Month: November 2017

About how to write the title can shorten the time of the website ranking

for a keyword ranking to the first page need to spend time, different people or different industries in Shanghai dragon will have different views, Changsha Jian Shanghai Longfeng optimization also have some of their own views, hope to share with you! Because of factors that impact a keyword ranking is in many aspects, not only is the main affected by the keywords competition. Indeed it is affected by the degree of industry competition. Here Changsha Shanghai dragon Jane not explain optimization of the influence factors of ranking, but from the website keywords ranking the overall point of view, to talk about how to write the title can shorten the time of the website ranking. example: "e-book" the super popular word, as shown in the figure below is ranked No. 19-20 of the site, the nineteenth sites in the "book" provides for the purchase of the products at the same time, or have the intention to buy the user provides a forum for the exchange of demand. Another twentieth sites in this area to do more in place, put in. users know, buying a product in seeking, at the same time, there is certainly related to the demand for a. If you most sites only provide the product or service, and your website in addition to providing the products or services, is also provided with complementary products or services for users, which means that your site more to meet the needs of users, the search engine will be on your site.[…]

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How much do you know about the importance of the web site outside the chain optimization

The importance of the we all know a lot of website optimization content is king, the chain for the emperor’s argument, so we have more to do so, to find a lot of high quality, correlation, widely degrees outside of the chain. Of course, this high quality of the chain the more the better, but the high quality of the chain of network optimization what what importance? Facing a problem, may not know the answer, I give you to talk about my understanding of the emperor for foreign chains, and opinions on the importance of Web site outside the chain optimization the. Just or inappropriate, statements of a school, please exhibitions. site outside the chain on the site optimization, you can know how many, now many people know the website optimization, all know to do website optimization requires good site keywords, site within the chain, the chain website, and the content of the website and so on, but some face you really knew how much you do. Know the site outside the chain is important for the website optimization? Face this problem maybe some website optimization, think it is not very important. Think it is not important, as long as the optimization on the line. In fact, holding network optimization ideas, a few. I just start to feel like everyone, the web site of the chain in fact as long as do it, did not feel it exactly how important, I grabbed the beard eyebrows. The end of time and[…]

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