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counting them and securing for the night.Photograph by Sumit Dayal for time Saturday Night Live‘s first new episode after a weeks-long hiatus featured a multitasking Alec Baldwin who did double duty as both embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and President Donald Trump Baldwin kicked off the show playing OReilly with a promise to finally address “the scandal everyone’s been talking about all week a scandal no one thought I’d have the guts to address head-on about the shocking allegations of abuse of power that have been leveled against the Obama administration” In the last week The O’Reilly Factor lost several advertisers after a New York Times report revealed that five women have received about $13 million to settle accusations of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior by O’Reilly Baldwin still playing the Fox News host then tried to interview a reporter After being told she no longer works at Fox Baldwin asked “Did she get the check” Later in a split-screen interview Baldwin appeared as both Trump and O’Reilly Baldwin’s O’Reilly noted that Trumpwho defended O’Reilly over the sexual harassment claims last week was not familiar with the details of the accusations against him “I’m more familiar with this case than I am with say health care” he replied “But I didn’t really look into it much no” Watch the sketch above Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahitagajanan@timecomDaniel Mossett 31 who had been missing since November was identified through an autopsy by the North Dakota medical examiner’s office according to reservation authoritiesMossett is believed to have been living in New Town when he disappeared but had family in Twin Buttes said Three Affiliated Tribes Police Chief Chad JohnsonMossett’s body was seen floating in the Missouri River and passed under the Four Bears Bridge before continuing south down the river at about 8 am Monday according to a statement from the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office A boat was used to float Mossett’s body to the shorePresident Muhammadu Buhari has explained why he declared his intentions to run for another term in office on Monday April 9 2018 during the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC) He spoke while receiving the Archbishop of Canterbury His Grace Justin Welby in London Wednesday Buhari said: “I declared before leaving home because Nigerians were talking too much about whether I would run or not So I felt I should break the ice We have many things to focus on like security agriculture economy anti-corruption and many others “We needed to concentrate on them and politics should not be a distraction The majority of Nigerians appreciate what we are doing and that is why I am re-contesting” The President recounted some successes of the administration to his guest with whom he has built a deep friendship in recent times and was quite particular about strides in agriculture “We have cut the importation of rice by about 90% saving billions of dollars in the process People who rushed into petrol money have now gone back to agriculture Even professionals have gone back to the land Nigeria should be able to feed itself comfortably soon I am so pleased” the President said On the war against insurgency he stressed the need for continuous education of the people “so that they can be free from religious manipulation” adding that no true religion advocates the hurting or killing of the innocent Responding to his guest’s comment on the clashes between herdsmen and farmers in different parts of Nigeria the President submitted: “The problem is even older than us It has always been there but now made worse by the influx of armed gunmen from the Sahel region into different parts of the West African sub-region These gunmen were trained and armed by Muammar Gadaffi of Libya When he was killed the gunmen escaped with their arms “We encountered some of them fighting with Boko Haram Herdsmen that we used to know carried only sticks and maybe a cutlass to clear the way but these ones now carry sophisticated weapons The problem is not religious but sociological and economic But we are working on solutions” President Buhari lamented that “irresponsible politics” has been brought into the farmers/herders’ crisis but assured that enduring solutions would be found and justice done to all concerned On Leah Sharibu the schoolgirl from Dapchi still being held by insurgents reportedly because she refused to renounce her Christian faith the President said: “We are managing the matter quietly Making noise would not help We are collecting as much intelligence as possible working with the Red Cross and other international organizations “There are too many fraudulent people around who claim they can do this and that We won’t deal with them That was how we got the Dapchi girls back and the Chibok girls” Archbishop Welby said it was always a delight to see President Buhari “whom I have tremendous respect for” “You have my best wishes on your recent decision I read your declaration speech We are neutral as a church but we will pray for you Great statesmen are those who run for the good of their country We will be praying for you” The Archbishop presented President Buhari with a copy of his recent book ‘Reimagining Britain Foundations for Hope’ situated on the outskirts of Leh.C. following the crash landing of one its drones in the White House compound on Monday The company said it would release what it called a mandatory update for its drone operating system in the coming days The update would automatically disable drone flights over Washington DC and fence off no-fly zones around than 10000 airports across the country However owners of most DJI drones won’t be forced to download the update those who choose not to install it would just miss out on new features down the road “We are pushing this out a bit earlier to lead in encouraging responsible flight” said DJI spokesperson Michael Perry "With the unmanned aerial systems community growing on a daily basis we feel it is important to provide pilots additional tools to help them fly safely and responsibly” A Secret Service officer "heard and observed" a drone believed to be a DJI Phantom flying at a low altitude early Monday morning before it crashed on the southeast side of the White House The pilot a government employee had reportedly been drinking Contact us at editors@timecomErin Zwiener returned to Texas to settle down At 32 she had published a children’s book won Jeopardy three times and ridden roughly 1400 miles from the Mexico border up the Continental Divide on a mule In 2016 she moved with her husband to a small house in a rural enclave southwest of Austin with simpler plans: write another book tend her horses paint her new home blue One day last February she changed those plans Zwiener was surfing Facebook after finalizing color samples for her living room–sea foam navy cornflower–when she saw a picture of her state representative Jason Isaac smiling at a local chamber of commerce gala “Glad you’re having a good time” she commented “What’s your position on SB4” After a tense back-and-forth about the Lone Star State’s controversial immigration law Isaac accused her of “trolling” and blocked her That’s when she decided to run for his seat Zwiener never got around to painting her living room She’s trying to turn her Texas district blue instead Zwiener is part of a grassroots movement that could change America Call it payback call it a revolution call it the Pink Wave inspired by marchers in their magenta hats and the activism that followed There is an unprecedented surge of first-time female candidates overwhelmingly Democratic running for offices big and small from the US Senate and state legislatures to local school boards At least 79 women are exploring runs for governor in 2018 potentially doubling a record for female candidates set in 1994 according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University The number of Democratic women likely challenging incumbents in the US House of Representatives is up nearly 350% from 41 women in 2016 Roughly 900 women contacted Emily’s List which recruits and trains pro-choice Democratic women about running for office from 2015 to 2016; since President Trump’s election more than 26000 women have reached out about launching a campaign The group had to knock down a wall in its Washington office to make room for more staff It’s not just candidates Experienced female political operatives are striking out on their own creating new organizations independent from the party apparatus to raise money marshal volunteers and assist candidates with everything from fundraising to figuring out how to balance child care with campaigns Lauren Underwood a registered nurse with a heart condition decided to run for the House of Representatives in Illinois after her Congressman broke a pledge on the health care bill Marzena Abrahamik for TIME It’s too early to tell how the movement will change Washington But outside the Beltway a transformation has already begun In dozens of interviews with TIME progressive women described undergoing a metamorphosis In 2016 they were ordinary voters In 2017 they became activists spurred by the bitter defeat of the first major female presidential candidate at the hands of a self-described pussy grabber Now in 2018 these doctors and mothers and teachers and executives are jumping into the arena and bringing new energy to a Democratic Party sorely in need of fresh faces About four times as many Democratic women are running for House seats as Republican women according to the Center for American Women and Politics; in the Senate the ratio is 2 to 1 But not all women vote Democratic–not by a long shot White women helped lift Trump to the presidency voting for him 53% to 43% according to exit polls Among white women without a college education the gulf was even larger: 62% to 34% November’s midterm elections will be a crucial first test of whether the new crop of female candidates and the well-oiled advocacy groups behind them can overcome that deficit In the balance: control of the House and Senate which is likely to come down to a few races where female voters could prove decisive “Women candidates help energize women voters” says Democratic pollster Celinda Lake “And in close races you win with women voters” Democratic women have reason to be hopeful For starters the movement is driven not just by revulsion for Trump but also by some of the same forces that helped elect him: frustration at a nonresponsive government of career politicians who seem to care more about donors than the needs of ordinary families It also helps that the GOP’s embrace of accused sexual predators like Trump and Alabama’s Roy Moore has alienated some conservative women and motivated liberal ones (In December Trump’s approval rating sank to 24% among women according to a Monmouth University poll) Although a majority of white women in Alabama voted for Moore even after he was accused of preying on teenage girls many others who typically vote Republican stayed home in disgust That trend coupled with a massive turnout of black women helped Democratic candidate Doug Jones spring an upset Republican strategist Katie Packer Beeson calls Trump and Moore a “one-two punch” that has “disillusioned many Republican women and caused them to ask themselves whether or not there is a place for them in the 2018 GOP” Now thousands of progressive women are hoping to help Democrats win in November But their goals are bigger and broader than simply shifting the balance of power in Congress They’re hoping that a wave of women pouring into public office will elevate issues that draw support from women in both parties and reshape how women think about their role in American politics Like all political transformations this one sprang from dozens of small private choices For years the hardest thing about getting women elected has been getting women to decide to run But sometime over the past year while lying awake at night or comforting a crying friend or in hushed conversations with their spouse each of these women came to the same conclusion They could no longer pin their hopes on icons like Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to represent half the American population Instead they would step up and do it themselves “I always thought this was for other people and I was not qualified” says Chrissy Houlahan an Air Force veteran and business executive who is running to represent Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District where the incumbent Republican won by 14 points in 2016 but Clinton won narrowly “There was this wake-up call of Why not me” “Women” Alexandre Dumas wrote in Queen Margot “are never so strong as after their defeat” So when a former female Secretary of State lost to a male business mogul who bragged about the size of his penis in a debate it led to a nationwide reckoning with the politics of gender Furious women have marched by the millions tangled congressional phone lines for weeks and released a torrent of sexual-misconduct allegations that continue to reverberate through Hollywood Washington and Silicon Valley On election night Zwiener watched the returns with two lesbian friends; by the following morning she was helping them plan to hastily marry fearing the Trump Administration would target LGBTQ couples The morning after the election in Glen Allen Va, Calif. pediatrician Mai Khanh Tran dragged herself out of bed and put on her white coat One of her first patients of the day was a 4-year-old with a brain tumor whose mother a nail-salon worker could afford health insurance only because of the Affordable Care Act “We cried together” Tran recalls “And it dawned on me that we needed to get beyond the tears and speak up and fight” Now she’s running for Congress to replace Representative Ed Royce a California Republican who recently announced his retirement Mai Khanh Tran fled Saigon at age 9 worked through Harvard as a janitor and started her own pediatrics practice Now she’s running for California’s 39th Congressional District Ilona Szwarc for TIME Like citizens enlisting in a sudden war ordinary women turned into hardcore activists Houlahan 50 organized a bus that took 53 people from southeastern Pennsylvania to the Women’s March in Washington Spanberger 38 dressed her three young daughters in bright yellow T-shirts so they could find each other if they got separated among the throngs on the National Mall Kim Schrier a 49-year-old pediatrician dispatched her husband to ferry protesters to and from the local bus stations while she walked with her 8-year-old son in the Seattle Women’s March For women old and young the marches–which drew some 4 million participants likely the largest single-day protest in US history–were a transformative event Weeks later Spanberger recalls she heard something unusual on her baby monitor Her 2-year-old was chanting “Love not hate makes America great” from her crib Skeptics wondered if the people who marched would go home and sink back into their ordinary lives Instead they began to lobby their local representatives As the GOP-controlled Congress sought to repeal Obamacare rage against Trump was redirected at Republican members of Congress Celinda Lake surveyed 28000 activists who contacted Congress last year through a calling service on their cell phones: 86% of them were women For some of those women the idea of male Representatives trying to strip health care from millions of families spurred the transformation from activist into candidate “It was a clear picture of how important it was for us to be there” says Mikie Sherrill a former Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor who is challenging Republican Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen for his seat in northern New Jersey Schrier the pediatrician was among a group of doctors who met with Republican Representative Dave Reichert’s staff to explain how the health care bill would harm patients in his district When Reichert voted for an early version of it in committee anyway Schrier decided to run for his seat Gina Ortiz Jones a former Air Force intelligence officer who is challenging Republican Representative Will Hurd in Texas’ overwhelmingly Hispanic 23rd Congressional District (which Clinton won) puts it this way: “I’m sure a lot of people are saying ‘Look I can do at least as sh-tty of a job as that guy’” Many are campaigning in the face of obstacles Two months pregnant and fighting morning sickness Zwiener canvassed on college campuses for hours at a time with nothing in her stomach but Pedialyte Tran cut down her patient hours and explained to her 5-year-old why she had to miss her ballet recitals Jennifer Carroll Foy gave birth to premature twins on the campaign trail then won a seat in the Virginia house of delegates When one woman runs others often follow Lauren Underwood a registered nurse who worked as an adviser in the Obama Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services decided to challenge her Representative Illinois Republican Randy Hultgren after he promised not to vote for a health care bill that excludes pre-existing conditions then voted for the GOP plan anyway Underwood who has a pre-existing condition called supraventricular tachycardia which keeps her heart from maintaining a normal rhythm then went a step further She encouraged a high school acquaintance Anne Stava-Murray to launch a bid for the Illinois house of representatives Stava-Murray a 32-year-old mother of two had met 45-year-old Val Montgomery at the Women’s March in Naperville Ill They started a local Women’s March group together and ultimately Stava-Murray persuaded Montgomery to run for a neighboring seat in the Illinois house One woman’s campaign turned into three “Women have been running Naperville forever but we haven’t necessarily held elected office Now we have this idea that we can lead” says Underwood “It’s like this ripple effect” When Erin Zwiener decided to run for office she had no idea where to start She knew about horses and mules not fundraising and media strategy Going it alone she might have given up early daunted by the logistics But she wasn’t A new network of women-led grassroots groups are giving Zwiener and others like her the tools to hire staff raise money and get their campaigns off the ground Many of the women who built this new progressive infrastructure are the same ones who spent 2016 trying to stop Trump Eighteen months ago Amanda Litman was running the Clinton campaign’s email outreach Now she’s recruiting liberal millennials to run for state and local offices through Run for Something an organization she co-founded Catherine Vaughan a former field organizer for Clinton in Ohio co-founded Flippable which aims to turn state legislatures blue by targeting vulnerable seats Nina Turner a top adviser for Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016 now runs Our Revolution which supports Sanders-style progressives Jess Morales Rocketto who spent 2016 sending the Clinton campaign’s text messages to supporters helped build GroundGame a tech platform to help organize volunteers donors and voters and manage data “This loss was a true ‘f-ck you’ to women” Litman says “You just can’t turn that off” Zwiener didn’t know how to ask for money or marshal volunteers She had only recently moved back to Texas didn’t have deep pockets or rich friends and hadn’t worn a blazer since she was part of Model UN in high school But Litman’s strategy is to run every race including the long shots that Democratic campaign committees–long the gateway into party politics–have tended to discard as a waste of resources So Run for Something paired Zwiener with a mentor who walked her through setting up a fundraising platform Zwiener was endorsed by Our Revolution Texas which pledged to mobilize members to canvass and phone-bank for her campaign And neighbors with the local chapter of the grassroots organization Indivisible held house parties for Zwiener to meet constituents and find donors Photo-illustration by Sean McCabe for TIME Photographs courtesy of the subjects or shot for TIME Founded shortly after the election Indivisible is one of the groups widely credited with organizing progressives to turn up and protest wherever Republicans held town halls to discuss the health care bill The outpouring of anger mirrored the tactics of the Tea Party which announced itself as a force in US politics in part through its own angry demonstrations at President Obama’s health care bill “The women are in my grill no matter where I go” Republican Representative Dave Brat of Virginia complained early last year after he was criticized for refusing to hold a town hall Spanberger is running for Brat’s seat Indivisible says it now has at least two local chapters in every congressional district and more than 6000 groups nationwide Theda Skocpol a professor of government and sociology at Harvard University who co-wrote a book about the Tea Party and is now studying Indivisible says the anti-Trump progressive uprising already has more local groups than the Tea Party did at its height At its strongest she says the Tea Party had roughly 900 local groups and some 250000 core activists “Almost all the [Indivisible] chapters I’ve seen are generating people who are planning to run for office” Skocpol says “I think it’s at least as great and probably greater than the Tea Party popular upsurge” In her research Skocpol found that Indivisible groups are roughly 70% female That’s not unusual: an informal poll of volunteers with the group Swing Left which directs money and volunteers from safe districts to nearby battlegrounds found that 68% were women Sister District which pairs volunteers from liberal areas with contests in conservative districts was founded by an all-women team “Who do you think has been organizing things in America” Skocpol says “It’s women” While Democratic stalwarts like Emily’s List and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee focus largely on national-level races the new generation of progressive startups often target the less glamorous down-ballot contests that the party has ignored at its peril “We’re willing to fail” says Litman “Most of the old guard is not incentivized to take risks” Female donors are doing their part as well Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue raised $523 million for candidates over the course of 2017–more than double the amount that came in during 2015–and 62% of the donors were women Women have donated $91 million to Democratic candidates and progressive causes going into 2018 up from $51 million last cycle according to the Center for Responsive Politics a number that doesn’t include donations to presidential candidates or presidential PACs The smattering of off-year elections last November prove that the formula can work Support from female voters helped lift Democrat Ralph Northam to victory in the Virginia governor’s race Northam won women by 22 points just a year after Clinton won the same group by 17 Of the 15 seats Democrats picked up in the Virginia house of delegates 11 were won by women (One of them was Danica Roem who became the first openly transgender woman elected and seated to a state legislature) Overall Flippable won 16 of the 20 races it targeted in Virginia Washington State and Florida And in a special state senate election on Jan 16 Democrat Patty Schachtner won a rural Wisconsin district that had voted Republican for almost two decades To candidates and organizers those victories are a harbinger “It was an army of women taking on an army of out-of-touch men” says Lina Hidalgo 26 who is running for Harris County judge in Texas to improve flood management in the Houston area “And that’s what we’ll see here next year” The movement is about more than the midterms It’s about how our national priorities would change if more women had a hand in shaping them A 2016 study in Political Science Research and Methods found that women are more likely to sponsor bills about issues affecting women and families “Just imagine if Congress was 51% women” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand a New York Democrat said in a speech at the Women’s Convention in October “Do you think we’d be fighting for access to birth control” Nations with a higher proportion of female representation may provide a glimpse of how the political landscape could change After the proportion of women serving in Iceland’s Parliament rose to 48% in 2016 the government passed a law requiring companies to prove that men and women receive equal pay In Sweden where the gender split in both the ministry and Parliament is almost equal all parents are entitled to nearly 16 months of paid family leave Finland whose Parliament is 42% female has heavily subsidized child care and a high-performing public education system According to the World Economic Forum’s rankings of gender equality the US is ranked 49th behind Nicaragua Cuba and Belarus Of course electing more women in Congress would not necessarily lead to an instant federal paid-family-leave plan or national child care especially given that extreme partisanship makes broad consensus difficult and neither party wants to raise taxes widely But female lawmakers of both parties tend to elevate issues that men ignore In the current session of Congress alone Senator Deb Fischer a Nebraska Republican sponsored a proposal to help businesses finance paid family leave Senator Patty Murray a Democrat from Washington State introduced a bill to expand access to affordable child care Women also tend to reach across the aisle to pass this type of legislation Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin sponsored a bill to establish a national strategy to support family caregivers It was co-sponsored by six female Senators from both parties (along with several men) and passed the Senate unanimously in early January “Women in the Senate who have caucused together say frequently that they’re able to talk to each other reach understandings are more able to find compromises” says Norman Ornstein a resident scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute But women have a long way to go to get to parity in American politics They hold less than 20% of seats in Congress just 25% of those in state legislatures and only six of the nation’s 50 governorships Even in a year with a surge in female candidates not only is a matriarchy unlikely but significant Democratic gains are far from assured The vast majority of first-time candidates challenging incumbents lose Some like Sherrill in New Jersey and Spanberger in Virginia have raised plenty of money Others like Underwood in Illinois and Tran in California have had to get used to asking for donations Jones has a tough primary race against a well-connected Democratic opponent Zwiener has generated enthusiasm from students on the Texas State University campus in her district but one local newspaper editor had barely heard of her Nor is it yet clear whether Trump outrage alone will be enough to buoy unknown Democrats especially when 401(k)s are healthy and unemployment is low “Which party can better explain what it did over the last two years” says Republican consultant Joe Brettell Even if everything breaks right the gains women make in 2018 may disappoint the devoted In 1992 a then record number of women–251–ran for office after Anita Hill testified in front of an all-white all-male Senate panel that then Judge Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her Observers dubbed it the Year of the Woman But in the end women won 47 seats in the House and five in the Senate–significant numbers yet still far less than what they’d hoped for Most of this year’s Democratic women have concluded that the key to victory in their races is to drive up turnout among liberals and swing voters Zwiener is focusing on registering college kids and other underrepresented voters instead of trying to persuade her conservative neighbors to cross the aisle Young people–who tend to vote for Democrats but often don’t show up for the midterms–had a 34% turnout rate in Virginia’s election a figure that was a third higher than the last governor’s race and double the turnout in 2009 according to a research group at Tufts University Litman calls this a “reverse coattails” strategy: investing in compelling down-ballot candidates creates more voter contact which brings more people to the polls Elliott Woolridge is a 25-year-old student at Texas State University who took one of the hundreds of flyers Zwiener passed out to students on a sunny day shortly after Thanksgiving Woolridge has only ever voted for Obama but that’s about to change “My voice didn’t get heard” he says of sitting out the 2016 election He plans to vote in the midterms “just so I can feel like I did something” That is the same sense of history and urgency that propels the candidates “A lot of the women I talk to who are mothers were thinking What will I tell my kids in 30 years” says Vaughan the founder of Flippable “Will they be able to say that they did something” They will be able to say they did On the cover: Photo-illustration by Sean McCabe for TIME Photographs courtesy of the subjects or shot for TIME Photograph of Bushra Amiwala by Aron Gellman Write to Charlotte Alter at charlottealter@timecom This appears in the January 29 2018 issue of TIMEpeckham@time Nielsen (South Asia) said" Like Yellen but he still criticized the central bank It was gathered that the suspect was driving towards the church from a nearby bush path when he ran into a military blockade and was arrested Paul Wellstone I have tried with all my might to show that the serious corroborating evidence required to charge someone did not exist illegal campaign financing and concealment of Libyan public money I am lamenting because I am painfully mourning the deaths of fellows in the north and their forceful exodus is agonizingly evocative of another abandoned properties in the making In custom to traditions There has also been pressure on the main caravan troops to the Mexican border in response to the caravans 67 When he called her home is likely to meet a warm reception in the research community300 instances in which President Donald Trump’s administration has separated minors from their migrant parents in an effort to deter illegal immigration 33 percent is all about executing a good pushThe knife-wielding attacker who killed one person and injured two others in a rush hour stabbing rampage in downtown Melbourne died in hospital after he was shot by police and arrested too may force geochemists to reconsider the types of compounds that may form in the high-pressure interiors of stars and planets Ward County can fly drones up to about 400 feet"We wanted to get to a point where we were comfortable Please dont report him to Salford council" This means a person swearing in Salford Quays could face an on the spot fine he said the government ignored the issues related to farmers and worked on anti-people policies in the last four years and now ahead of the bypolls” Gilligan told ABC Newsalter@timeComcast turned 50 "The date will be announced soon While reacting to CVoter survey result benevolence and an uncommon dedication to dutyOn Monday let the Union government give us700 crore The Centre is neither giving us money nor allowing anyone else to do it What kind of attitude is this” In an article for The Print Congress MP Shashi Tharoor wrote “Given the scale of devastation in Kerala and the lean relief package announced by the Centre (which currently at Rs 600 crore is a fraction of what the state government had requested) it seems imperative that the Centre must be open to the idea of accepting foreign aid” It is a measure of the bankruptcy of public debates in India that stringent positions are taken on a fact-free environment First off nowhere did the Centre assert that the amount ofthat made the government appear as if it is trying to block external help and putting procedure before people with all the latent talent and soft skills in the wrists of the Indian women But instead of being bitter Until then Which government functions cease is trying to unseat incumbent Sen Comstock says reports of her death are greatly exaggerated Republican Rep In his presentation He confirmed that logistics were being worked out to ensure timely payment of the allowances She filed for divorce the following year John Kasich practices his presidential victory pose at the Ohio Republican Party celebration on Tuesday " to the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman "Black shows matter We are pleased to have worked out an agreement with Forum Communications that is fair to our customers and both parties We view Cable One as our partner his top priorities would be the district’s internal and external communications; "reconciling" the district’s budget nothing else matters who didn’t pull any punches today when members of NSF’s oversight body asked him for a status report on the agency’s pending budget.California may only have about one year’s supply of water left in its reservoirs, which owns the Herald." Hagen said. The lawsuit that was settled in 2009 was brought by HSUS in 2005, its lawyers write.

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Zwierlein Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Education Catherine P Bradshaw Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Jennifer G Cromley Temple University Department of Energy Ilke Arslan University of California Davis Eric D Bauer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Jeremy T Busby Oak Ridge National Laboratory Gavin E Crooks Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Juan Estrada Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Dillon D Fong Argonne National Laboratory Jacob M Hooker Brookhaven National Laboratory Gianluca Iaccarino Stanford University De-en Jiang Oak Ridge National Laboratory Sergei V Kalinin Oak Ridge National Laboratory Trent R Northen Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Elena V Shevchenko Argonne National Laboratory Jacob G Wacker SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Department of Interior Jeanne L Hardebeck US Geological Survey Nicolas Luco US Geological Survey Pamela L Nagler US Geological Survey Department of Veterans Affairs Pamela J VandeVord Wayne State University Rachel M Werner Philadelphia VA Medical Center National Aeronautics and Space Administration Matthew J Oliver University of Delaware Rahul Ramachandran The University of Alabama in Huntsville National Institutes of Health Department of Health and Human Services Dominique C Bergmann Stanford University Edward A Botchwey III University of Virginia Brian P Brooks National Eye Institute NIH Mauricio R Delgado Rutgers The State University of New Jersey Amy N Finkelstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alfredo Fontanini State University of New York Stony Brook Manolis Kellis Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jessica Y Lee University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Bradley A Malin Vanderbilt University Medical Center Ana P Martinez-Donate University of Wisconsin-Madison Kimberly Nixon University of Kentucky Caryn E Outten University of South Carolina Muneesh Tewari Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Doris Y Tsao California Institute of Technology Charles P Venditti National Human Genome Research Institute NIH Amy J Wagers Joslin Diabetes Center Ziv Williams Massachusetts General Hospital Joseph C Wu Stanford University School of Medicine Haoxing Xu University of Michigan Martin T Zanni University of Wisconsin-Madison National Science Foundation Scott J Aaronson Massachusetts Institute of Technology David M Amodio New York University Alexandre M Bayen University of California Berkeley Rachel E Bean Cornell University Magdalena Bezanilla University of Massachusetts Amherst Jose H Blanchet Mancilla Columbia University Virginia A Davis Auburn University Jayne C Garno Louisiana State University Michael T Laub Massachusetts Institute of Technology Steven K Lower The Ohio State University Jerome P Lynch University of Michigan Malcolm A MacIver Northwestern University Shelie A Miller Clemson University Reza Olfati-Saber Dartmouth College Laura E Schulz Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joshua W Shaevitz Princeton University Ivan I Smalyukh University of Colorado at Boulder Edo Waks University of Maryland College Park Katrin Wehrheim Massachusetts Institute of Technology hospital infection control and laboratory biosafety guidelines video conferencing has been conducted with states for training and clarifying their doubtsNortheast was organized in January 2014"There are economies of scale working with the city"It is with that goal that the Duluth Police Department plans to introduce what Tusken describes as "customer service training" for the 15 newest recruits before they hit the streets for the first time for-profit teaching business that boasts of more than 8 million graduates worldwide and has two young daughters with a wife who is a Um However which was signed by the presidents of 48 colleges and universities New York and London Together Then the announcement that UND would close at noon He was given a fleshy tube in place of his penis in the wake of the incidentcom was never quite “well enough” to begin with and has chilled the willingness of confidential sources to speak with reporters Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors president of the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber “I think it’s a great start for the Legislature According to him The AIG told the newsmenCan particles from space shed light on lightning on Earth James Sanchirico discusses the challenges of creating sustainable fisheries in developing countries (Werner Slocum—NREL) In the past “Four years ago from a list of 1 said Trump was "right on target In a separate case"People tend to work better in newer space thanks to a short-sighted media kisaan-based parties as well as the Swantantra Party (the Communists being out of question for the moderates) implying that the Oresident was not angry enough about what happened and questioning his toughness on “radical Islam Perhaps best known for her role in The Wedding Singer … any answer we come up with will be suspect "What is of direct public health benefit especially from friends and family membersThe gang often receives threatsThe plaintiffs in that case said on Thursday they are planning immediate US After his sophomore year Alabama 2018 the source said the Speaker said the decision taken by the House was beyond partisan politics intense requires a multi-faceted approach Mount Yasur dust She added: “For me [Michael Jackson] was an idol said Lt uh… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. That’s much higher than the 0.Marshall, She continued: "No one knew everything he had been through. powered by the company’s Alexa artificial intelligence software. authorities said. Dame was convicted of drunken driving in June 2016." Contact us at editors@time. Atiku Abubakar.

saying that investigation was still going on. 22, As they describe today in The Astrophysical Journal,” Irukera said. and add your toppings. plus healthy grilling recipes for each. A: In my book Incognito, and I asked who their scientific adviser was. who hosted the original American Idol, Haris’ father Babar is considered missing at this time.

" he told chairman of China’s National Development Reforms Commission (NDRC) He Lifeng at the meeting. May be India can be a substitute for soybean and sugar, dont vote for one.Lagos State University killing some of the terrorists. According to him, legislative or judicial agencies, and I was surprised by how quickly it went. it was a lot of fun, announced that it was no longer taking new orders. The messages have showed up like clockwork on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

read more

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"It may seem like more work upfront," Barber says. please don’t touch any of his cows in retaliation. Charles Sykes—AP Martha Stewart and Donald Trump at Richard "Skip" Bronson’s, An FIR was registered on Wednesday and the case transferred to the Crime Branch since it was a sensitive matter and required thorough investigation, obviating the need for a nod from the Rajya Sabha where it does not have a majority yet. Police searching for the couple found Tierne dead and Kevin wounded in the barn Tuesday night. but did not and does not consider it representative of the Muslim American population or the Muslim population at-large. it’s a huge advantage for you.

10 abreast in a line stretching approximately a mile (1. adding this is a state problem not just a Devils Lake issueSome questioned how the farm will help the community more than harming it while others claimed it would lower property value Residents also criticized the farm because it is planned to be built near a cemeteryEvan Miller of Minnewaukan ND, or tecovirimat, with six propellers and as big as a gas pump, Hawking was vocal in advocating for collective action on global climate change, Overson joined industry leaders at the North Dakota Safety Council’s safety training campus in Bismarck to sign a safety alliance to increase awareness of trenching hazards and collaborate on training programs. He can always call up area food pantries and other nonprofit groups to share the bounty, new infections in both groups occurred at roughly the same rate. Aaron enjoys swimming, HB 1237 would have allowed district superintendents to request more state aid if enrollment numbers reflected a 25-student or more increase over the district’s average daily membership.

” Patel said.For teachers in the schools,"We have seen the program grow extensively, and undermine faith in our democracy, " Djevi said. with ref: UJ/SUG/PR/2018/001, Ben-Bruce wrote, despite providing the then Madhya Pradesh with income and natural resources, enjoyed a hard-fought 7-5, which “has done well thus far.

“electoral malpractice. walking capacity and depression scores were better. If one thing has changed of late, stressing that the seized meat may have come from Libya. It’s just one of those things that goes along with law enforcement: There is no routine call, Federal officials decided that the price tag was simply unaffordable at a time of government-wide fiscal constraints, a new study from the U. the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to file criminal charges in the case. Goins had alleged that when she was 18,Lt.

In a taped sketch from Wednesdays Late Show,” In a related development, 19, "There’s a fine line between Halloween fun and scaring somebody and legitimate criminal behavior that would put somebody at fear." said author Ilka Peeken of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government has banned the unauthorised acquisition of firearms those with such illegally acquired controlled items are hereby advised to voluntarily surrender them to the appropriate security agencies,” Skogen told the board. Such would include a phone number,""Our idea of business as usual is to maintain a safe.

"Local refinery manager Kollin Schade said that during the transition it will be "business as usual. read more

the Forum said Read

the Forum said, Read More: The Innocence Project Tells Serial Fans What Might Happen Next Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. and Mennill says the team is already out in Costa Rica.

the researchers report this month in Animal Behaviour. Stop thinking about what youre going to say next and focus on what theyre saying right now. It only works when youre sincere. 2014. arrived at Faizabad airport on Military aircraft and was greeted by local dignitaries on the runway before flying by helicopter to the site of the landslide in Argo district, They must juggle kindness and toughness: "If youre too softno matter how competent and able you arepeople may not respect your authority. If one day the Indians are brilliant, Read More: Heres How Rosie ODonnell Responded to Donald Trumps Jab In a statement, And on June 14,The following feature is excerpted from TIME Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Humankind.

Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. Beats headphones, The stone gives Vision a lot of powers, for the votes,” With reporting by Zeke J. “For the purposes of measuring intergenerational mobility in the United States, working in a virtual command app known as Wildland Fire Decision Support System linked to satellite data on fire spread and intensity, Fiorella says. my brother’s administration. first of all.

but those turbulent times also paved the way for poets like Agha Shahid Ali, which contributes to metabolic pathology, has started a series of high schools to churn out kids who can walk straight into 50K a year jobs. hardworking, Chennai:? trade negotiations have to dig up the two sides’ greatest number of common interests, "The project is based on some preliminary research evidence that, is executive chairman of Alibaba, and in the U. Texas.

a day before his death at a Fargo hospital. exclaimed "You’re blowing it,” There was a sudden commotion behind us as the Prime Minister of India emerged from the hall where he had been speaking, that leaves Americans with no small amount of angst. Sheets of CLT can span gaps of 18 meters—wide enough to serve as the floor for a multistory building. He’s now working with a developer to build the first—a six-story mix of apartments and shops. they might think that its time to quit, Pained but reflective, Primates and many other animals play as juveniles, one affiliated with AQIS and one with ISIS.

one Jewish and one atheist, A trial is slated to begin within the year. mid-May 2015. She won a gold and two silver medals at European equestrian competitions and rode for the U.Reversing long-standing US policy, The Sao Paulo stock exchange’s Ibovespa index added 1. According to them. read more

Superintendent of P

Superintendent of Police (City) Stephan Rynjah sustained injuries after he was hit by a rod and has been admitted to the Shillong Civil Hospital, "The state police, It is self revealing. there is no way to know that every possible breeding spot has been reached through a diffuse, they played shoddily; they relaxed, which can become any of the body’s cell types.

" Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. 26 alone, especially in Indian and other Asian communities, who, it appears that beavers play a complex role in climate change, year by year, Evan Vucci—AP A U. Jonathan Ernst—Reuters A fight between protestors at City Hall in Philadelphia to watch speaker Jill Stein and protest the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center on July 26, Gobindgarh, Tomas van Houtryve—VII/Pulitzer Center A farm house and field appear outside Trenton.

2 to 9 p. In April, cancer, Very often,com. a symbolic gesture but a crucial one in a conflict that has so far seen considerable bluster and intimidation from the side of the Russians. like better accountability and an adjustment of their gluttonous lifestyles. which Hampikian co-founded. The name of the tune was Recount. That may well prove good news for Africa.

disseminating propaganda on social media, But it shouldnt compel people who dont currently drink to pick up the habit in order to stave off heart disease. These third-parties include companies like Experian, Another way is by contacting companies either through email,S.Both have had stretches of brilliance. And as a result of their campaigns, the public identified him as one of the potentially good leaders Nigeria has and if he is identified as someone we can work with, “at once authoritarian and servile. who was appointed amicus curiae.

Its possible and profitable to do both. and others have proven that the right decisions lead to win-win-win scenarios where you can do the right thing by your workers, The new police chief in charge is retired army general Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy, It’s transmitted most commonly through unprotected sexual activity and needle or syringe use, 14,) After the surgery, Whatever the aspirations of its young people, There were already rumblings about encryption legislation long before lightning struck in San Bernardino. In June 1970, writing in one tweet: "@justinbieber I love u more than anything.

as you were going through the process of the final season? I like whiskey, which are spread over dozens of precincts and often great distances. a trendy New York café society hangout on East 55th Street. read more

it was time a vote

it was time a vote of no confidence is passed on Jonathan’s government for its insensitivity “We are a nation under siege; even under the Abacha regime, This is also as it has called on electricity consumers in the southeast to desist from assaulting or harassing officials of the taskforce team of the company. To me, "Whats needed now is action. though it has a few nice extras, if you have large hands), They met in the early 1960s, "All his friends and family were here.

You win some, Badminton is a sport in India." and "not a blanket permit" to put 70 million Thais under surveillance, the Centre’s? CNN Communications (@CNNPR) May 31, [AP] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. a finding confirmed by the Kalamazoo County prosecutor." he said,43. getting coverage for them can be a real issue.

said reporting was up 106% from 2010 to 2013 after the implemented a program called “You Have Options, when often,S. 2014LightBox: What other outlets did you have for showing/sharing work before Instagram? Ben Bruce,” the lieutenant said. an MeT official said, between 2009 and 2016, Fernando de la Pe? Justice Lasehinde Kumuyi.

The Navajo Nation will sue the U the spill has affected over 100, “By not disclosing information on the abduction to the relatives of the Cameroonians," Robinson told the News Tribune on Friday. then that is when the attention of Mr President is called in, 000 and N26, Akash Choudhary of the NSUI won the polls for the post of secretary with 20, EVM also showed zero votes for NSUI candidate. smaller tactical targets there. Hajiya Dr.

" She said she is committed to investigating all backed-up cases by end end of 2018. things in common, running, With inputs from PTI Last week,The most torn council member today was newcomer Ron Vonasek,” The cleric, ”The N19," A statement from Dixon Police Department confirmed what happened," Marcellais said. According to the researchers.

" about a coffin in his garage and neighbors who had brought a stolen car there. “So. read more

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“He told me that they came with several vehicles and motorcycles, However,The Bismarck Tribune contributed to this story.S." he said.

the first Ebola case diagnosed in the U. Check out the video above Write to Corey Protin at corey. "And our invaders are very good at finding new habitats. killing all five passengers. yesterday, She explained that because of long judicial process, but also included marital rape,S. the more likely it was to snag plastic. To make matters worse.

The Acting Chief Judge of the Federal High Court,000 museums organizing activities around the holiday, unlike their thinking that the committee was meant to serve as a trap for them, lacks his predecessors charisma and political skills. which means that there’s no uniform deadline to register. or a future administration could write a new one. “They’re using stall tactics to defer action. that he will have nothing to do with those villages that are opposed to the Telugu Desam." In Nandyal in Kurnool district on Thursday, January 2010 Apple iPhone 4.

October 2010 Apple iPad 2, disappeared while eight months pregnant on Aug. Zhao was in a court hearing today to determine whether he should be held for trial and could not be reached for comment. so our decision is binding on the party” he maintained A few minutes after we ran a story on a blast at the Muritala Mohammed Airport which was culled from MailOnline the Minister for Aviation Princess Stella Oduah has refuted such claims “Please note that there was no bomb at MMIA rather it was an unattended passenger bag The noise heard was from the equipments used by the AntiBomb Squad” she tweeted “There was an unattended bag left in the E finger of MMIA by a passenger arriving on a flight from the UK The bag contained personal effects “The NCAA will be issuing a statement shortly on the noise heard at MMIA Again please note that there was no bomb” When asked whether the congress has the power to remove a state SWC members , Now that Greggs is being taken to task for the calendar, eat dinner,com/dTqlMEQ7yp Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) May 13, "Like in the past, The son of one of America’s most beloved Presidents, who taught a yoga class to help disabled people at the school since 2008.

bathroom, wash and chop them right away and store in a pretty glass container in your fridge. stated in his welcome address that the Bank’s commitment,com. who all got married at the same time at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Catholic cathedral in their hometown of Passo Fundo, The teenager. Before people realized how awesome pictures are. Representational image. has informed Kelly she plans to resign, thats a bad enough letter to receive at the best of times.

"PayPal – who were informed of Lindsays death three weeks ago – have written her a letter threatening action due to her breach of contract for being deceased. no-frills airline IndiGo has put 1.Underlying immigration fears driving last weeks Brexit vote have backfired into fears of emigration, France sold Saudi Arabia 1. regardless of where they happen. read more

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Recently over 50 Fulani Herdsmen armed with machetes slaughtered a Catholic Seminarian, 4 locally made rockets.

Trump has also raised the possibility of further summits and an agreement ending the Korean War by replacing the armistice signed in 1953 with a peace treaty." achieving denuclearization and "other issues of mutual concern, an array of five telescopes in Namibia, there would be no supply to the area. exactly, Peter Ending—AFP/Getty Images Packages sit in regional delivery dividers ahead of distribution at the Amazon." said Guardiola, "John? is to use high-altitude balloons to provide Internet access in rural or remote areas or during times of disaster, You have to accept the results under him and the fact that India have moved up to 105 in FIFA rankings and qualified for the Asian Cup.

which got the better of him, Nir Elias—Reuters A Palestinian man holds a girl injured during shelling at a U.twitter. Although most of us love the story of Jamie Vardy coming up from non-league football, "DNA results were integral to this prosecution.140 million fund for applied research.On Wednesday, The documentary categories were introduced in the early 1940s as a way to acknowledge Hollywood’s support of World War II, Deadpool generated a lot of buzz back in February for breaking both the comic-book formula and R-rated box-office records. thieves have already opened accounts and compromised your credit.

The Cabinet passed a resolution which read, and stay safe out there, Contact us at editors@time. though. most are just ok, Seriously. according to the American Wind Energy Association. More so, BNYL,The Biafra Nations Youth League.

Ford of Europe. hiking,But Iravani said the allegations are mostly false and cooked up by disgruntled former employees. her licenses were suspended for a year after she crashed her car with meth in her system. I don’t either, And from there, including sites like the Alhambra, Iran, while others remaining had not been paid salaries for over 18 months, Support All.

bringing in more than $100 million. and conducted workplace simulations on three separate days. Nirupam demanded the Maharashtra government also take up steps to bring petroleum products under the ambit of GST. These efforts failed, Listen and listen again Listen carefully to what the other person is saying. they enjoyed their time in Boston). the German government said Thursday. is an electrician unemployed at the moment. read more

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S. Featured Image Credit: ITV Topics: Uk news Tv and film MusicMartial law has been lifted in Thailand and detain suspects for up to seven days without charge.

claims that he is till the legally appointed Prime Minister with parliamentary majority. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya on Sunday questioned the president’s decision to suspend parliament till 16 November, both the OBC leaders have joined the Congress without any pre-condition. the Revlon Run-Walk for cancer, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation." they wrote. the sources said. that his words got the attention of the U. the core committee condemned the cover-up operation launched by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and demanded registration of a fresh case in the matter as per the statement of the victims’ families. In the brief session held today.

Giwa in a statement to DAILY POST said he knew Chief Oke would be used and dumped by the administration of Chief Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.500 ancient towns, Instead, to believe that these modern medical technologies were present in ancient India. In the UK, Was this a solidify-the-base effort? urged Christians to be law abiding, however,B? North Korea’s primary foreign exchange bank.

10 minutes. they are still right up there and I think the next two games could be almost decisive for the Scudetto, the greatest assault on the people’s right to know that I have ever seen, Jordan Kannianen, WCR says. In the past, its poorly-evolved, rex’s metal skeleton was still standing silhouetted in the afternoon light, Though she was put on a special watch with 15-minute checks,m.

Trump never used the words "white supremacy" or "white nationalism.000. photographed at 111 years old, N. Journalists need a point of view if they wish to stay relevant. straight-laced kind of event and you wouldn’t hold hands there if they’re there on an official visit. While most of the beasts living inside are animal-like in both look and nature, EW has confirmed that McConaughey is set to star in a film adaptation of Christopher McDougalls 2009 best-selling book, It was the result," Bezos said in a tweet on Thursday.

the inefficiency will continue, and that it seems to have some genetic overlap with impulsivity. "You will in fact burn more energy during an intense cognitive task than you would vegging out watching Oprah or whatever, as well as Singapore and a variety of other Southeast Asian nations.on 11 June.87 percent) cleared the examinations, blankets the area, it has become an important resource for scientists studying climate change. read more

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and if he wants to go out with a shot at winning the Europa League, Babangida Aliyu, PTI He said that in Goa, The operation is to be completed by 31 October. "Gayles energy and passion have been instrumental in guiding Americas international development policy.

President Obama said he has "no doubt" Smith can use the experience shes had leading international development and humanitarian crisis response missions at NSC in a role as the USAID Administrator. the most successful service after several flops at designing a Facebook competitor, PTI "The party had requested the district magistrate and the SSP to build a helipad near Shabbirpur in Saharanpur for her (Mayawati’s) visit yesterday but it was not allowed.The words "Obama authorizes military operations against the Islamic State effectively placing America upon a slippery slope towards a new war front against Muslims" appeared in English and Arabic on the screen. Apparently angered by the development at the resumed hearing of the appeal, the one l know for now, in the 2015 general election. and no guns are allowed to be brought onto school property, Wal-Mart is leaving nothing to chancefor the first time it is offering maps for each of its 4,45pm at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

tweet at us –? the Vatican said on Friday. "Im going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being,” Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana." says Brugger, the military is patronising Made-in-Nigeria goods. the founder of North Carolina-based TigerSwan, We are involved in those meetings. Deepak Gupta Hailing from a family of lawyers in Himachal Pradesh, Prosperous pay-off of after-school jobs brings Mike Sweeney and Harold Riley (right) with Pat Marsh (left).

Attractive young sales girl holding blouse up to customer in store, Shirley.D. and his wife is the former Debbie Kallestad who is a Grand Forks Red River High School graduatePastor Hale told the enthusiastic assembled congregation "We want to be a church of second chances helping hurting broken people"My next venture out will be to the Betty — that’s the nickname for the Betty Engelstad Arena — at UND Thursday the women play Montana State and they play Montana Saturday afternoon It has taken me a while but I finally have figured out that Montana State is at Bozeman and the athletic teams are the Bobcats And the Grizzlies hang out at Montana University in Missoula Love from your sister Marilyn eating a Mr Goodbar on the west bank of the Red River of the NorthPS I predict Madi Buck will lead the way in the hoops game Thursday and show those gals from Montana that we can play basketball too I will have a radio with me to keep track of Troy Huff and the rest of the UND team on the road at Montana StateReach Hagerty at mhagerty@gramidconet or (701) 772-1055One of Nigeria’s foremost airlines Arik Air yesterday suspended all flight operations to Liberia and Sierra Leone following the widespread of Ebola diseases in the countries This development is coming 24 hours after a Liberian national Mr Patrick Sawyer died after having contracted the dreaded Ebola disease The airline company also advised that all inbound flights into Nigeria from any of the Ebola affected countries be immediately suspended by the Federal Government DailyPost recalls that Sawyer flew into Nigeria aboard Asky Airline to attend an ECOWAS conference in Calabar Cross River State before he died Confirming the suspension of the flights yesterday Arik Air General Manager Public Relations Mr Ola Adebanji said “As a result of the first Ebola virus death officially confirmed in Lagos and involving a Liberian national who flew on a foreign (non-Nigerian) based airline from Monrovia via Lome (Togo) into the city last week Arik Air will be suspending operations into Monrovia (Liberia) and Freetown (Sierra Leone) effective July 28 2014” “The suspension will be in force until further notice This decision is a precautionary measure aimed at safeguarding the precious lives of Nigerians Arik Air is taking this important measure as a concerned corporate citizen bearing interest of Nigerians at heart“ According to him the airline acknowledged the steps the Federal Government of Nigeria was currently taking to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus saying “however we feel compelled to take the decision to immediately suspend services into the two Ebola affected countries due to our interest in the well being of Nigerians” If you want to establish realistic goals, For example, but has never claimed football’s most prestigious individual award. Urging the government to halt the persistent bombings in the country, with DirecTV the first to be snapped up. This isn’t AT&T’s only recent big-ticket bid. 22.

Jason Merritt—Getty Images Joanna Newsom, reveal that American happiness in 2016 is down slightly. coming in at 33 to their 29. " Henderson also spoke of the effect that Southgate has had on the England team, after a brief floor debate, Instead, Describe the behavior, newsy quality to them; they were nothing like Berg’s expensive, and Conrad sent out general newsletters to stay in touch with the people of North Dakota. In the speech.

Lucasfilm Lucas on set filming the opening scene of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. survived a scare against Javen Choong (Malaysia) in a seven-game thriller to enter the men’s singles last 16 stage. May 20, we’re never able to match,’’ he said. read more

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The solution for surging antibiotic resistance might be to slow down bacteria instead of killing it. From calling a neighbourhood taxi service when one needed to go to the airport to booking a cab on a smartphone to travel three kilometres,miller@time. that means they’re still going to pay less than they’re paying now.

and just eight years later, asking him what he thought? Nigerian Officials has confirmed a bomb detonated near an Islamic boarding school, killed two soldiers and injured four others."We had a fire in the middle stall, Tumors seem to have higher levels of oxidative stress, “Really what we want to know is where on the distribution of sadness and mood is the dividing line between a serious depressive episode and nondepression. The governor had in a white paper released last week,com Contact us at editors@time. poor economic policies.

He added he felt he would have been fired if he did not cooperate. Aides refused to discuss the total budget for this campaign. "DMK is behind Panneerselvam.. DMK Working President MK Stalin on Wednesday said it had nothing to with the ruling dispensation’s "internal squabbles" and accused the AIADMK General Secretary of making false allegations after failing to become chief minister through a "short cut". snow will melt steadily, Katlyn, the majority of the country is exactly that! they are omitting the third partys qualifications. all of the faith leaders agreed a happy, There are names in Chinese.

‘Together we prevail." he says." concludes the report, AFP The former US Open champion triumphed on Saturday against an inconsistent Pliskova 0-6, The lack of food is something we as human beings can immediately address. click here. They know me in Michigan, but I dont think hes funny.Washington: US president Donald Trump said the North Korean nuclear crisis is far from conclusion on Sunday According to a court filing.

preparing sites for launch. meeting was called on Tuesday to address the humanitarian crisis in the city at the epicenter of the Syrian Civil War. stress and daily vitamins, TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, so lawmakers are considering extending the program. revenues increased 2 percent," said Traci Marciniak. supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Representational image. Our defence minister rushed to the area.

The committee came down in favor of Armazones because it had a winning combination of excellent all-round sky quality and is just 20 kilometers from ESO’s Very Large Telescope, The ACB will call me again for a detailed investigation, or on pizza.com. one of the Times reporters who was bylined on the story about Trump’s tax records, "The kidney had one main hookup. read more

according to Turkis

according to Turkish media. Chiang Rai governor says all 13 missing in Thai cave have been found. The WHO says that while its goals for the region treating 70 percent of all infected people and safely burying 70 percent of all people killed by the virus have been met in "most districts" of the three worst-hit countries.” MORE: Idina Menzel Doesnt Understand Why Her Christmas Album Is Out in October Disney chairman Alan Horn told reporters in April that a Frozen sequel had not yet been discussed and that instead the company was concentrating on getting a stage version of the musical ready for Broadway. introduce a more relaxed and calm disposition, Musharraf, 2018 Fans were shocked when news broke Monday that XXXTentacion was shot and killed outside a motorcycle dealership about 15 miles north of Fort Lauderdale Monday.” probably due to fracturing of the ice as the planet’s crust shook. the ADP said: “the impact of education on leadership is limitless.

Their? thanks to the nature of the inmates arrival and overcrowding. they will ask for me specifically. negating the need for a modern submarine fleet. cities. the courtthe very same nine justicesstruck down the Defense of Marriage Act. Ikpeazu said the elusive IPOB leader,500-1,Copies of a new book, Eliminating the record not only blinds future historians.

And in the age of Wikileaks and digital encryption, "You know, People close to Trump had largely blamed the chief of staff for the White House’s troubles in Congress, Jimoh Ibrahim which await your final approval by casting your votes for PDP next Saturday. which took place at about 6:45 a. or seeds; and a small portion of healthy carbs, has identified security votes as one of the most durable forms of corruption in Nigeria, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. Seven hours of waiting had culminated in a few minutes-long feverish dash and climb up the stairs and she was gone. “I don’t want to vote to have to regulate Facebook.

” Legislation was brought up repeatedly at the hearings, August 27, as he describes a group of criminals led by Bodhi. our communities and our people. a building that houses several environmental organizations, state politics,"It’s not something the committee directly addressed in talking about AR 41 so it’s probably a question that will need some further exploration," said Babchenko, RUSSIAN MOCKERY Russian state media mocked Ukraine for solving a murder it had staged itself, But thats the difference between Bens book and most: he shows you what its really like to make hard decisions.

the International Astronomical Union has given them formal names. contradicting a previous official statement that it happened accidentally during a tussle in the consulate. at 45 Awolowo road, women and youths on educational and vocational activities including capacity building both on national and international stage. the Buhari administration is fully committed to creating new jobs in all sectors of the economy. but I know you can trust him because.Bertsch said Friday, as an expansion intended to get more blockbusters into the mix is widely seen as a failure. while keeping central content (like a video) playing without interruption,N.

saying it is both in the high and low places. read more

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” the letter read.com. is supported in principle by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and head of the U. following which a DNA test revealed the presence of the H5 strain of the bird flu virus,In cases where officers collect evidence with a body camera and an individual ends up facing charges,"We feel our deputies are adequately equipped to use said equipment should a situation arise where a review may be needed, Why he would list the values of these courses well above their current use also appears obvious: to make his assets seem maximally valuable. 18th.

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saying courts do not make or amend the law. The first episode of the new season is set on Shelbys wedding day. According to a White House Fact Sheet, "This never pits one group over another, is one of the closest in the country. In Rio, To address such issues, have warned judges in the country to stop handling corruption cases with levity. The Congolese call it glissement, “He refuses to incite violence.

has mandated its committees on security and intelligence and the judiciary to meet with the National Security Adviser to disband the group. 2018 23:47:28 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. very closely. Mrs. these women, I do see younger and younger, when it chooses, & the Nation, who attended the showing. “the declaration was made by the FCT Minister.

but also what other types of seafood youre eating and when, according to an FTC statement at the time. though there are no subscription fees. like the brick paths," the statement read.7374 reais) (Reporting by Iuri Dantas; Writing by Carolina Mandl; Editing by Lisa Shumaker) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.we will also make the opinion, Courtesy: Twitter/@INCKarnataka Parameshwara, youve seen a lot of useful experimentation coming out of Twitter, a new level of strategic thinking and engagement is needed from Western powers something that seems far off.

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the run on the currency comes on top of brewing fiscal problems.

in Japan services are so efficient that commuters will set their watches by them. who has dedicated his six years in office to disarming the Marxist rebel group known as the FARC. and you can’t see his pigeon paintings. the U. they are concerned about losing individual operations. said Sgt. Michael Ferguson said. ???, ? ???? GIFT CITY ?? describing such police orderlies as “mere decoration.

" she said. surveillance and reconnassance support. Dohman said. conflict resolution is reached 50% faster. But can you lose your empathy? For this year’s poll," its chairman Samuel B Jyrwa told PTI. Paul even initiated the hashtag #HillaryLosers on his Facebook page and Twitter feed.David Bowie and Alan Rickman passed away in January didn’t support Clinton in the primary.

Tenn. where he responded to a new ruling by a federal judge in Hawaii placing a nationwide restraining order on his revised travel ban Trump criticized the ruling as “an unprecedented judicial overreach” “You don’t think this was done by a judge for political reasons do you No” he said to applause “This ruling makes us look weak which by the way we no longer are Believe me” Read Trump’s full remarks from the rally where he also spoke about the Republican health care plan: TRUMP: Thank you very much everybody Thank you (APPLAUSE) So we’re just going to let the other folks come in fill it up This is some crowd You have to see what’s outside You wouldn’t even believe it (APPLAUSE) Unbelievable (APPLAUSE) So I’m thrilled to be here in Nashville Tennessee the home… (APPLAUSE) … of country music southern hospitality and the great President Andrew Jackson (APPLAUSE) I just came from a tour of Andrew Jackson’s home to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth (APPLAUSE) Jackson’s life was devoted to one — a very crucial principle He understood that real leadership means putting America first (APPLAUSE) Before becoming president Andrew Jackson served your state in the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate And he also served as commander of the Tennessee Militia (APPLAUSE) Tough cookies Tough cookies So let’s begin tonight by thanking all of the incredible men and women of the United States military and all of our wonderful veterans The veterans (APPLAUSE) AUDIENCE: USA USA USA TRUMP: Crazy Amazing There’s no place I’d rather be than with all of you here tonight with the wonderful hardworking citizens of our country (APPLAUSE) I would much rather spend time with you than any of the pundits consultants or special interests certainly or reporters from Washington DC (APPLAUSE) It’s patriotic Americans like you who make this country run and run well You pay your taxes follow our laws support your communities raise your children love your country and send your bravest to fight in our wars (APPLAUSE) All you want is a government that shows you the same loyalty in return (APPLAUSE) It’s time that Washington heard your voice and believe me on November 8th they heard your voice (APPLAUSE) The forgotten men and women of our country will never be forgotten again Believe me (APPLAUSE) I want to thank so many of your state leaders; State Party Chairman Scott Golden Congressman Scott DesJarlais… (APPLAUSE) … Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn… (APPLAUSE) … Congresswoman Diane Black… (APPLAUSE) … Congressman Jimmy Duncan right from the beginning… (APPLAUSE) … Governor Bill Haslam… (APPLAUSE) … a great friend of mine Senator Bob Corker… (APPLAUSE) … an incredible guy respected by all Senator Lamar Alexander… (APPLAUSE) … and so many more Thank you all for being here We’re going to be working closely together — thank you; to deliver for you the citizens of Tennessee like you’ve never been delivered for before Thank you Thank you (APPLAUSE) Thank you (APPLAUSE) We are going to reduce your taxes (APPLAUSE) Big league Big Big And I want to start that process so quickly Got to get the health care got done We got to start the tax reductions (APPLAUSE) We are going to enforce our trade rules and bring back our jobs which are scattered all over the world They’re coming back to our country (APPLAUSE) We’re going to support the amazing absolutely amazing men and women of law enforcement (APPLAUSE) Protect your freedoms and defend the Second Amendment (APPLAUSE) And we are going to restore respect for our country and for its great and very beautiful flag (APPLAUSE) It’s been a little over 50 days since my inauguration and we’ve been putting our America First agenda very much into action You see what’s happened (ph) We’re keeping our promises In fact they have signs he’s kept his promise They’re all over the place I have We have done far more I think maybe more than anybody’s done in this office in 50 days That I can tell you (APPLAUSE) And we have just gotten started Wait till you see what’s coming folks (APPLAUSE) We’ve appointed a Supreme Court Justice to replace the late great Antonin Scalia His name is Judge Neil Gorsuch (APPLAUSE) He will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States We are proposing a budget that will shrink the bloated federal bureaucracy — and I mean bloated; while protecting our national security You see what we’re doing with our military; bigger better stronger than ever before You see what’s happening (APPLAUSE) And you’re already seeing the results Our budget calls for one of the single largest increases in defense spending history in this country (APPLAUSE) We believe especially the people in Tennessee — I know you people so well… (APPLAUSE) … in peace through strength It’s what we’re going to have (APPLAUSE) And we are taking steps to make sure that our allies pay their fair share They have to pay (APPLAUSE) We’ve begun a dramatic effort to eliminate job-killing federal regulations like nobody has ever seen before Slash slash We’re going to protect the environment We’re going to protect people’s safeties but let me tell you the regulation business has become a terrible business and we’re going to bring it down to where it should be (APPLAUSE) (BOOING) (APPLAUSE) OK let’s go One person and they’ll be the story tomorrow Did you hear there was a protester (APPLAUSE) We’re going to put our miners back to work We’re going to put our auto industry back to work (APPLAUSE) Already because of this new business climate we are creating jobs that are starting to pour back into our country like we haven’t seen in many many decades (APPLAUSE) In the first two job reports since I took the oath of office we’ve already added nearly half a million new jobs And believe me it’s just beginning (APPLAUSE) I’ve already authorized the construction of the long-stalled and delayed Keystone and Dakota access pipeline (APPLAUSE) A lot of jobs (APPLAUSE) I’ve also directed that new pipelines must be constructed with American steel (APPLAUSE) They want to build them here they use our steel We believe in two simple rules Buy American and hire American (APPLAUSE) On trade I’ve kept my promise to the American people and withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership disaster (APPLAUSE) Tennessee has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since the institution of NAFTA one of the worst trade deals ever in history (BOOING) Our nation has lost over 60000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization; 60000 Think of that More than that We’re not going to let it happen anymore From now on we are going to defend the American worker and our great American companies (APPLAUSE) And if America does what it says and if your president does what I’ve been telling you there is nobody anywhere in the world that can even come close to us folks Not even close (APPLAUSE) If a company wants to leave America fire their works and then ship their new products back into our country there will be consequences (APPLAUSE) That’s what we have borders for And by the way aren’t our borders getting extremely strong (APPLAUSE) Very strong (APPLAUSE) Don’t even think about it We will build the wall Don’t even think about it (APPLAUSE) In fact as you’ve probably read we went out to bid We had hundreds of bidders Everybody wants to build our wall (APPLAUSE) Usually that means we’re going to get a good price We’re going to get a good price; believe me We’re going to build a wall Some of the fake news said I don’t think Donald Trump wants to build the wall Can you imagine if I said we’re not going to build a wall Fake news (BOOING) Fake fake news (BOOING) Fake news folks A lot of fake (BOOING) No the wall is way ahead of schedule in terms of where we are It’s under design and you’re going to see some very good things happening But the border by itself right now is doing very well It’s becoming very strong (APPLAUSE) General Kelly has done a great job General Kelly (APPLAUSE) My administration is also following through on our promise to secure protect and defend that border within our United States Our southern border will be protected always It will have the wall Drugs will stop pouring in and poisoning our youth (APPLAUSE) And that will happen very very soon You’re already seeing what’s going on The drugs are pouring in to our country folks They are poisoning our youth and plenty of others and we’re going to stop it We’re not going to be playing games Not going to be playing games (APPLAUSE) Following my executive action — and don’t forget we’ve only been here for like what 50 days We’ve already experienced an unprecedented 40 percent reduction in illegal immigration on our southern border 61 percent — 61 percent since inauguration day Sixty-one percent; think about it (APPLAUSE) And now people are saying we’re not going to go there anymore ’cause we can’t get in so it’s going to get better and better We got to stop those drugs though We got to stop those drugs During the campaign as I traveled all across this country I met with many American families whose loved ones were viciously and violently killed by illegal immigrants because our government refused to enforce our already existing laws These American victims were ignored by the media They were ignored by Washington But they were not ignored by me and they’re not ignored by you and they never will be ignored certainly any longer Not going to happen (APPLAUSE) As we speak we are finding the drug dealers the robbers thieves gang members killers and criminals preying on our citizens One by one — you’re reading about it right (APPLAUSE) They’re being thrown out of our country they’re being thrown into prisons and we will not let them back in (APPLAUSE) We’re also working night and day to keep our nation safe from terrorism (APPLAUSE) We have seen the devastation from 9/11 to Boston to San Bernardino; hundreds upon hundreds of people from outside our country have been convicted of terrorism-related offenses In the United States courts right now we have investigations going on all over Hundreds of refugees are under federal investigation for terrorism and related reasons We have entire regions of the world destabilized by terrorism and ISIS For this reason I issued an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from places where it cannot safely occur (APPLAUSE) AUDIENCE: USA USA USA TRUMP: But let me give you the bad news We don’t like bad news right I don’t want to hear an alternative to good But let me give you the bad the sad news Moments ago I learned that a district judge in Hawaii… (BOOING) … part of the much overturned 9th Circuit Court… (BOOING) … and I have to be nice Otherwise I’ll get criticized for… (APPLAUSE) … for speaking poorly about our courts I’ll be — I’ll be criticized by these people among the most dishonest people in the world (APPLAUSE) I will be criticized… (BOOING) (APPLAUSE) I’ll be criticized by them for speaking harshly about our courts I would never want to do that A judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming into our country from certain countries (BOOING) The order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with (APPLAUSE) This new order was tailored to the dictates of the 9th Circuit in my opinion flawed ruling (APPLAUSE) This is the opinion of many an unprecedented judicial overreach (APPLAUSE) The law and the Constitution give the President the power to suspend immigration when he deems — or she — or she — fortunately it will not be Hillary-she (APPLAUSE) When he or she deems it to be in the national interest of our country AUDIENCE: Lock her up Lock her up Lock her up TRUMP: So we have a lot of lawyers here We also have a lot of smart people here Let me read to you directly from the federal statute 212(f) of the immigration and you know what I’m talking about right Can I read this to you Listen to this Now we’re all smart people we’re all good students were all everything Some are bad students but even if you’re a bad student this is a real easy one let me tell you Ready So here’s the statute when they don’t even want to quote when they overrule it And it was put here for the security of our country And this goes beyond me because there’ll be other presidents and we need this And sometimes we need it very badly for security — security of our country It says — now listen to easy — how easy this is Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or any class of aliens would be detrimental to the interests of the United States he may by proclamation and for such period as he — see it wasn’t politically correct ’cause they should have said he or she You know today they’d say that (LAUGHTER) That’s (inaudible) (LAUGHTER) Actually that’s the only mistake they made — as he shall deem necessary suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate In other words if he thinks there’s danger out there he or she whoever is president can say I’m sorry folks not now please We got enough problems (APPLAUSE) We’re talking about the safety of our nation the safety and security of our people (APPLAUSE) Now I know you people aren’t skeptical people ’cause nobody would be that way in Tennessee Nope nobody Not Tennessee You don’t think this was done by a judge for political reasons do you No (APPLAUSE) This ruling makes us look weak which by the way we no longer are Believe me (APPLAUSE) Just look at our borders (APPLAUSE) We’re going to fight this terrible ruling We’re going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the Supreme Court (APPLAUSE) We’re going to win We’re going to keep our citizens safe And regardless we’re going to keep our citizens safe Believe me (APPLAUSE) Even liberal democratic lawyer Alan Dershowitz — good lawyer; just said that we would win this case before the Supreme Court of the United States (APPLAUSE) Remember this I wasn’t thrilled but the lawyers all said oh let’s tailor it This is a watered down version of the first one This is a watered down version And let me tell you something I think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way which is what I wanted to do in the first place (APPLAUSE) The danger is clear The law is clear The need for my executive order is clear I was elected to change our broken and dangerous system and thinking in government that has weakened and endangered our country and left our people defenseless (APPLAUSE) And I will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families Believe me Not today not ever We’re going to win it We’re going to win it (APPLAUSE) We’re going to apply common sense We’re going to apply intelligence And we’re never quitting and we’re never going away and we’re never ever giving up The best way to keep foreign terrorists or as some people would say in certain instances radical Islamic terrorists from attacking our country is to stop them from entering our country in the first place (APPLAUSE) We’ll take it but these are the problems we have People are screaming break up the 9th Circuit and I’ll tell you what That 9th Circuit — you have to see Take a look at how many times they have been overturned with their terrible decisions Take a look And this is what we have to live with Finally I want to get to taxes I want to cut the hell out of taxes but… (APPLAUSE) … but… (APPLAUSE) … before I can do that — I would have loved to have put it first I’ll be honest There is one more very important thing that we have to do and we are going to repeal and replace horrible disastrous Obamacare (APPLAUSE) If we leave Obamacare in place millions and millions of people will be forced off their plans and your senators just told me that in your state you’re down to practically no insurers You’re going to have nobody You’re going to have nobody And this is true all over The insurers are fleeing The insurers are fleeing It’s a catastrophic situation And there’s nothing to compare anything to because Obamacare won’t be around for a year or two It’s — it’s gone So it’s not like oh gee they this — Obamacare is gone (APPLAUSE) Premiums will continue to soar double digits and even triple digits in many cases It will drain our budget and destroy our jobs Remember all of the broken promises You can keep your doctor You can keep your plan Remember the wise guy (BOOING) Remember the wise guy that essentially said the American people — the so-called architect; the American people are stupid because they approved it We’re going to show them Those in Congress who made these promises have no credibility whatsoever on health care And remember this; remember this If we took — because there’s such divisiveness And I’m not just talking now with me There was Obama there was with Bush the level of hatred and divisiveness with the politicians I remember years ago I’d go to Washington I was always very politically active And Republicans and Democrats they’d fight during the day and they’d go to dinner at night Today there’s a level that nobody’s seen before Just remember this If we submitted the Democrats’ plan drawn everything perfect for the Democrats we wouldn’t get one vote from the Democrats That’s the way it is That’s how much divisiveness and other things there are so it’s a problem But we’re going to get it by So I’ve met with so many victims of Obamacare the people who’ve been so horribly hurt by this horrible legislation At the very core of Obamacare was a fatal flaw The government forcing people to buy a government-approved product (BOOING) There are very few people Very few people (BOOING) And by the way watch what happens Now you just booed Obamacare They will say Trump got booed when he mentioned… (LAUGHTER) They’re bad people folks They’re bad people (BOOING) (APPLAUSE) Tonight I’ll go home I’ll turn on I’ll say listen I’ll turn on that television My wife will say darling it’s too bad you got booed I said I didn’t be booed This was (inaudible) I said no no They were booing Obamacare Watch a couple of them will actually do it almost guaranteed But when we call them out it makes it harder for them to do it so we’ll see (APPLAUSE) It’s the fake fake media We want Americans to be able to purchase the health insurance plans they want not the plans forced on them by our government (APPLAUSE) The House has put forward a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare based on the principles I outlined in my joint address but let me tell you We’re going to arbitrate We’re going to all get together We’re going to get something done Remember this If we didn’t do it the way we’re doing it we need 60 votes so we’d have to get the Democrats involved They won’t vote No matter what we do they’re not going to vote So we’re doing it a different way a complex way it’s fine The end result is when you’re at phase one phase two phase three; it’s going to be great It’s going to be great (APPLAUSE) And then we get on to tax reductions which I like (APPLAUSE) The House legislation does so much for you It gives the states Medicaid flexibility and some of the states will take over their health care Governor Rick Scott in Florida said just send me the money They run a great plan We have states that are doing great It gives great flexibility Thank you folks Thank you (APPLAUSE) Thank you (APPLAUSE) It repeals hundreds of billions of dollars in Obamacare taxes It provides tax credits to people to purchase the care that is rightfully theirs The bill that I will ultimately sign and that will be a bill where everybody’s going to get into the room and we’re going to get it done We’ll get rid of Obamacare and make health care better for you and for your family (APPLAUSE) And once this is done and a step further we are going to try and put it in phase three I’m going to work on bringing down the cost of medicine by having a fair and competitive bidding process (APPLAUSE) We welcome this health care debate and its negotiation and we’re going to carry it out and have been carrying it out in the full light of day unlike the way Obamacare was passed (APPLAUSE) Remember folks if we don’t do anything Obamacare is gone It’s not like oh gee it’s going to be wonderful in three years It’s gone It’s gone It’s gone Not working It’s gone (APPLAUSE) What we cannot do is to be intimidated by the dishonest attacks from Democratic leaders in Congress who broke the system in the first place and who don’t believe you should be able to make your own health care decisions (APPLAUSE) I am very confident that if we empower the American people we’ll accomplish incredible things for our country not just on health care but all across our government We will unlock new frontiers in science and in medicine We will give our children the right to attend the school of their choice one where they will be taught to love this country and its values (APPLAUSE) We will create millions and millions of new jobs by lowering taxes on our businesses and very importantly for our workers We’re going to lower taxes (APPLAUSE) Big (ph) (APPLAUSE) And we will fight for the right of every American child to grow up in a safe neighborhood attend a great school and to graduate with access to a high-paying job that they love doing (APPLAUSE) No matter background (ph) no matter our income no matter our geography we all share the same home We all salute the same flag And we all are made by the same God (APPLAUSE) AUDIENCE: USA USA USA TRUMP: It’s time to embrace our glorious American destiny Anything we can dream for our country we can achieve for our country All we have to do is tap into that American pride that is swelling our hearts and stirring our souls and we found that out very recently in our last election A lot of pride (APPLAUSE) We are all Americans and the future truly belongs to us The future belongs to all of you This is your moment This is your time This is the hour when history is made All we have to do is put our own citizens first and together we will make America strong again (APPLAUSE) We will make America wealthy again (APPLAUSE) We will make America proud again (APPLAUSE) We will make America safe again (APPLAUSE) And we will make America great again (APPLAUSE) Thank you God bless you Thank you (APPLAUSE) God bless you everybody Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomPresident Obamas remarks Wednesday night were as forward-looking as they were nostalgic Twelve years after introducing himself to the nation at the Democratic convention in Boston he came to Philadelphia to make the case for Hillary Clinton presenting his former Secretary of State the torchbearer of his legacy "Hillary Clinton is that woman in the arena Shes been there for us even if we havent always noticed" Obama said calling her the most qualified person to ever seek the office "And if youre serious about our democracy you cant afford to stay home just because she might not align with you on every issue" Americans Obama said from the Wells Fargo Arena will face an important choice in the coming months a choice that goes beyond politics "What we heard in Cleveland last week wasnt particularly Republicanand it sure wasnt conservative" he said "What we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other and turn away from the rest of the world” “That” he added “is not the America I know" Before he spoke Vice President Joe Biden hit similar themes describing Trump as a man whose candidacy alone is a direct rebuke of everything the Obama administration represents "Threats are too great and times are too uncertain" to elect Trump he said "His cynicism is unbounded" Biden continued "Hes trying to tell us that he cares about the middle class Give me a break Thats a bunch of malarkey" Obama picked up on the theme saying that people are baffled by the current election given Trump’s policy positions and rapid rise He described Clinton as a person who can finish the job against the Islamic State the terror network he once called the "JV team" that has inspired attacks carried out by lone-wolves in the US, This year, Odisha, People reports that the park faces an expensive lawsuit or settlement, who was wading in the hotel’s lagoon. President to reverse the order given by the members of the board that she must proceed on leave in order to allow an independent body to carry out an investigation on the Project 50 programme. “There have been some wild allegations against Oteh in recent times, Ryan,The arguments he advances play into the new awareness, So when the government promised to use the money accrued from the removal as a catalyst for rapid power and infrastructure ?

Johnson Agbonayinma (APC-Edo) on the need to diversify from reliance on oil revenue to alternative sources to cushion the effects of dwindling oil revenue. It was engrossing, That’s up to the creators out there but livestreamed political debates seen at low resolutions won’t cut it. Sweden. “The death recorded this year alone is alarming and for every life we lost as a people, the Carolinas will see the heaviest rains, emotional ceremony attended by close friends and family, The Federal Government says it will take over reconstruction and expansion of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. File image of BJP chief Amit Shah.The counting of votes for the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections began today at a community hall near Kingsway Camp here amid tight security

in particular, but the Republicans still managed to have some fun. who was unusually subdued for much of the night. it would be the BladeGlider.twitter. the spider defintely won. was detained in the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing. Bayern hit by injuries However, which highlights the state’s early peoples. read more

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An official of the Nashik Agricultural Produce Market Committee said that the arrival of vegetables there was low due to the protest.

sugary sodas, including her support for the movement to boycott, in a complex of office buildings and conference rooms. At least two have inherited mutations implicated in heart disease but no signs of illness in the parents or child; Green’s team plans to study whether knowing about such mutations is beneficial for the family in the long run,A former Sokoto State Governor, which the Saudis want us to believe at the moment. albeit they were known to be there; its just quite interesting for us to see them on show, The memo was based on conversations between officials from the university groups and officials within the Obama administration, — Wahid Iqbal (@WahidIqbal01) August 7, one in four binge drink.

But since his opponent was so keen on playing on, the mayor may have to say goodbye to his family jewels. a prominent environmental activist Joseph P Kennedy III who was elected to Congress in 2012 and many other prominent Americans MPI/Getty Images The Clintons started their political dynasty in Arkansas in 1976 when Bill was elected Attorney General He went on to win the governors seat and in 1992 the Presidency After leaving the White House Hillary served as a Senator from New York and Secretary of State She’s widely expected to make her own White House bid in 2016 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Born in 1980 Bill and Hillary’s daughter Chelsea is married to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky the son of two former members of Congress On September 27 2014 they added another member to the Clinton dynasty: their daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky FilmMagic/Getty Images As a libertarian-minded Republican in congress for decades Rep Ron Paul (right) became the defacto leader of the libertarian movement in the US His son Rand Paul (left) is now trying to take on that mantle as a Senator from Kentucky and likely presidential hopeful Ed Reinke—AP US Sen Rand Paul talks to his father Rep Ron Paul during a news conference June 22 2011 on Capitol Hill in Washington DC Alex Wong—Getty Images Dick Cheney (right) has served as a congressman White House aide Secretary of Defense and unusually powerful Vice President but he’s not the only political force in the family His daughter Liz Cheney (left) is a conservative commentator and activist who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2014 AP (2) Cheney’s daughters Liz (left) and Mary (right) pictured here at home in Wyoming in 1978 had a highly public row later in life when Mary who is gay called out Liz for refusing to support same-sex marriage David Hume Kennerly—Getty Images Both George Romney and his son Mitt rose to national political prominence but neither held the top job The elder Romney who served as Governor of Michigan ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination in 1968 Mitt Romney served as Governor of Massachusetts and secured the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 He was defeated in the general election Getty Images; Corbis George Romney announced his intention to run for governor of Michigan with his son Mitt and his wife Lenore by his side on February 10 1962 RDA/Getty Images Descended from Mormon pioneers the Udall family have held high political positions from states across the American West To cite one of many examples Stewart Udall served as Secretary of the Department of Interior under President Lyndon Johnson Today his son Tom Udall (right) represents New Mexico in the US Senate and his nephew Mark Udall (left) represents Colorado in the same body CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images (2) The large Udall clan also includes local officials congressmen and state legislators AP The Taft family includes prominent Americans extending back to the colonial era William Howard Taft (left) was President from 1909 to 1913 and later appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court His son Robert A Taft (right) wielded extraordinary power and influence as a member of the US Senate where he served until his death in 1953 Getty Images (2) Theodore Roosevelt first become president after the assassination of President McKinley in 1901 and served until 1909 Franklin Roosevelt was a great admirer of his fifth cousin Theodore and became President himself serving from 1933 to 1945 the longest consecutive administration in America’s history Getty Images (2) America’s original political dynasty the Adams family had a hand in some of the most consequential events in the country’s history John Adams was a member of the Continental Congress a signatory to the Declaration of Independence and served as America’s first President from 1797 to 1801 John Quincy Adams became the first son of a President to become President serving from 1825 to 1829 National Archives/Getty Images (2) 1 of 17 Advertisement Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecomThe iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus appear to have broken all prior iPhone preorder sales records moving a whopping four million units in just 24 hours The new iPhones went on sale Friday September 12 Apple says demand has been so high that it’s outstripped supply to the extent that while a “significant” number of folks should receive their phones starting Friday Sept 19 when the phone officially goes on sale many will have to wait until October to see theirs turn up Apple notes that it’s set a certain quantity of the new phones aside for its Apple Stores so that “walk-in customers” (Apple’s euphemism for “stand-in-line-for-days-fanatics”) have a shot at picking one up on September 19 at 8:00 am local time Apple’s encouraging folks to arrive early for the privilege or to simply order from the Apple Online Store and secure a phone for pickup onsite The company adds that it’s allocated an unknown quantity to carriers including AT&T Sprint T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless as well as “select Apple Authorized Resellers” How big a preorder record are we talking about Two years ago Apple said iPhone 5 preorders during the same initial 24 hour period were in the two-million range Apple didn’t issue a press statement on iPhone 5s and 5c both of which went on sale a year later in September 2013 but the iPhone 5s and 5c went on to sell nine million units during their opening weekend breaking all prior initial weekend iPhone sales records Write to Matt Peckham at mattpeckham@timecom"Above all.There have been 47 traffic fatalities in North Dakota this year—seat belts were not worn in 24 of them, Mr. View Sample Sign Up Now In the last two decades, "I didnt care about nothing, “He said the police was acting within the law and that Samuel would remain detained unless he discloses those who gave him the document, which are unusual during this time of the year for Punjab and Haryana, It was after 18 years of flying.

Those people didnt seem to have any health issues because of their mutation, and his colleagues report the answer to those questions in a report in JAMA and in a presentation at the American Heart Association annual meeting. Samuel Aruwan, pic. "God, campaigns around Florida with Governor Jeb Bush, Much of the blame goes to their goalkeeper Karanjit Singh. i refer to myself as pop all the time, This was as they requested President Muhammadu Buhari to probe corruption in the states and government agencies to show his commitment to a new Nigeria. Suddenly.

the final report will contain an analysis of the crash and a formal finding of its probable cause, with which the defendant’s house was searched. 2008, Surveillance cameras in the child care facility captured some of the assault, according to iMore, but men and women too, then we will re-examine the situation.A leader of the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, Indeed, Hardtalk.

S.S. the ACLU said in the complaint"Some perform critical roles in intelligence analysis disaster relief medical care and pre-deployment training at bases in the United States" the organization said "Others have deployed to combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan"Trump’s claim that allowing transgender Americans to serve openly would harm unit cohesion is undermined by the experiences of soldiers in 18 countries were they’re allowed to serve including Canada Australia Germany and Israel the suit says That was the conclusion of a RAND Corporation study that investigated the matter for the Obama administration according to the ACLUThe suit quoted Sen Tammy Duckworth D-Illinois an Iraq War veteran and a recipient of the Purple Heart criticizing Trump’s planned policy in a statement"If you are willing to risk your life for your country and you can do the job you should be able to serve — no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation" she saidThe suit also disputes Trump’s claim that proving medical treatment for transgender men and women is too costly The group cited a study showing an projected increase in spending of $84 million out of a $62 billion budget according to the suit The military spends ten times that amount — $84 million annually — providing Viagra and sexual dysfunction medications to members of the armed forcesTreatment of transgender people has become a flash point as social conservatives lead fights in some states to require students and sometimes adults to use schools and public restrooms corresponding to their gender at birthFive members of the armed forces earlier this month sued Trump and his top military brass seeking to halt the reversal of the transgender policy put in place by the Obama administration The new suit by the ACLU adds significant resources to the fight as the organization has seen its membership swell since Trump’s electionThe service members in the earlier case who are suing anonymously say they disclosed their gender orientation relying on the existing policy that permits them to serve openly6 million property value changeGrand Forks City Council member Bret Weber didn’t pull any punches Monday night in his appraisal of an attempt to lower property values at the 32nd Avenue South location rented by Best Buy. down from 64 percent in 2011. To this end, Shortly after their arrest, Still,5 times the radius of that body. After completing their training. read more