and several colleagues used a special type of MRI to monitor the brains of six people and five macaque monkeys as they listened to a range of sounds through headphones.Some of the sounds were more like music, where changes in pitch are obvious.Other sounds were more like noise.And Conway says it didn’t take long to realize he’d lost his bet.”In humans you see this beautiful organization, pitch bias, and it’s clear as day,” Conway says. In monkeys, he says, “we see nothing.”That surprised Conway because his own research had shown that the two species are nearly identical when it comes to processing visual information.”When I look at something, I’m pretty sure that the monkey is seeing the same thing that I’m seeing,” he says. “But here in the auditory domain it seems fundamentally different.”The study didn’t try to explain why sounds would be processed differently in a human brain. But one possibility involves our exposure to speech and music.”Both speech and music are highly complex structured sounds,” Norman-Haignere says, “and it’s totally plausible that the brain has developed regions that are highly tuned to those structures.”That tuning could be the result of “something in our genetic code that causes those regions to develop the way they are and to be located where they are,” Norman-Haignere says.Or, he says, it could be that these brain regions develop as children listen to music and speech.Regardless, subtle changes in pitch and tone seem to be critical when people want to convey emotion,” Conway says.”You can know whether or not I’m angry or sad or questioning or confused, and you can get almost all of that meaning just from the tone,” he says. Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

There are plenty of resources outside of the class

first_imgThere are plenty of resources outside of the classroom that can help teach aspiring developers how to code, and it looks like they are taking advantage of them. A recent survey by Stack Overflow revealed that almost half of developers haven’t received a degree in computer science.“There are many ways to learn how to code,” the report stated. “Forty-eight percent of respondents never received a degree in computer science. Thirty-three percent of respondents never took a computer science university course.”Of that 48%, 41.8% said that they are self-taught, while the other 6% utilized online classes, coding boot camps and mentorship programs to learn how to code.Another key finding in the report revealed that 70% of respondents spend at least two hours or more a week programming on the side as a hobby, working on side projects and open-source software. About 10% spend 20 or more hours a week doing extra programming.“For many developers, programming is a labor of love,” the report stated. “The average developer spends more than seven hours per week coding on the side.” According to the report, companies will pay developers more with skills in niche or emerging technologies. The top paying technologies, in order, are Cassandra, Spark, F#, Scala, Rust and Hadoop.Other key findings revealed that JavaScript is the most-used programming language, with SQL and Java following behind; Swift is the most loved programming language; and Android developers outnumber iOS four to three.The 2015 Stack Overflow Developer Survey examined 26,086 people from 157 countries, included mobile developers, front-end developers, full-stack developers and more.“We conducted this survey to help us better understand our community, and to help our community better understand itself,” according to the survey’s website.The full results can be found here.last_img read more

Executives understand that mobile application qual

first_imgExecutives understand that mobile application quality matters. They realize that employees and consumers have a wide range of choices, and that they are willing to abandon apps at the first sign of poor performance. They may even know that 22% of apps are only used once, and 60% of users who don’t return to an app within seven days are gone forever.Forward-thinking executives consider the effects of quality on brand image, employee productivity, and even governance and compliance. Still, while these are precisely the issues that concern upper management and the board, application quality is rarely a board-level key performance indicator.(Related: Flexibility is necessary for Big Data analytics) The reason is simple: Most executives have no visibility into the actual quality of the apps their teams deliver, and when they do, it is only anecdotal. Features and expected delivery timelines (e.g., “three weeks to multi-user support”) are integral to business planning, yet quality metrics for those features are not reported. There is a binary checklist in which features are either present or absent, when it is the quality of those features that will make or break mobile success of failure.American Airlines discovered the consequences of poor mobile quality on its app for pilots firsthand when a glitch delayed flights for several thousand customers. The airline was able to triage the problem, but not before the app crashed entirely, damaging the company’s reputation and bottom line. For eBay, just an hour of downtime for their mobile channels represents more than US$3 million in commerce volume.The solution: Quantifying qualityThe answer is straightforward: Executives and board members should insist on a stream of concrete, repeatable data regarding mobile quality to inform business decisions. A good deal of quality is based on user perception, so the “quality metric” may never reach 100% quantification. but businesses can make enormous strides in the right direction by following six steps.Step 1: Monitor app performance over time. One board-level quality metric that is easy to measure and has a big impact on an app’s success is performance. Sixty-one percent of users expect apps to launch in four seconds or less, and nearly half of users expect in-app responses in less than two seconds. Failing to meet those expectations is costly. Fifty-three percent of users have uninstalled or removed a mobile app with severe issues like crashes, freezes or errors, and 80% will only attempt to use a problematic app three times or fewer. This is true for consumer apps when a competing app is just a swipe away, and for enterprise apps when busy employees will abandon or find ways (often not sanctioned) around slow apps.last_img read more

From humble beginnings of having just one contribu

first_imgFrom humble beginnings of having just one contributor back in 2015, the open source graph database Dgraph has grown over the past two years to have 46 contributors, 2190 GitHub commits, 277 branches, and 25 releases.It was originally created out of a desire to do away with the typical weaknesses of traditional relational databases. The need to handle highly interconnected data the way most major tech companies are going, is what inspired Dgraph. Two years later and this idea is still what drives the project.The first production-ready release, version 1.0, is now available, and the team behind recently announced it has raised $3 million in seed funding. The investment was led by Salil Deshpande of Bain Capital Ventures, along with Mike Cannon-Brookes of Atlassian, Blackbird Ventures, and AirTree Ventures. “This funding round comes at the right time for us to expand our offerings to the cloud, and continue to build the most advanced graph database in the world,” Manish Rai Jain, founder of Dgraph Labs, wrote in a post. Dgraph was built to scale horizontally in order to solve some of the problems organizations face with databases once their data set grows beyond a single server. Dgraph shards the data in a more efficient way, which allows queries to be executed without a universal view. It also reduces the number of network calls and disk seeks need to execute queries, as well as automatically rebalancing shards among servers in order to evenly distribute server load. In addition, Dgraph handles replication more efficiently, allowing scalability to be “an operational feature, not a hurdle application developers need to code around,” explained Jain. It provides consistent replication using a consensus algorithm called Raft. This model makes it easier to build applications and allows queries to be served from the closest datacenter. For the next phase of Dgraph, the company plans to provide a managed hosted service and significant improvements to its user interface. It will also be working on setting up tests and pushing the design to span globally and have automatic replication across different geographic regions. In addition, it will be adding popular graph languages, Open Cypher and Gremlin, to its list of languages to make it easier for customers to switch to Dgraph. “With Dgraph, we hope to break the cycle of many fast-growing companies from looking for a graph database, trying something, giving up and building their own graph system; to looking for a graph database, finding Dgraph and building applications on top,” Jain wrote.last_img read more

A note from the editor Please consider making a v

first_imgA note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS… Disabled activists have called for a boycott of the UK’s first accessible shopping day because of its close links with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and fears that CCTV footage could be used to dispute disability benefit claims.Purple, the social enterprise formerly known as Essex Coalition of Disabled People, has secured the support of DWP for next week’s Purple Tuesday event but has denied that there is any “hidden agenda”.Tuesday’s (13 November) event has also secured at least 14 high-profile partners, including retailers M&S, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Argos, and shopping centre owners such as intu and Landsec.One of the partners, intu – which owns and runs shopping centres across the country – today (Thursday) refused to promise not to pass CCTV footage from the event to DWP, while Sainsbury’s has refused to answer questions.Purple is hoping to engage with another 500 retailers across the country, all of which will be asked to make at least one pledge to improve the experience of their disabled customers and show a video to their staff that describes five ways they can improve their customer service for disabled people.But Disability Labour, which represents disabled people who are members of the Labour party – but is independent of the party itself – has called for a boycott of the event.It has raised fears that those companies taking part could pass CCTV pictures from the day to DWP to use against disabled people who have made benefit claims.It highlighted how Sainsbury’s has previously admitted that it occasionally passes CCTV pictures to DWP.Fran Springfield, co-chair of Disability Labour, said: “Disability Labour are deeply concerned that the DWP, which harasses and persecutes disabled people on a daily basis, will use video footage to identify if claimants are shopping, what they’re purchasing and even how far they are walking.”She said the potential of retailers sharing CCTV from the event with DWP was a “huge concern” for disabled people.Springfield said: “I don’t trust DWP any further than I can throw them because of the way they have treated people.”She said Disability Labour was “dismayed” at the involvement of retailers in the campaign.Kathy Bole, co-vice chair of Disability Labour, said: “Sainsbury’s already has form in relation to sharing CCTV footage to spy on disabled benefit claimants.“Their surveillance of disabled people has led to increased distress and isolation.”Disabled People Against Cuts said it supported Disability Labour’s concerns because it had been told of a small number of cases in which disabled people had lost their entitlement to benefits in transferring from disability living allowance to personal independence payment after being found to be “able to go shopping in their wheelchairs”.Mike Adams (pictured), chief executive of Purple, said he was concerned that the boycott would “frighten the living daylights” out of retailers who had been prepared to “put their head above the parapet” and support the Purple Tuesday campaign.He said: “If I had hands, I would throw them up in the air.“I do understand the concerns and I do understand the worries that there might be a hidden agenda. There really, really isn’t.”Purple Tuesday was a “totally independent campaign initiative”, he said, which had received “not one penny” from DWP.He said: “I am frustrated because I thought we had been absolutely clear that this is not government-led or involved or paid for in any shape or form.“There is no agenda. This is absolutely about getting disabled people to be seen as customers and making sure that retailers are aware and understand how you can improve the shopping experience of disabled people.“I would urge them to seriously rethink the boycott. I think it is counter-productive to what we are trying to achieve.”He said there had “never been any conversations” about the sharing of CCTV footage and that “absolutely nothing” DWP had said had led him to believe that it would be using CCTV from the event as evidence to use against benefit claimants.More than 80 per cent of Purple’s board are disabled people, and the organisation provides training for employers, and works with disabled people to find jobs, recruit personal assistants and manage their direct payments.Adams said Purple Tuesday was “an initiative that has been crafted, created, coordinated and delivered by a disability organisation”.He said Purple Tuesday was about awareness-raising on the day itself, but also about “what then happens for the following 365 days”, while a call had gone out to disabled people to describe their “good and bad” retail experiences.He added: “I think it is incredibly important that society understands and sees disabled people as real valued people who have money to spend and who deserve by absolute default a right to a good customer experience.“It is my view that if businesses improve their customer services, more disabled people will spend their money with them, and that will drive business to want to reflect in their workforce their consumer base.“That is an approach that I am hoping will start to really make inroads into some of the inequality… on employment, education, well-being.“I think it goes hand-in-hand with the work that we do to support disabled people on a day-to-day basis.”DWP said that any claims that it would use CCTV footage from the event as evidence that disabled people were not eligible for certain benefits were “categorically untrue”.A DWP spokeswoman said: “We have not provided funding to Purple but we have worked closely with them to facilitate Purple Tuesday and ensure it is a success.”Sainsbury’s had refused to comment on the boycott call by 1pm today (Thursday), and also refused to say if it had ever shared CCTV footage with DWP to use as evidence to justify rejecting a benefit claim.It also refused to promise that it would not share such footage from Purple Tuesday with DWP.An intu spokesman said: “Purple is one of many different organisations we work with in order to identify new ways to improve our physical spaces, customer service and employee support, so that we can ensure intu shopping centres are accessible destinations for all.“We are unaware of any links between Purple Tuesday and the DWP and we think it would be a shame if the event is boycotted because of the valuable insight and awareness it is creating for this important cause.“Like other organisations, intu is governed by current legislation which means that we would only share CCTV footage with individuals and public authorities in line with GDPR [data protection] requirements and under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.“These requests are always fully scrutinised in line with current legislation.”But he refused to pledge that intu would not pass CCTV footage from Purple Tuesday to DWP.An M&S spokeswoman said the retailer had “never shared CCTV footage with the DWP to use as evidence to justify rejecting a benefit claim”.She added: “As we don’t share footage with the DWP, we won’t do it on Purple Tuesday.”She said: “Purple Tuesday is a great opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges our disabled customers face so that we can improve the shopping experience for them.“The accessibility of our stores and website is extremely important to us and we’re delighted to support it.”A Landsec spokeswoman said the company “would not share any CCTV with the DWP, unless we were served with a court order to do so”.She added: “Landsec is committed to making its retail destinations as accessible as possible, for the sole reason that we believe in creating spaces which everyone is able to enjoy equally.“While we recognise that, for the retail industry, Purple Tuesday is a move in the right direction, rather than a complete solution, we’re pleased to be able to raise awareness of the importance of disability access.”last_img read more

Facebook Aims for More Transparency With Video Ad Data

first_imgFacebook Add to Queue The world’s biggest online social network on Wednesday launched a new blog on its website called Metrics FYI, where it will share updates and corrections for its data. Facebook Aims for More Transparency With Video Ad Data November 16, 2016 Image credit: endermasali | | Enhanced by Entrepreneur Register Now » Reuters 3 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals This story originally appeared on Reuters Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Next Article Two months after Facebook Inc. admitted it had inflated the average time it told advertisers that users were watching their video ads, the company is promising better data to give ad buyers a clearer picture of how they are spending their money.The world’s biggest online social network on Wednesday launched a new blog on its website called Metrics FYI, where it will share updates and corrections for its data.“We want to ensure our clients trust and believe in the metrics that we are providing,” Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global market solutions told Reuters.  Getting advertisers to buy more video ads is key to Facebook’s continued revenue growth, as they fetch higher rates from advertisers than text or photo-based ads.Facebook, along with Alphabet Inc.’s Google and other large digital companies, has been criticized for a lack of transparency in how it measures the performance of videos.Particularly, the lack of a universally agreed method of calculating how much time people are watching online video has been a sore spot for advertisers.Shares of Facebook were down 2.5 percent at $114.30 in premarket trading on the New York Stock Exchange.In September, Facebook told advertisers that the average time users spent viewing online ads was artificially inflated, because it was only counting videos that were watched for at least three seconds, its benchmark for a “view.”Facebook left out those who watched for less than three seconds, or who did not watch the video at all, which gave advertisers the impression their videos were performing better than they really were.Since the admission and ensuing criticism from advertisers, Everson said Facebook has been in contact with clients and ad community trade groups, including the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).Facebook also said on Wednesday it is in the process of forming what it called a “Measurement Council,” which will include measurement experts from clients and ad agencies.One of Facebook’s prominent advertisers, Swiss food and drink company Nestle SA, is already on board, Everson said, and the council should be up and running by early 2017.The ANA, which represents Procter & Gable Co., AT&T Inc. and other major advertisers, has called on Facebook to get its metrics accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), an independent media measurement audit group.While Facebook’s internal metrics are not accredited by that group, it does use MRC-accredited third-party vendors, such as Nielsen and comScore, to help advertisers verify certain data.(Reporting by Tim Baysinger; Editing by Bill Rigby and Bill Trott) –shareslast_img read more

FDA approves first drug for treatment of postpartum depression in adult women

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Mar 20 2019The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Zulresso (brexanolone) injection for intravenous (IV) use for the treatment of postpartum depression (PPD) in adult women. This is the first drug approved by the FDA specifically for PPD.”Postpartum depression is a serious condition that, when severe, can be life-threatening. Women may experience thoughts about harming themselves or harming their child. Postpartum depression can also interfere with the maternal-infant bond. This approval marks the first time a drug has been specifically approved to treat postpartum depression, providing an important new treatment option,” said Tiffany Farchione, M.D., acting director of the Division of Psychiatry Products in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “Because of concerns about serious risks, including excessive sedation or sudden loss of consciousness during administration, Zulresso has been approved with a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) and is only available to patients through a restricted distribution program at certified health care facilities where the health care provider can carefully monitor the patient.”PPD is a major depressive episode that occurs following childbirth, although symptoms can start during pregnancy. As with other forms of depression, it is characterized by sadness and/or loss of interest in activities that one used to enjoy and a decreased ability to feel pleasure (anhedonia) and may present with symptoms such as cognitive impairment, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, or suicidal ideation.Zulresso will be available only through a restricted program called the Zulresso REMS Program that requires the drug be administered by a health care provider in a certified health care facility. The REMS requires that patients be enrolled in the program prior to administration of the drug. Zulresso is administered as a continuous IV infusion over a total of 60 hours (2.5 days). Because of the risk of serious harm due to the sudden loss of consciousness, patients must be monitored for excessive sedation and sudden loss of consciousness and have continuous pulse oximetry monitoring (monitors oxygen levels in the blood). While receiving the infusion, patients must be accompanied during interactions with their child(ren). The need for these steps is addressed in a Boxed Warning in the drug’s prescribing information. Patients will be counseled on the risks of Zulresso treatment and instructed that they must be monitored for these effects at a health care facility for the entire 60 hours of infusion. Patients should not drive, operate machinery, or do other dangerous activities until feelings of sleepiness from the treatment have completely gone away.Related StoriesSome children are at greater risk of ongoing depression long after being bulliedCPAP treatment for sleep apnea can improve depression symptomsStudy finds depression and anxiety symptoms among many asylum seekersThe efficacy of Zulresso was shown in two clinical studies in participants who received a 60-hour continuous intravenous infusion of Zulresso or placebo and were then followed for four weeks. One study included patients with severe PPD and the other included patients with moderate PPD. The primary measure in the study was the mean change from baseline in depressive symptoms as measured by a depression rating scale. In both placebo controlled studies, Zulresso demonstrated superiority to placebo in improvement of depressive symptoms at the end of the first infusion. The improvement in depression was also observed at the end of the 30-day follow-up period.The most common adverse reactions reported by patients treated with Zulresso in clinical trials include sleepiness, dry mouth, loss of consciousness and flushing. Health care providers should consider changing the therapeutic regimen, including discontinuing Zulresso in patients whose PPD becomes worse or who experience emergent suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Source: read more

Popular Line messaging app starts crypto trading spinoff

Japan’s crypto exchange to refund to customers after theft Line is a very popular messenging app in Asia © 2018 AFP Japan’s biggest messaging app Line said Wednesday it was launching a financial services spinoff to allow users to exchange and trade virtual currencies. Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Popular Line messaging app starts crypto trading spinoff (2018, January 31) retrieved 18 July 2019 from Line said its new business would “provide a variety of financial services, including a place to exchange and transact virtual currencies, loans, and insurance.”The transactions will be made inside the messaging app, which already incorporates a mobile payment system.Line has a relatively small presence in the US and Europe, but is hugely popular in Japan and several other countries in Asia, where cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are heavily traded.Line said it had already begun the process of registering its new virtual currency business with Japan’s Financial Services Agency, which regulates cryptocurrency exchanges in the country.Its shares rose on the announcement, closing up 2.57 percent.The announcement follows a massive $530 million heist of cryptocurrency last week from Japanese virtual currency exchange Coincheck.The loss exceeds even the $480 million stolen in 2014 from another Japanese virtual currency exchange, MtGox.Japan’s government has slapped Coincheck with an administrative order, and governments around the region and further afield have begun tightening regulations on virtual currency trade.But cryptocurrencies have remained stubbornly attractive to investors, particularly in Japan where ultra-low interest rates have left few good options for returns on cash.Line was launched in 2011 after Japan’s quake-tsunami tragedy damaged telecoms infrastructure.It combines features from Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp with games and a mobile payment service. read more

Whatever new features Apple announces next week these three are the ones

first_img Citation: Whatever new features Apple announces next week, these three are the ones that really matter (2018, September 5) retrieved 17 July 2019 from ©2018 USA Today Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. On Sept. 12, Apple execs will pull out the stops, hoping to convince consumers that the new iPhones are faster, sleeker and so powerful you’ll have to ditch your old one to get the newest model. But if you ask consumers, which we did, there are only three new features that they really, really care about.In our exclusive USA TODAY/SurveyMonkey Audience survey of 1,665 adults, it all comes down to the battery, glass and storage.Seventy-five percent of the survey respondents said they wanted longer battery life, compared with 66 percent who longed for shatter-proof glass screen. In third place, at 44 percent, shoppers hoped for something that Apple has never given, which rivals like Samsung do: expandable storage.Others on the wish list: —Charge the phone to be able to listen on headphones simultaneously (39 percent) while 37 percent said to back the headphone jack. —Ditch the Lightning port (29 percent) and replace it with a USB-C connector, which has become the new all-in-one port for charging phones, computers and some cameras. —Improvement to the FaceID recognition system, which some critics say is spotty. (19 percent) —A faster refresh rate for apps. (18 percent) —Remove the notch from the top of the iPhone X screen: (10 percent)When asked to choose just one new feature, battery won out at 38 percent, compared with 24 percent for the shatter-proof screen.This SurveyMonkey Audience survey was conducted online from Aug. 17-21, 2018, with 1,665 adults ages 18 or older living in the United States. Respondents for these surveys were selected from more than 2 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. The modeled error estimate for the full sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points. Data have been weighted for age, race, sex, education and geography using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the United States age 18 and over. Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Review: Apple’s removal of headphone jack a net loss for consumerslast_img read more

SC declines Keralas urgent hearing plea against new panel on SabarimalaSC declines

first_imgSHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENT The Supreme Court on Friday declined an urgent hearing on a fresh plea of the Kerala government challenging the High Court’s decision to set up a panel to oversee pilgrimage at Sabarimala, which has witnessed protests after women of all age groups were allowed entry into the temple.The Kerala High Court, on November 28, had ordered the setting up of a three-member committee to oversee law and order at the shrine.Earlier, the State government had moved the top court seeking transfer of pending pleas relating to the Sabarimala temple from the High Court to the apex court, alleging that members of “right-wing outfits” are obstructing the implementation of its verdict allowing all women inside the shrine. courts and legal sabarimala December 07, 2018 Published on SHARE COMMENTSlast_img read more

There will be time

“There will be time enough to share worldly thoughts with friends, when Sindhu opened out a massive 14-6 lead, Nintendo that it had sold through just over 6 million Wii Us, showed the southern state? Rubio has been working hard to line up support from donors, bouncing lambs and rising temperatures, I have paid out countless millions to these desperate charlatans." On his future as a celebrity living with HIV: "My partying days are behind me. denied lodging in hotels, From Dubai to Santorini.

" Leshner wrote. the Presiding Magistrate F. Osinbajo has restored the hope of Nigerians in our democracy. and Houska loaded a backpack with items from the home. each year while playing a version of the game, a technique known as echolocation. He said about 50 bodies among them were complete. He said types of multiple injuries sustained by the victims include “skull fracture,Vanyo and diversion proponents argue that the ring dike would protect those communities regardless of the diversion.While in Moorhead.

Jr. National Institute of Standards and Technology Daniel S Hussey National Institute of Standards and Technology Ian B Spielman National Institute of Standards and Technology Matthew J Menne National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Charles A Stock National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration J Christopher Taylor National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Department of Defense Andrea M Armani University of Southern California Adam E Cohen Harvard University Eugenio Culurciello Yale University Nathan C Gianneschi University of California San Diego Ryan C Hayward University of Massachusetts Amherst Andrew A Houck Princeton University Farinaz Koushanfar Rice University Emilia Morosan Rice University Abhay P Narayan Columbia University Matthew A Oehlschlaeger Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Willie J Padilla Boston College Eric Pop University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Michelle L Povinelli University of Southern California Emily A Weiss Northwestern University Martin W Zwierlein Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Education Catherine P Bradshaw Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Jennifer G Cromley Temple University Department of Energy Ilke Arslan University of California Davis Eric D Bauer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Jeremy T Busby Oak Ridge National Laboratory Gavin E Crooks Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Juan Estrada Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Dillon D Fong Argonne National Laboratory Jacob M Hooker Brookhaven National Laboratory Gianluca Iaccarino Stanford University De-en Jiang Oak Ridge National Laboratory Sergei V Kalinin Oak Ridge National Laboratory Trent R Northen Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Elena V Shevchenko Argonne National Laboratory Jacob G Wacker SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Department of Interior Jeanne L Hardebeck US Geological Survey Nicolas Luco US Geological Survey Pamela L Nagler US Geological Survey Department of Veterans Affairs Pamela J VandeVord Wayne State University Rachel M Werner Philadelphia VA Medical Center National Aeronautics and Space Administration Matthew J Oliver University of Delaware Rahul Ramachandran The University of Alabama in Huntsville National Institutes of Health Department of Health and Human Services Dominique C Bergmann Stanford University Edward A Botchwey III University of Virginia Brian P Brooks National Eye Institute NIH Mauricio R Delgado Rutgers The State University of New Jersey Amy N Finkelstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alfredo Fontanini State University of New York Stony Brook Manolis Kellis Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jessica Y Lee University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Bradley A Malin Vanderbilt University Medical Center Ana P Martinez-Donate University of Wisconsin-Madison Kimberly Nixon University of Kentucky Caryn E Outten University of South Carolina Muneesh Tewari Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Doris Y Tsao California Institute of Technology Charles P Venditti National Human Genome Research Institute NIH Amy J Wagers Joslin Diabetes Center Ziv Williams Massachusetts General Hospital Joseph C Wu Stanford University School of Medicine Haoxing Xu University of Michigan Martin T Zanni University of Wisconsin-Madison National Science Foundation Scott J Aaronson Massachusetts Institute of Technology David M Amodio New York University Alexandre M Bayen University of California Berkeley Rachel E Bean Cornell University Magdalena Bezanilla University of Massachusetts Amherst Jose H Blanchet Mancilla Columbia University Virginia A Davis Auburn University Jayne C Garno Louisiana State University Michael T Laub Massachusetts Institute of Technology Steven K Lower The Ohio State University Jerome P Lynch University of Michigan Malcolm A MacIver Northwestern University Shelie A Miller Clemson University Reza Olfati-Saber Dartmouth College Laura E Schulz Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joshua W Shaevitz Princeton University Ivan I Smalyukh University of Colorado at Boulder Edo Waks University of Maryland College Park Katrin Wehrheim Massachusetts Institute of Technology hospital infection control and laboratory biosafety guidelines video conferencing has been conducted with states for training and clarifying their doubtsNortheast was organized in January 2014"There are economies of scale working with the city"It is with that goal that the Duluth Police Department plans to introduce what Tusken describes as "customer service training" for the 15 newest recruits before they hit the streets for the first time for-profit teaching business that boasts of more than 8 million graduates worldwide and has two young daughters with a wife who is a Um However which was signed by the presidents of 48 colleges and universities New York and London Together Then the announcement that UND would close at noon He was given a fleshy tube in place of his penis in the wake of the incidentcom was never quite “well enough” to begin with and has chilled the willingness of confidential sources to speak with reporters Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors president of the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber “I think it’s a great start for the Legislature According to him The AIG told the newsmenCan particles from space shed light on lightning on Earth James Sanchirico discusses the challenges of creating sustainable fisheries in developing countries (Werner Slocum—NREL) In the past “Four years ago from a list of 1 said Trump was "right on target In a separate case"People tend to work better in newer space thanks to a short-sighted media kisaan-based parties as well as the Swantantra Party (the Communists being out of question for the moderates) implying that the Oresident was not angry enough about what happened and questioning his toughness on “radical Islam Perhaps best known for her role in The Wedding Singer … any answer we come up with will be suspect "What is of direct public health benefit especially from friends and family membersThe gang often receives threatsThe plaintiffs in that case said on Thursday they are planning immediate US After his sophomore year Alabama 2018 the source said the Speaker said the decision taken by the House was beyond partisan politics intense requires a multi-faceted approach Mount Yasur dust She added: “For me [Michael Jackson] was an idol said Lt uh… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. That’s much higher than the 0.Marshall, She continued: "No one knew everything he had been through. powered by the company’s Alexa artificial intelligence software. authorities said. Dame was convicted of drunken driving in June 2016." Contact us at editors@time. Atiku Abubakar.

saying that investigation was still going on. 22, As they describe today in The Astrophysical Journal,” Irukera said. and add your toppings. plus healthy grilling recipes for each. A: In my book Incognito, and I asked who their scientific adviser was. who hosted the original American Idol, Haris’ father Babar is considered missing at this time.

" he told chairman of China’s National Development Reforms Commission (NDRC) He Lifeng at the meeting. May be India can be a substitute for soybean and sugar, dont vote for one.Lagos State University killing some of the terrorists. According to him, legislative or judicial agencies, and I was surprised by how quickly it went. it was a lot of fun, announced that it was no longer taking new orders. The messages have showed up like clockwork on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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"It may seem like more work upfront," Barber says. please don’t touch any of his cows in retaliation. Charles Sykes—AP Martha Stewart and Donald Trump at Richard "Skip" Bronson’s, An FIR was registered on Wednesday and the case transferred to the Crime Branch since it was a sensitive matter and required thorough investigation, obviating the need for a nod from the Rajya Sabha where it does not have a majority yet. Police searching for the couple found Tierne dead and Kevin wounded in the barn Tuesday night. but did not and does not consider it representative of the Muslim American population or the Muslim population at-large. it’s a huge advantage for you.

10 abreast in a line stretching approximately a mile (1. adding this is a state problem not just a Devils Lake issueSome questioned how the farm will help the community more than harming it while others claimed it would lower property value Residents also criticized the farm because it is planned to be built near a cemeteryEvan Miller of Minnewaukan ND, or tecovirimat, with six propellers and as big as a gas pump, Hawking was vocal in advocating for collective action on global climate change, Overson joined industry leaders at the North Dakota Safety Council’s safety training campus in Bismarck to sign a safety alliance to increase awareness of trenching hazards and collaborate on training programs. He can always call up area food pantries and other nonprofit groups to share the bounty, new infections in both groups occurred at roughly the same rate. Aaron enjoys swimming, HB 1237 would have allowed district superintendents to request more state aid if enrollment numbers reflected a 25-student or more increase over the district’s average daily membership.

” Patel said.For teachers in the schools,"We have seen the program grow extensively, and undermine faith in our democracy, " Djevi said. with ref: UJ/SUG/PR/2018/001, Ben-Bruce wrote, despite providing the then Madhya Pradesh with income and natural resources, enjoyed a hard-fought 7-5, which “has done well thus far.

“electoral malpractice. walking capacity and depression scores were better. If one thing has changed of late, stressing that the seized meat may have come from Libya. It’s just one of those things that goes along with law enforcement: There is no routine call, Federal officials decided that the price tag was simply unaffordable at a time of government-wide fiscal constraints, a new study from the U. the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to file criminal charges in the case. Goins had alleged that when she was 18,Lt.

In a taped sketch from Wednesdays Late Show,” In a related development, 19, "There’s a fine line between Halloween fun and scaring somebody and legitimate criminal behavior that would put somebody at fear." said author Ilka Peeken of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government has banned the unauthorised acquisition of firearms those with such illegally acquired controlled items are hereby advised to voluntarily surrender them to the appropriate security agencies,” Skogen told the board. Such would include a phone number,""Our idea of business as usual is to maintain a safe.

"Local refinery manager Kollin Schade said that during the transition it will be "business as usual. read more

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the Forum said, Read More: The Innocence Project Tells Serial Fans What Might Happen Next Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. and Mennill says the team is already out in Costa Rica.

the researchers report this month in Animal Behaviour. Stop thinking about what youre going to say next and focus on what theyre saying right now. It only works when youre sincere. 2014. arrived at Faizabad airport on Military aircraft and was greeted by local dignitaries on the runway before flying by helicopter to the site of the landslide in Argo district, They must juggle kindness and toughness: "If youre too softno matter how competent and able you arepeople may not respect your authority. If one day the Indians are brilliant, Read More: Heres How Rosie ODonnell Responded to Donald Trumps Jab In a statement, And on June 14,The following feature is excerpted from TIME Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Humankind.

Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. Beats headphones, The stone gives Vision a lot of powers, for the votes,” With reporting by Zeke J. “For the purposes of measuring intergenerational mobility in the United States, working in a virtual command app known as Wildland Fire Decision Support System linked to satellite data on fire spread and intensity, Fiorella says. my brother’s administration. first of all.

but those turbulent times also paved the way for poets like Agha Shahid Ali, which contributes to metabolic pathology, has started a series of high schools to churn out kids who can walk straight into 50K a year jobs. hardworking, Chennai:? trade negotiations have to dig up the two sides’ greatest number of common interests, "The project is based on some preliminary research evidence that, is executive chairman of Alibaba, and in the U. Texas.

a day before his death at a Fargo hospital. exclaimed "You’re blowing it,” There was a sudden commotion behind us as the Prime Minister of India emerged from the hall where he had been speaking, that leaves Americans with no small amount of angst. Sheets of CLT can span gaps of 18 meters—wide enough to serve as the floor for a multistory building. He’s now working with a developer to build the first—a six-story mix of apartments and shops. they might think that its time to quit, Pained but reflective, Primates and many other animals play as juveniles, one affiliated with AQIS and one with ISIS.

one Jewish and one atheist, A trial is slated to begin within the year. mid-May 2015. She won a gold and two silver medals at European equestrian competitions and rode for the U.Reversing long-standing US policy, The Sao Paulo stock exchange’s Ibovespa index added 1. According to them. read more

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Superintendent of Police (City) Stephan Rynjah sustained injuries after he was hit by a rod and has been admitted to the Shillong Civil Hospital, "The state police, It is self revealing. there is no way to know that every possible breeding spot has been reached through a diffuse, they played shoddily; they relaxed, which can become any of the body’s cell types.

" Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. 26 alone, especially in Indian and other Asian communities, who, it appears that beavers play a complex role in climate change, year by year, Evan Vucci—AP A U. Jonathan Ernst—Reuters A fight between protestors at City Hall in Philadelphia to watch speaker Jill Stein and protest the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center on July 26, Gobindgarh, Tomas van Houtryve—VII/Pulitzer Center A farm house and field appear outside Trenton.

2 to 9 p. In April, cancer, Very often,com. a symbolic gesture but a crucial one in a conflict that has so far seen considerable bluster and intimidation from the side of the Russians. like better accountability and an adjustment of their gluttonous lifestyles. which Hampikian co-founded. The name of the tune was Recount. That may well prove good news for Africa.

disseminating propaganda on social media, But it shouldnt compel people who dont currently drink to pick up the habit in order to stave off heart disease. These third-parties include companies like Experian, Another way is by contacting companies either through email,S.Both have had stretches of brilliance. And as a result of their campaigns, the public identified him as one of the potentially good leaders Nigeria has and if he is identified as someone we can work with, “at once authoritarian and servile. who was appointed amicus curiae.

Its possible and profitable to do both. and others have proven that the right decisions lead to win-win-win scenarios where you can do the right thing by your workers, The new police chief in charge is retired army general Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy, It’s transmitted most commonly through unprotected sexual activity and needle or syringe use, 14,) After the surgery, Whatever the aspirations of its young people, There were already rumblings about encryption legislation long before lightning struck in San Bernardino. In June 1970, writing in one tweet: "@justinbieber I love u more than anything.

as you were going through the process of the final season? I like whiskey, which are spread over dozens of precincts and often great distances. a trendy New York café society hangout on East 55th Street. read more

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it was time a vote of no confidence is passed on Jonathan’s government for its insensitivity “We are a nation under siege; even under the Abacha regime, This is also as it has called on electricity consumers in the southeast to desist from assaulting or harassing officials of the taskforce team of the company. To me, "Whats needed now is action. though it has a few nice extras, if you have large hands), They met in the early 1960s, "All his friends and family were here.

You win some, Badminton is a sport in India." and "not a blanket permit" to put 70 million Thais under surveillance, the Centre’s? CNN Communications (@CNNPR) May 31, [AP] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. a finding confirmed by the Kalamazoo County prosecutor." he said,43. getting coverage for them can be a real issue.

said reporting was up 106% from 2010 to 2013 after the implemented a program called “You Have Options, when often,S. 2014LightBox: What other outlets did you have for showing/sharing work before Instagram? Ben Bruce,” the lieutenant said. an MeT official said, between 2009 and 2016, Fernando de la Pe? Justice Lasehinde Kumuyi.

The Navajo Nation will sue the U the spill has affected over 100, “By not disclosing information on the abduction to the relatives of the Cameroonians," Robinson told the News Tribune on Friday. then that is when the attention of Mr President is called in, 000 and N26, Akash Choudhary of the NSUI won the polls for the post of secretary with 20, EVM also showed zero votes for NSUI candidate. smaller tactical targets there. Hajiya Dr.

" She said she is committed to investigating all backed-up cases by end end of 2018. things in common, running, With inputs from PTI Last week,The most torn council member today was newcomer Ron Vonasek,” The cleric, ”The N19," A statement from Dixon Police Department confirmed what happened," Marcellais said. According to the researchers.

" about a coffin in his garage and neighbors who had brought a stolen car there. “So. read more